Chapter 1 Meeting Katy

It was around 3-00 PM in the squad room. All of the detectives were
finishing up there DD fives on a previous case that they had been
working on. Cathy called to say hello to Detective Stabler. Someone
came up to him and told him that someone needed to speak with him. He
told Cathy that he would call her later. They hung up and Detective
Stabler waited for the person that wanted to speak to him. A woman
came over to him. She said, "Can someone please help me?" Eliot said
to the woman, "Can I help you?" The woman said to Eliot, "My name is
Sarah Fitch-Tallaver, and I want to report a possible rape." Eliot
said to the woman, "Follow me please." He took her in to an interview
room. They sat down. He asked her, "Have you been to see a doctor?"
The woman said, "No, it's not me. It's my daughter, Katy." "How old is
Katy?" "She just turned 13 last week, but she is very mature for her
age." "Mrs. Fitch-Tallaver, if your daughter was raped, then she is
the one who has to tell me what happened." Sarah said, "Just talk to
her. She's right there in the hallway. Please."

Eliot went out in the hallway, where he saw a young teenage girl,
with dark brown hair, but she had blond streaks in it. She was about
five five tall, and with a look of disbelief and sadness on her face.
She looked shy and just very withdrawn. Eliot came up to her and said,

"Hi Katy. I'm Eliot." Katy didn't say anything. Now there was
something very special about Katy. Katy was visually impaired. She
could only see light out of her left eye, and she was able to tell if
something was in front of her face, as is called object perception.
Her mother said, "Now Katy, how do we introduce ourselves?" Then Katy
said very quietly and very shyly, "Hi, I'm Katy." Then Detective
Olivia Benson came in.
Eliot said, "Why don't Detective Benson talk to Katy, and you and I
will talk in another room." Sarah said hurredly, "No she needs me in
there!" Olivia said gently, "Mrs Fitch-Tallaver, believe me I
understand how difficult this must be for you, but I really need to
talk to Katy alone." "How did you know who we were?" "Oh, Detective
Stabler left a note on his desk saying that he'd be talking to you
guys." Sarah said, "Oh." So Olivia and Katy went in to a room, while
Sarah and Eliot went in to another room. Sarah explained to Olivia how
to guide Katy, using sighted guide. "She just takes your arm," Sarah
said to Olivia. "Okay," Olivia said. Katy looked as if she had a sense
of relief and a look of feeling totally safe with Olivia as she took

Olivia's arm, and as they went in to the interview room, so they could
talk. This talk that they would have, would raise a lot of questions,
for everyone.