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Sweetcheeks reloaded

He sat there, with his head between his hands trying not to cry, or even think about the possibility of Ziva dieing. She couldn't die, not now, after he confessed what he felt for her, and it seemed she had the same feelings for him. Even though he was terrified that she might die, he felt like the whole world was his, when she spoke two out of three magical words, and two seconds later his world collapsed when she blacked out.

He lifted his head from his hands and looked around and then he saw his boss, sitting on a white, uncomfortable chair, with a cup of coffee in his right hand and his left arm around Jenny's waist. Director Shepard's head was lying on Gibbs's shoulder and she was dozing off. Every once in a while she would flitch and wake up from what it seemed to be a nightmare and then Gibbs would hold her even tighter. They looked good together and Tony felt that Jen would be the woman that would make Gibbs smile more often. Next to Jenny, McGee was sitting on another chair, while holding a scared Abby on his lap. For the first two hours Abby had been crying constantly, and McGee had been trying his best to comfort her, while his face expressed the purest concern. Now Abby had stopped crying but was holding on to McGee, like he was the only one who could save her from falling in to the abyss of madness. She arrived at the hospital twenty minutes after Ziva had been brought and she was screaming on the top of her lungs while the tears were running down her face madly. Tony knew that after Kate, loosing Ziva would change Abby forever. "Sweetcheeks, please don't die. You have a loving family, you have me, and we have a future. Please don't leave me, and think of the people you would change forever if you would not wake up." Tony prayed, while he looked at the other people in the room.

Ducky was sitting next Gibbs, quietly, and looking at the wall in front of him. He looked like he had aged twenty years in the past hours and Tony had never seen him so down. Then he moved his head again and saw Deputy Director David. He was sitting two chairs away from him, isolated from the rest of the team. He had not spoken a word to anybody since he got to the hospital, just walked nervously in the beginning and then sat down and not moved for the past hours.

Tony looked at the male image of Ziva, and couldn't believe that he could show emotions. Ziva had always hidden her emotions, not letting anybody in, to see how she really was, and he expected her father to be the same. But after tonight he had changed his mind, deputy director David was human and his face expressed pain and concern.

Suddenly Ziva's father stood up from his chair and began walking down the corridor, probably heading towards the coffee machine. Gibbs saw him, whispered something to Ducky and then he saw his boss gently wake Jenny. Gibbs stood up and Ducky took his place only to hear how the good old doctor told her to go back to sleep and lean on him. Tony then saw how Gibbs started walking the same direction Ziva's father was going.

Gibbs stopped behind Ziva's father and saw how he picked up the cup of coffee from the machine. Deputy Director David looked tiered and utterly concerned, but he did not say a word, although Gibbs knew that Ziva's father knew he was standing behind him.

"She will be fine director." Gibbs said and saw how the director of Mossad turned around and looked at him.

"How do you know that agent Gibbs?" The replay came.

"I did not give her permission to die."

Director David smiled weakly and then said: "Ziva does not take orders. She listens but acts how she pleases."

"Ziva has changed in the past three years and she listens to me. She will not die; she is a strong woman."

"People at Mossad are trained to believe that life is something that they can lose any day and that death can be liberation. Ziva was brought up with this and I am afraid after everything Mossad and even I have put her through, she will not want to live and will not fight for her life."

"You are wrong director. Ziva will fight, because she has now something to fill her life with. It's not about being an assassin anymore, it's much more."

"Agent Gibbs I really do not understand what you are saying. Ziva has never attached herself to anything and work was always the one thing that filled her life, especially after Tali's and Ari's death."

"She found love, director. She loves and she is being loved and this will give her the strength to go on."

"I hope you are right." Ziva's father said, more to himself then to Gibbs.

"Director we should be heading back. Ziva might come out of surgery any minute."

Both man walked back to the team in silence. Once back in the waiting room, both men took their former places and silence covered the team once more.

Three more hours past and the team was starting to lose it. Abby was crying again, McGee was trying to comfort her without any success, Gibbs was walking up and down the hallway, Jenny was moving from one chair to the other, while Ducky was becoming concerned with every second that passed. Tony stood up from the floor and started moving then noticing that director David was looking at him.

"Do you love my daughter?" he suddenly said and all eyes were on the two men.

Tony looked him in the eye and froze, smiled and replied softly;

"I do. I tried to deny it, but I fell in love with Ziva the moment I met her."

Ziva's father smiled and went silent; in the meantime Tony started to nervously walk again. The sound of footsteps attracted everybody's attention and they all held their breath, when they saw the doctor.

Deputy Director David stood up from the chair he was sitting on and approached the doctor. The doctor's face was pale and full of concern, causing David to become white as chalk.

"Doctor is my daughter…" Director David began, but couldn't end the sentence.

"I have good news and bad news….The doctor began….The good news is that she is alive and we managed to stop the bleeding. The bad news is that Ziva is in a coma. Her injuries are very severe, the cuts wounds on her arms had become infected, and the gun shot has done a lot of damage. We are giving her antibiotics and the only thing we can do is wait. Her body heals and it's good that she is not conscious, the pain would be almost unbearable."

