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A Wolf in the Fall of Dusk.

The barrier vanished before Link's watch was over. He disappointedly woke the others with a loud howl. When they were all awake, they continued on, as the light got closer, they started running, Link in the lead. He barked excitedly as they got close enough to see that in the middle of the light was the stone that turned him into a wolf. He jumped into the air, grabbing the stone in his mouth as an arrow shot into his back. He yelped as he crashed to the ground and the light vanished. He became a black shadow, with the arrow still in his back.

"The arrow!" Hanako exclaimed "It's keeping him from transforming!" Ilia's face locked in a snarl, and she dashed forwards, yanking the arrow from Link's back, and his shadowy form slowly became the figure of his Hylian form. Eventually he lost his shadowy form, and turned into his human form, laying face down with the stone laying a little ways away. Ilia smiled as she picked it up. Their primary mission was completed. Link moaned and sat up, rubbing his head. The strain on his muscles had returned, unlike when he was frequently transforming, when his muscles were used to the strain of transforming and changing shape.

"You okay?" Ilia offered a hand, and he took it, pulling himself to his feet. Link nodded his thanks, before turning to the others.

"I'm back." He nodded. "And now Bo can't deny it!" He added, Colin and Ilia let out a laugh, while Hanako and Midna weren't there when Bo tried killing Link, so were just looking at him with strange looks on their faces. "Long story." He said simply.

"Personally, I don't think either me or Colin are going to be explaining either." Ilia commented.

"Gee, thanks." Link sighed, knowing how Midna was when she wanted some information. "I guess I'll be explaining later… for now we should leave." Everyone nodded in agreement. They started walking back on the long path they came. Link paused when he got to where the barrier was, looking back. A journey finished, a destiny discovered… secrets revealed, questions to ask. He thought.

They continued through, coming to the portal and walking through. Instead of being teleported to the room where they fought the dragon, they were teleported to the Chamber of the Sages, where the Six Sages and Arty were waiting.

"Thank you, Link." Rauru nodded. "We must apologize though…" Rauru motioned to Impa to have her explain. Everyone turned to watch the Shadow Sage.

"The stone getting stolen was… prearranged." Impa started. "We knew that you were one of the Five Children of Destiny, and knew that if we got your attention to this temple, the other four would come with. So we arranged that Liz and the rebel monsters stole the stone while you were a wolf on your way to Kakariko. It was also arranged with the Princess, so she wouldn't worry too much." Link raised an eyebrow, then remembered his vision and turned to Arty.

"You used to be called Aqua, weren't you?" He asked. Arty's eyes widened.

"Where in Din's name did you hear that!" Arty exclaimed. The Sages all looked to Link in surprise.

"A vision of the last Hero. The one you attempted to save after he was killed by a large wolfo and a wolf pack." Link turned to Impa. "You were the first Sage to see the Hero's dead body too…" He turned to Arty. "You mentioned the Hero had a kid, named Raven, and that you knew who his mother was. I never saw the rest though, and didn't find out." Arty looked down.

"Raven… was your grandfather… your father's name… I never found out. As for the Hero's mother…" She looked up. "Legends say that with their task completed, the Goddesses left for the heavens… that is only partly true. Din left first… nearly 7100 years ago… Nayru left nearly 4100 years ago, and Farore left only about 119 years ago… just after the Hero was born. His mother… was Farore. She left for the heavens in the form of death, knowing that if she died to save her son, since the old bloodline of the hero died out, the hero's line would be reborn, so she sacrificed herself to save him." Link was dumbstruck. If it was true… Then he was the descendant of the Goddess of Courage and Wind. He shook his head.

"I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Faron and Ordona have been looking after you since the day your father took you to Ordon, as they are the Light Spirits summoned by Farore to look over that area." Arty placed a hand on his shoulder and a stone hard gaze shot into his eyes. "And believe me, due to a vow I've been trying to renew, I have been helping them." She turned and looked away.

"You must go now." Saria told them. "We will take you to Kakariko, where Bo, Zelda, 'The Group' and other friends of your's will be waiting." Link nodded, and the Five Children of Destiny faded from the Six Sages' sights, who were all waving or saying goodbye.

They reappeared at Eldin's spring, and all turned towards Kakariko, seeing a group of people. They all dashed forwards, Hanako transforming into the black-with-a-slight-blue-tint haired girl from Link's vision on the way. They were greeted by many people Link had met or helped in his journey: Jonavi (Link winced with the memory of being called 'Doggie' and told to kill 'ghosts'. He started wondering how Jovani knew who he was.), Rusl, Ashei, Auru, Shad, Telma, Prince Ralis, Renado, Luda, Bo, Uli, Fado (memories of getting run over by goats while a wolf came to mind), Barnes, Epona (yes, the horse tagged along), Louise, and last, but definitely not least, Princess Zelda, who shot a smile at Link. He nodded with a smile.

"Hero," Zelda spoke, looking Link straight in the eyes. "You now realise you are part of more then one Twili legend, and you are part of more then one Hylian legend. Await the day the rest of your destiny is discovered, and remember: Farore looks over her descendants, she always has, and always will."

"Wait, descendants?" Link raised an eyebrow. Zelda nodded.

"You are not the only one left in your family, remember that. Someday you will find the rest."

"…I will remember that." Link nodded. The Five Children of Destiny merged with the group, and told everyone what they'd believe about their journey. They wouldn't get a chance to return to Ordon soon, but that was fine with them, as long as they weren't separated any time soon.

"Oi, what about me?" Arty walked up to the group from what seemed like nowhere. "Rauru and the others have asked me to keep an eye on you five, keep you out of trouble." Everyone looked at her, and the Five Children of Destiny stiffed some laughes.

"There aren't Six." Link raised an eyebrow.

"I know that!" Arty wacked him on the side of the head. He flinched, and she rolled her eyes, before slugging him twice on the arm. "Two for flinching." She ran off before he would have a chance to kill her.

I walked from the shadows of the trees from behind the stump that Saria was sitting on in the temple, my hat flung behind me as I stormed forwards. I stopped about half way across the clearing, a blue fairy landing on my shoulder, before sitting on the sleeve of my green tunic, my body slightly transparent.

"You found her!" Saria exclaimed, looking up. I nodded silently. You're probably wondering who I am now, if you haven't guessed. I am the son of Farore, Hero of Time, Link.

End of A Wolf in the Fall of Dusk

Look out for the sequel, The Five Alone, which I will release soon, probably at the end of the month, because you can't have one then release the sequel the very next day (: Hope you enjoyed

A Wolf in the Fall of Dusk

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