Chapter 11 Can I Live With You?

Olivia sat on a chair by Katy's bedside. She wondered what Katy was thinking about. Katy shifted in her bed. "Olivia?" "Yes sweetie. I'm here." "My parents," Katy said groggy and frightened. Olivia put a hand on Katy's sholder and said, "No it's okay sweet heart. Your parents are never going to hurt you ever again. I promise you."

Eliot walked into the stationhouse. He had just finished booking Sarah and Erin. He walked over to his desk. The captain's office door was closed, but he could still hear the Captain, Fin, Munch, and Dr. Huang talking. Captain Cragen said, "When Olivia gets back, I think she and I need to have a sit down. Maybe you could sit in too," he said as he looked at Dr. Huang. "I could do that Don if you want me too." "Please. I just can't seem to get through to her. She has to get over this obsession of her's before she can come back here and work productively." Fin said as he looked at Dr. Huang, "So what do you think is gowin on with her?" "I don't know. It could be a number of things." "Like what?" Munch asked. "Olivia has always wanted a child, but she has never had one. She has also always wanted and needed to be needed. And I also think that it has a lot to do with the issues that she had with her mother. I think that this is her way of filling those voids." "Even if it means her making up things that aren't happening and that don't even exist? I mean we even now have a restraining order to deal with because of her." This is even more worse than the situation with Rikki Austin and Ashley Austin Black seven years ago. Remember them? Olivia just wouldn't let it go. But Olivia is completely obsessed with Katy, and everything about her," Captain Cragen said. The all looked reminded and disgusted at the thought of that previous case. Dr. Huang said, "Yes. I was briefed on the case a few weeks ago when you were starting to get concerned Don. But it's real to Olivia. She really believes that Katy is being abused, and I don't think that she's going to stop until she proves that theory." Munch said, "But Katy has told her over and over, doctors, teachers, friends, everyone, they have all told Live that nothing's wrong with Katy, and she just won't let it go!" Captain Cragen said, "So what the hell are we going to do about this?" Dr. Huang said, "Well I could try talking to Live, but I really think that she is going to need a little more care than that." "What are you suggesting?" "I think that Olivia is going to need some long-term extencive therapy that I can't provide her." "You mean I'm supposed to tell her that I don't think that it's a good idea that she work here for a while?" "Mmhmm. I think that that's the only way we are going to make Live healthy again. How productive can she be in the state that she's in?" "I know. You know how hard this is going to be on Eliot?" "Yes. But how much of a friend is she being to him right now, and a partner? She can't work like this Don. You know that." "I know that. When Live comes back, I'll work with her on getting the restraining order under control, and then I'll tell her what we've decided. Can you be there with me George?" "Yeah. I'll be there. I can help you talk to Live." "Thanks," Captain Cragen said with a sigh of relief. Everyone elses faces in the room were absolutely astonished. they were all thinking, "Olivia in therapy? Yeah we were all a little banged up from time to time, but she has allways been the one who is most together most of the time. Olivia in therapy." Munch said, "Someone has to tell Eliot." "That won't be necessary," Eliot said as he opened the door to the Captain's office. Captain Cragen said sharply, "Eliot, you know that Olivia can't work like this. She is obsessed with Katy. You know that she is, and it is interfering with her work and her life! I have four really great detectives, and right now, I only have three. I need Olivia here, and not just physically. When she is physically here, she isn't thinking about the job and the cases at hand. She is thinking and obsessing about Katy, and that is inappropriate!" "She's right." "Oh God Eliot. Not you too." Dr. huang said, "This is something called transferring obsessions." Eliot quickly stopped him and said, "No this isn't transferring obsessions or anything. Olivia is telling the truth about Katy and about everything that she ever thought was true, is true. I just got finished booking Katy's mother and father for child abuse and child endangerment." Everyone in the room had an astonished look on there faces. Captain Cragen said, "And I am just now getting wind of this? Why didn't anyone call or check with me?" "There was no time Captain. We had to do something right then. Sarah and Erin wanted to see Katy." "What do you mean they wanted to see Katy? They have the right to see her any time they want. It's Olivia who has the restraining order!" "Well Olivia went there." "What do you mean