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Lust Potion #9

What a face… What a body… This girl is… perfect! She may be a bit younger than me, but… I just think I might…

…x x x x…

Damn this girl, strike that… woman… is h-o-t HOT! That long hair, her eyes, her… body. I never thought I could feel this way, but I think I just might…

…x x x x…

Kim woke with a snap and dragged a hand across her cheek. She was sweating from a dream she couldn't remember for the life of her, but it must have been pretty good for her to wake up in this fashion.

Kim was still wearing her mission clothes from the previous day, and she proceeded to peel them off of her sweaty body so she could get a shower. Normally she liked to clean up a bit before going to bed after a mission, but she was sooo tired after this one, she just couldn't do it.

The hot water began to soothe her muscles and nerves. The soap seemed extra sudsy today for some reason, and Kim had a little fun while she lathered herself up. She brushed a finger through her neatly trimmed bush, and when she lightly touched a certain part of herself, she gasped involuntarily.

Kim hadn't touched herself in that way for quite a while. She dragged her fingers down her flat belly, leaving a trail of suds behind, and she dipped into her self about a knuckle deep. When she dragged her finger back out, her fingernail once again flicked against that sensitive part of her anatomy, and Kim felt like screaming out in pleasure from the lightest touch.

No! I can't do this! It's… not right. Kim thought to herself. She quickly turned the water on cold, and clenched her teeth at the sudden change in water temperature. The literal cold shower did the job, and her desires were squashed. For now.

…x x x x…

Shego woke with a sudden jerk, and her eyes snapped open to the bright light in her room. Her nose twitched a bit as a funky smell wafted up from… Herself?

Shego looked down and saw that she had slept in her uniform. She had never done that before, but after fighting Kimmie the previous day, for some reason she was especially tired. It was strange to say the least.

The green villainess dragged a hand through her hair, and noticed that it was quite tangled, and more than a bit oily. It wasn't that way when she had gone to bed, that was certain, so she must have had a very restless sleep. But her body felt fine. She just looked like hell.

Crawling off her bed spread, Shego peeled her green and black suit off, being careful of a few new bruises that were forming on her arms and legs. Kimmie really got some good shots on me this time around. The green woman thought to herself.

Shego stepped into her personal shower, and turned the water on as hot as she could stand, and stayed motionless under the stream of water for a good 10 minutes. She then grabbed her special shampoo and gently worked it through her long black hair, working the knots out.

Trying to recall what she had dreamed that must have gotten her so worked up, Shego realized that for the life of her she couldn't remember. This was quite odd, as normally she had no problem recalling her dreams, whether they were good or bad.

After working about half a bottle of conditioner through her long locks, Shego once again languished under the steady stream of water as it beat on her skin. Her hair flowed down her back, moving back and forth on her skin as if it were alive.

Suddenly, as if on their own accord, Shego's hands began to wander over her body. She gently cupped a breast with one hand, and gave her nipple a bit of a tweak, causing it to get erect and hard. Her other hand slid down her taught stomach, and moved through the slightly bushy pubic hairs.

Feels like I'm due for a trim. The raven haired beauty thought to herself.

One of her black nails lightly touched a sensitive part of herself, and Shego trembled a bit as the light touch sent a shock through her system. Her entire hand moved a bit lower, one finger completely disappearing inside. A ragged breath issued from her black lips, and a light rosy color appeared on her cheeks.

Realizing what she was doing to herself, Shego quickly withdrew the finger, and gasped at the withdrawal.

"Damn!" She muttered under her breath, chastising herself. "I hate being so… weak."

Quickly she turned the water to cold, and stood in the cold stream until she couldn't stand it anymore.

…x x x x…

Drakken surveyed the damage caused by Shego and Kim Possible the previous evening. Their fight was once again an epic battle of two dangerous and beautiful women. More than once he had erotic dreams of both women fighting, but a cold shower pretty much brought him back to his senses. There currently wasn't any time for him to even ponder such… pleasures of the flesh.

That's what his new project was for. Correction… had been for. All eight of his attempts at creating a lusting potion were destroyed.

Why a lusting potion you ask? Lately Drakken had been feeling a bit lonely and… anxious, to say the least. He knew that nothing would ever happen between him and Shego, and Drakken was sure that he couldn't just go to a local bar and pick up a woman. He just couldn't bring himself to do that.

So, Drew Lipsky, AKA: Dr. Drakken, Mad scientist, would create a lusting spray that would cause any woman he sprayed it on to fall completely and totally in lust with him as soon as they lay their eyes on him.

But… none of the potions worked. He had tried all eight of them separately on unsuspecting victims in local grocery stores, bars, and other places a guy could meet women, but none of them worked. Something was missing, but Dr. Drakken had felt that if he made one more, he could figure out what he had been doing wrong.

Each one had been in an atomizer, which he could easily spray, but every single one of them had been broken when Kim Possible and Shego ended up flying into the shelf during their battle.

The mist that came out of all the atomizers was almost invisible, but Drakken's trained eye could see what happened. They had all mixed into one giant cloud, which both Shego and Possible were right in the middle of. There was no reaction of either woman when both glanced his way during their fight, so he had initially thought everything had been a complete failure.

One important part of his workstation had not been destroyed, and that was his computer station that was still hooked to a sensor he was using to analyze his different potions. The sample pump had been left on when Shego and Possible had started to fight, and it had never been turned off. Drakken reached over to power the unit off when he saw a flashing result on the computer screen.

Righting a chair, the blue-skinned scientist sat down and straightened the screen so he could see it head on. He had the system set up to record what he assumed would be the correct reaction when his potion would react with pheromones from a human female.

There on the screen, flashing in red letters, were the words, "Lust Potion #9: Success… Press Enter for detailed analysis…

Drakken pressed Enter and read the results, his grin widening at what his eyes beheld.

"Oh this is good… This is very good…" He said throatily, and then chuckled under his breath.

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