"….and run through fire I will for thy sweet sake…"

-Lyzander ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")

When the Black Order acknowledges theater…

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CHAPTER ONE: A Midsummer Night's Dream (The Story of a Trickster)

For everyone in the Black Order, hobbies were a luxury. Few people had any real past times, most people took their jobs seriously to ever take a break and do something else. Of course that didn't stop some people from having one, it certainly didn't stop Lenalee. Her latest fad is Shakespeare. His poems, his plays, may it be comedy or tragedy, she was in love with them. His plays she love most of all. Day and night, with all the free time she got, she spent on reading Shakespearean plays. She'd cry at the end of tragedies, giggle while reading comedies, blush at the plays with romance in them. She was really, truly, irrevocably in love with the plays. She loved them so much she wanted to spread the joy.

And that is what brings us here, to this quiet and secluded place in the Black Order's library, where the Black Order's Shakespearean Play Club was having its first meeting.

"I'm so happy you all could be here!" Lenalee exclaimed enthusiastically eager to talk about her current obsession with others

"Of course, I could be here Lenalee…" Komui was there of course, he did love his sister so much

"There isn't anything in this whole building, more interesting than what is about to happen here... I assure you all..." Lavi was grinning cheekily; he was always up for anything new

"I… I'm… I'm happy to be here…" Miranda was there of course, she didn't like turning down any invitation

"I've become a huge fan of Shakespeare my self… I am more than happy to be here…" Crowley was also here, he also had some free time on his hands, and often, Lenalee would make him read some of her favorite pieces

"I'm up for anything…" Allen was here of course, what were friends for?

"Remind me again why I'm even here…" It's always a mystery how Lavi gets Kanda to take part in these sort of things, but somehow he always does

Shrugging of Kanda's question Lenalee said "With all of us here I am please to begin The Black Order's Shakespearean Play Club's first meeting, a discussion on the play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', anyone can begin talking, so we have a topic to begin with."

No one said a word, taking that as her cue Lenalee began "I especially like Lysander among the characters, there is just something so manly about him that I'm drawn to…"

"It could be because when he loves, he loves…" said Lavi "I mean he shows loyalty to whomever his loves at the time he loves her, if that makes sense…"

"I… I think the love in the story was too weak…" Miranda said nervously (when was she ever not nervous?)

"True… True… Lysander and Demitrius both seemed to have weak love for Hermia. Well at least, they didn't love her enough since the spell got them to love Helena…" Crowley put in

"Then again, it is not true what they say that 'True love conquers all'… Lysander and Demetrius are just humans after all, emotion is something easily conquered, and the play was more realistic that way… " Komui was being serious about this, maybe he had always liked Shakespeare and just never told Lenalee

"What was the point in being realistic though…? There was a LOT of fantasy in the play…" said Allen "… the play depended on magical creatures…"

"Tsch…" that was of course Kanda

"Now remind ME why this guy is even here again…" Allen looked annoyed, obviously at Kanda who just Tsch-ed him

"You disagree with him Kanda?" Lenalee choose to try to get Kanda into the discussion rather than kick him out

"No I don't disagree with him…" he said firmly "Puck was just an annoyingly idiotic character" he lazily waved his hand and reclined on his chair, crossing his arms, as if to show he was taking no more part in the discussion

Lenalee sighed, getting the picture "Right… About Puck…"


It happened when Kanda Yuu was about ten years old. Even when he was young he never showed enough emotion, anger and all of the like, were the only emotions he'd ever shown anyone. Yet his mother was still favored him more than his older brother, and three sisters. Perhaps it was his uncanny beauty. It was unusual to be that beautiful, and it was definitely his redeeming quality. If only he would smile more, his mother would always say. Little Yuu form the Kanda family, was admired for his beauty and strength, but feared for the same reasons and everything else about him.

Despite everything though he was trusted, and his siblings did not envy him despite all the favor given to him. But to Yuu, it was all too annoying, his sisters told him everything, EVERYTHING. One day he'd just had enough, and decided to do something…. Interesting…

It was in the middle fall, and his sisters were having another bout of "Bachelor assessment" discussions. Those were the most annoying secrets to hear, among all annoying secrets to hear. Yuu never under stood his sisters, he didn't understand females all together. Though he didn't understand males either, maybe he really just wasn't a people person. People make things so complicated, a silly emotion called love made things complicated.

"Kotaro said he fancies you" He said unemotionally to his eldest sister, Aya

"Did he really?" Aya said with a gasp "Well this certainly changes my opinion of him; he has great taste in women…"

"Yes… great taste indeed…" Yuu's older sister Yuki, was not so eager

Yuu was of course well aware that Yuki had a secret relationship with Kotaro, he was the only other person aside from the couple who knew about it. It was annoying that Yuki trusted him that much. He didn't want the trust, though he could never explain why.

