Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer (at least not until I'm magic and switch bodies with her) and I do not own Twilight or the characters of. This is made purely for entertainment purposes, and I received no money for creating this.

:) this is AU, I made this with the image that Edward bit Bella in Twilight.

I frowned, my lips forming a downward crease over my shimmering face. The remote island I was spending the summer along with Edward, Alice, and Jasper, left my skin to sparkle in the glowing sun that always shown over us. I turned a page in the novel I was reading and my frown lifted into a care-free smile as I noticed Edward bounding over to me.

"Hey, beautiful. You look especially glowy today." he said, his hands clasped behind his back.

"The sun is especially. . .sunny today." I replied, placing the book on the cool grass beside me.

"Oh, well. . .Happy Birthday!" he boomed, bring his hands out to reveal a rectangular jewelry box.

"Edward. . ." I groaned.

"Humor me." he smiled my favorite half smile, his liquid eyes melting my heart and weakening my defense system.

"Fine. How old am I?" I asked, taking the box, my lips pursed in a thin line across my pale face.

"You would. . . should be twenty-eight." he smiled, his teeth glistening in the sharp light, and I wondered if he would continue this charade forever, just as he had insisted on doing so the past eleven years. For those years, he had insisted on treating me as if I was human, as if my life wasn't over, and it made me furious.

"I told you not to spend money on me, Edward Cullen."

"I didn't, Bella Cullen," he said mockingly. "In fact I didn't even get you a gift. Plus, it isn't jewelry. Open it." he ordered, and I did as I was told. Inside the box was a pink envelope, and my mother's delicate yet reckless handwriting graced the front.

"Carlisle had this at his house, and when I went there for a visit last week, he gave me this."

"Edward. I haven't seen her in a year. I thought she was dead." It definitely wasn't like my mother to not contact me, after all, those emails from her in Forks during my first week or two had been pretty hostile.

"Read the card." So I hooked my finger under the tab and carefully peeled it open. I extracted a glittery pink card and opened it. On the left side was a note:


I can't believe you're already twenty-eight! Phil and I have been so busy building our new house that I haven't had a chance to contact you. I know it was only last year that I attended yours and Edward's wedding, but it feels like forever. I guess mother's have a screwed up sense of time. I got word you are on vacation on a secluded island, so I sent this to Carlisle, hoping the next time you come home, you'd get this and pay me a visit. I sent Carlisle a note with my address. Oh, Phil says 'Happy Birthday!' I love you baby, never change.


On the right was a little mirror with a little birthday joke about wrinkles. I took a glimpse into the mirror, half-worrying I would catch a field of old-woman wrinkles decorating my face, and that Edward wasn't really there and I was an old lady in a nursing home in Phoenix going crazy. . .

The mirror was empty. I raised a hand to my unblemished face and felt the soft, cold skin of a seventeen-year-old vampire. I shuddered, dropping the card.

The last line had hit me harder than it should have, and it was just one of those lines everyone wrote on birthday cards:

Never change.

But change was inevitable. No one, not Renee, not Charlie, not me before I met Edward, expected to stay the same forever.

Except the Cullens.

Except for me.