There was silence and after a few minutes of digesting the news Gibbs cautiously asked "What are her chances of waking up?"

"Agent Gibbs, I can't answer that question, the only thing I can tell you is, it was a miracle that Ziva managed to survive with her injuries that long. I do hope she will pull it through. Please do not give up. People have woken up out of coma."

"Can I see her?" Tony asked, his voice trembling.

"Yes you may see her, but only a few minutes." The answer came.

Tony wanted to storm down the corridor to Ziva's room, when somebody caught his arm. He turned around to see Gibbs looking at him, while he was shaking his head. In the meantime director David started walking down the hallway, leading to Ziva's room. He entered the room and saw his daughter lying on that bed, connected to machines that helped her breath and his whole world collapsed. He had never seen his children lying on a hospital bed, fighting death; Ari and Tali had died without him seeing them. He sat down on yet another uncomfortable hospital chair and took Ziva's hand in his own. He slowly muttered words in Hebrew, while stroking her hand, tears were running down his cheeks, he couldn't bear to lose another child. Even if he and she never did get along to well, he still loved her; she was a part of him and the link to his beloved dead wife.

"Wake up child." He pleaded and then went silent. The tears were now falling on her bruised hands and he was still amazed how strong she was. Director David kissed her cheek and then continued muttering something in Hebrew.

"Boss, I need to see her. Please let me go in." Tony begged.

"Deputy Director David needs some time with her. He is her father and he should be the one next to her."

"But boss…"

"No buts Tony. Just be patient, he will come out of that room eventually, but he needs to be there with Ziva." Gibbs said as he was leading Tony to the coffee machine.

When the two agents came back from the coffee machine, they saw director David closing the door to Ziva's room. It was clear to all that he had been crying, even though he had done everything to hide it.

"Agent DiNozzo, I presume you want to see my daughter. Please go in, maybe you can convince her to wake up." He managed to articulate, and then turned to Jen.

"Director Shepard, I'm going to spend the night at the Embassy. If there is any change, please contact me."

"Don't worry Deputy Director, there is always going to be somebody at the hospital and you will be announced if there is a change in her condition." She replied

He thanked her and walked towards the exit.

Tony entered the room and froze when he saw her lying in that bed. The Mossad assassin , feared by him and at least half on the NCIS, looked fragile. He could see the injuries on her face and when he approached the bed he saw the bandages covering the wounds on her arms. In the dim light of the warehouse, where they had found her, he did not see the full extend of her injuries.

"Hey sweetchecks!" he began…"How are you?"

He pulled the chair closer to her bed and took her hand in to his. Tony never noticed how small and slender her hand was. It gave him the impression; he was holding the hand of a doll. He kissed her hand softly, looking at her, trying to fight the tears.

"Ziva please, wake up. I need you, the others need you." he said and kissed her hand again.

"Wake up Ziva I love you. Please!" he spoke, but the only sound came from Ziva's heart monitor.

Minutes went by silently, his thoughts only interrupted by the beeping sound, and then he saw his boss come in. Tony was still holding Ziva's hand in to his, but when he looked up to see Gibbs, he was surprised to see the pain in his face. Gibbs never showed emotions, hid them very well, but now he was like a father looking at his ill child.

"How is she?" he asked

"No change boss."

"Go home Tony get some sleep."

"No boss, I'm staying here tonight. Maybe she will wake up. I don't want her to be alone."

"She will not be alone, Tony. I'm staying here. I send Abby and McGee home, and Ducky is driving Jen home as we speak."

"But boss…"

"Tony, please go home and get a couple of hours of sleep and then you can come back."

He nodded and then reluctantly got up from the chair. He kissed her forehead and whispered slowly "I will be back sweetchecks and I want to see your beautiful eyes and your gorgeous smile."

Gibbs smiled weakly, while observing the scene, and then as Tony was moving towards the door, Gibbs said:

"You know I should kill you both for never obeying my rules."

Tony smile and then left the room, and Gibbs sat down on Tony's chair.

He put his hand under his chin and looked at Ziva, with fatherly love. "You're a strong woman Ziva and if you will be able to tame Tony, you have my admiration." He thought.

The days flew by, without any change in Ziva's condition. The doctors and nurses were not to happy that Ziva received so many visitors, but they got used to the idea that there was somebody with her during the day and night. Tony came by a couple of times a day, bringing her flowers, or stuffed teddy bears. Abby brought her farting Hippo with her and Ducky spend hours with her telling her different stories from his youth. Besides Tony and Gibbs, deputy director David was spending a lot of time in the hospital, talking to his daughter, assuring her comfort, protecting her.

Tony had found one day a gun under her pillow and when Ziva's father came to visit, he explained to Tony that he wanted his daughter to feel safe, and that she always had felt in control if she had a gun with her.

Two weeks had passed since she had been in the hospital, and Ziva was now breathing on her own, but she still refused to awake from her slumber. On a Friday morning Tony came to take over and let Abby get some sleep. It was the forth night in a row that Abby had been sleeping in Ziva's room, and it was time for hear to get some proper sleep. Abby left only after Tony promised her like a hundred times that he will call if there is any change. After she left, he sat down next to Ziva, while putting on his portable DVD player Casablanca. He was holding her hand and, kissing her every once in a while on the check, talking to her hoping that she would wake up. He paused the movie and put the DVD player on the table next to her bed, then took her hand again.