"Hayato says he fancies Yuki though…" Yuu sensed a fight though, which would be interesting for a change

Yuu also knew for a fact, that Aya was hopelessly infatuated with Hayato, she never spoke so well of any other man. She criticized all men except him, to her he was perfect, to her he was the ideal husband.

Tempers flare

"Goodness Yuki, what did you do! You KNOW how much I like him..." Aya was obviously upset

"I didn't do ANYTHING… Who are you to talk anyway; don't you know how much I like Kotaro? I might not have told you, but you could have at least noticed…" Yuki said somberly

"That's not the same Yuki, I will ALWAYS love Hayato…" says Aya furiously

"What if it was the same? What then?" Yuki was now equally furious, rage evident in her eyes

And Yuu watched, as they were exchanging venomous statements… He didn't tell any lies, and it was amazing how the pervasive truth could bring such chaos among siblings. It was amazing, and all too amusing. Yuu would learn to do this more often.

Eventually (a year later), Yuki would marry Hayato, and Aya would marry Kotaro. All those quarrels and claims of their loves strength turned out to be nothing in the end. Yuu found amusing, it was ironic, that was that, though it was annoying in a sense that, he had to listen to all that and then they both ended up eating their words. Whatever happened to "I would rather die than live without him, and I'll gladly plunge into the deepest ocean for him…"? It was so funny, they were always so inconsistent his sisters,

but who knew it was to this extent? Life was empty now though, far too boring without his sister's constant bickers. Though it was not long after the double wedding, that Kanda Yuu discovered something he found all too interesting… But that is another story…


"So it's decided, we all think Puck is an annoying little twit, and without him, the play would have been a wonderful drama of love …" Everyone nodded as Allen said this

"Hmmmnh…" Allen glared at him

"What now…"

"Well bean sprout… It's just that I've come to realize that Puck is my favorite character… And that would make your statement wrong" Kanda was as usual, dead serious

Everyone gawked at him in surprise, even Allen, who should have been glaring, couldn't help but look at him in astonishment.

"Why the a sudden change of heart?" asked Lenalee

Kanda smirked smugly and said "The play is supposed to be one of Shakespeare's High Comedies…"

"Yes! Yes, I get what you mean… The play wouldn't be half the comedy it was meant to be without Puck…" Komui wore a how-could-I-have-not-thought-of-that look

Kanda went from looking amused and smug, to smug and bored, and he muttered "… No one even mentioned how weird it was for Shakespeare to have visualized a play about summer during winter…"

For someone who didn't want to be here in the first place, Kanda knows a lot, but when Allen felt skeptical about that, everyone else felt more at eased at the fact.

"Yeah… " said Lavi "…Yeah that is weird… I wonder why'd he'd be so inspired to write about summer in the midst of winter…"

"He hated the cold snow, and loved the hot sun?" said Allen

Lenalee laughed "Perhaps the answer for the atypical fact lies with Shakespeare's geniuses…" she laughed again "…But if that is the case we shall never know the answer…"

Miranda looked thoughtful "Shakespeare is truly a wonderful writer… There- There is never only one feel throughout a play… He-He's… how do you say… brilliant?"

"Exactly, he's brilliant, in that way and many others, which is why we, this club exists." She smiled a proud smile "… But that aside; we shouldn't stray from the story itself… We are talking more about the writer himself now, which we shouldn't be doing; this is a club for his plays after all… Anyone with any more thoughts on 'A Midsummer Night's dream'?"

"What about it's contradiction with 'Romeo and Juliet'…" said Crowley

No one said it, but all their faces read 'What are you talking about?'; well, all of them except Kanda and Allen.

"In what way do they contradict exactly…" asked Komui, speaking for everyone

"Love at first sight" Kanda and Allen said in unison

Kanda glared at Allen, who just rolled his eyes in reply to the gesture.

"Yes, precisely that, the contradiction between how the two plays depict love at first sight…" said Crowley

Lavi pressed his thumb onto his lover lip; and after being in thought for a few seconds said "Right! In 'Romeo and Juliet' love at first sight was seen as something good, pure, beautiful… But it ended in tragedy… Where as here in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' it was-"

"Pictured as calamity, turning out to be calamity… Yet the play still ends well…" said Lenalee continuing Lavi's sentence "… I get it now…" she muttered, smiling inwardly

The Black Order's Shakespearean Play Club's first meeting was a relatively pleasant success.


(EDIT (03/20/08): A lot of dialogue was added to this chapter…. Since I felt the first way it was written did not do much justice to the play (A Midsummer Night's Dream), personally it was one of my favorites among Shakespeare's comedies, and as for the sentiments the characters have in this (and all) the chapters… They are only opinion, please have that in mind; and yes, I am well aware nobody mentioned Oberon and Tatiana in this chapter... and as for the quote… I really just liked the line, this will be the only chapter with a quote irrelevant to its content I promise…)

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