"Sweetcheeks you're not making this too easy for me. What must I do, to wake you up, hm?" he asked looking at her,

"Ziva I love you, and I know you love me to. Please wake up."

But there was nothing, no change in her condition. He was about to stand up to get some coffee form the wending machine, when he felt a light hand squeeze.

"Ziva baby, wake up you can do it. Squeeze my hand again."

He waited patiently for her to squeeze his hand again, but nothing happened and he was starting to believe that he just imagined it.

He took the DVD player and played the movie, but soon he fell asleep, with his head very close to Ziva's hand.

She opened her eyes, and felt how everything hurt. Then she saw the end credits rolling on the small portable DVD player, but still did not understand where she was or why she was feeling this pain. Ziva then slowly turned her head to the right and noticed the bandages on her arms and everything came back to her. Barak, his torture methods, the fact that she beat him up, her colleagues to the rescue, the loud bang and Tony telling her that he loved her, everything came back to her and the pain became more intense. She moved her head to the left and then noticed that somebody was sleeping next to her head. She looked at him with love and slowly stroked his hair, softly calling his name.

He heard a voice, like he was dreaming, and it was her voice. "Tony she is in a coma and your imagination is going wild. She hasn't woken up." He thought in his sleep. Then he heard the voice saying that he would be killed with a paperclip if he doesn't wake up and his head shut up in the air, looking at the wonderful green eyes of Ziva David.

"Ziva! You, you came back." He exhaled.

"Yes Tony. You wouldn't shut up for one second and let me sleep." she responded with a smirk on her face.

"Well you needed a prince to wake up, sleeping beauty." He said full of himself.

"Really? Where is he?" she replied, while laughing loudly."

His ego defleted, but he was happy to have his Ziva back.

"I'm your prince Zee-Vha." He responded and moved closer to her.

"I love you Ziva" he said and looked her in the eyes.

"I love you too Tony."

He stood up from his chair and kissed her passionately, she responded to his kiss with the same passion, pulling him closer to her.

Finally they both parted from the kiss. She smiled, touching his face, his mouth, he kissed her palm. A cough caused them both to turn their heads towards the door. Gibbs was looking at them both with a smirk on his face, and next to him was Deputy Director David. Ziva's father walked over to Ziva's bed, having an undecipherable expression. Tony walked away form Ziva, joining Gibbs, who head-slapped him, still having the smirk on his face. Director David gazed at her and then kissed her on the forehead, and then said something in Hebrew. Gibbs took Tony out of the room letting father and daughter have some privacy.

"I turn my head for one second and you two already break rule number 12." The boss man said.

"If you hurt her, you will have one angry father, whole Mossad and me on your tail." Gibbs added.

"Gee thanks boss. That's making me feel so much better." Tony said, and then stared laughing.

Both men went out for coffee, and in the meantime both of them were calling members of the team to let them know that Ziva had woken up.

One hour later, Abby stormed in Ziva's hospital room, interrupting a father-daughter conversation, hugging her tightly, until the wounded assassin let out a little moan.

"Ohh Ziva, I'm so sorry." Abby quickly apologized and then saw Tony walking him, so she jumped to hug him.

A couple of minutes later, McGee, Jen and Ducky arrived, all glad to see Ziva.

The doctor came to check up on her several times, tried to get all the people out of the room, but he finally gave up when he saw that he was ignored. From his point of view Ziva would make a full recovery, but she still had to remain under observation for a couple more days.

All the excitement made Ziva tiered, thing that did not went unnoticed by Gibbs and her father. Every time she moved, she twitched because of the pain, but she did not want to say anything and spoil the happiness. Her father and Gibbs noticed the twitching and finally said:

"All right, everybody out." Gibbs said

"My daughter needs her rest." Deputy Director David added.

"I will call a nurse Ziva, to give you something for the pain." Gibbs said and went to get the nurse.

She nodded relieved and saw how Gibbs called the nurse, and how the young woman walked in with a trey full of shots. The woman injected something in to the IV and after a few minutes she relaxed.

The team said their goodbyes and promised to return in a little while. Almost all of the team left the room except, her father, Gibbs and Tony. Deputy Director David kissed her forehead and walked out, Gibbs said goodbye and was pulling Tony out of the room.

"Boss one minute. I want to tuck her in." he said with a smile on his face.

Gibbs smile and left the room.

"So my little assassin, you get some rest now and I will check up on you later." He declared.

"OK my little hairy butt." She answered smiling.

He kissed her lips and walked towards the door. Before leaving the room he turned back and saw a sleeping Ziva. She looked so peaceful, like nothing bad had happened to her, but the bruises reminded everybody of the nightmare she had been trough.

One week later Ziva was released from the hospital. Deputy Director David returned to Tel Aviv, and Tony insisted that she should stay at his place until she will get back on her feet.

She threatened to kill Tony if he treated her as a child, but deep down she was happy that she could finally have her fairytale ending.