she went there?" "She had to find out. She went to the school again." "Again? After I specifically ordered her not too!" "She found out that Katy had a personal training session." "How is that any of Olivia's business?" "Well, Olivia thought that it was." "So what happened? What has Olivia done now?" "She went looking for Katy because she was concerned after reading Katy's letters." "Well, did it work? Did she find Katy?" "Yeah. She found Katy, and a lot more." "What else did she find?" "She found Katy's personal trainer dead. Katy killed him in self defense. Her personal trainer tried to rape her and then kill her when she wouldn't let him." Everyone in the room was absolutely frozen with utter shock. "So where is Katy now?" Captain Cragen asked. "She's in the hospital. Live's with her now." "So you arrested Katy's mother and father?" "No. Live did," Eliot said. "I'm sure she's been waiting for that moment for a long time now," Dr. Huang said with a smile. Captain Cragen remained alone in his office. He picked up the phone. "Benson," Olivia said quietly trying to not wake Katy." "Olivia. I heard what happened." "Captain. I'm so sorry. I couldn't tell you. Katy was in so much danger, and I just had to save her." Captain Cragen smiled to himself and said, "It's okay. I understand. No one was listening to you. You did the right thing Live. You did exactley what you were taught and what you are good at. You followed your gut. I'm very proud of you. It took a lot of bravery and courage to take the kind of risk that you did. Are you all right? Are you hurt?" "No I'm not hurt, but thanks Captain," Olivia said with a relieving smile. "And don't worry about Sarah and Erin. Eliot just got finished booking them. They're not going to hurt Katy or her siblings ever again. I'm going to call ACS right now. Has Katy woken up yet?" "Yeah for a minute, and I told her a little bit about what happened, but I don't know if she really knows yet, because she was hurt pretty badly." "Well when she does wake up, can you ask her if she has any clue to where her siblings might be?" "I do. I have a clue where they might be." "Where?" "They're probably at their farmhouse. The oldest brother David is probably looking after them." "Okay. I'll tell the social worker. How far are you away from here?" "Oh about 30 minutes. Why?" "The social worker might want to come down there to talk to Katy." "Yeah that's probably what she is going to have to do. Katy was hurt pretty badly." "How's she dooin anyway?" "She's pretty hurt physically, and I don't have to tell you about the emotional part." "Yeah, but how badly is she hurt physically?" "She's pretty banged up from the drugs that he's been giving her. The doctor says that her system isn't as bad as she's seen other people's. She's got a lot of bruises all over her from the bastard punching and kicking her. The doctor says that she can definitely tell that she's definitely been being abused, for a very long period of time. The captain thought to himself and said kind of quietly but loudly enough for Olivia to hear, "Those bastards." "I know Captain. I know," Olivia said thoughtfully and gently. "Okay Captain. I'll wait for your call about ACS." Olivia hung up her cell phone and put it away in her pocket. Katy shifted onto her back and said still very groggy, "Olivia?" "I'm right here baby. Can I get you anything?" she said very gently. "No thanks. I'm good. Where are Mama and Papa? Where are my siblings?" "Olivia hesitated for a minute. Not knowing how Katy would react to this next bit of news, she said gently to her, "I arrested your mom and dad. My captain is looking for your siblings. Do you have any idea where they might be?" "Maybe at the house with David?" "That's what I told him." Katy looked very happy and relieved to hear this news. "You mean it wasn't a dream?" What wasn't a dream sweet heart?" "That when I woke up a little a while ago, you told me that my parents were never going to hurt me again." No baby. That wasn't a dream. Your parents are never ever going to hurt you again." Thank you Olivia. I'm just so sorry that I didn't tell you sooner. Maybe it's my fault that Mike tried to rape me." "No sweet heart. You tried to protect your family. Not many girls your age would have done that. What happpened to you, not just what Mike did, but everything, even you not telling me, is not your fault. And it was never your fault. I completely understand why you didn't tell me. I don't blame you. I'm just glad that you're telling me now." "I'll never lie to you again. Thank you for believing in me, and for never giving up on me." Olivia put her arms around Katy and said, "I'll never give up on you baby. Never." Olivia hugged her tightly. They just stayed there for a while with Olivia's arms tightly and comfortably around her. "It's okay Katy. Evrything is going to be okay now."

The doctor said that Katy could go home in three days. Olivia stayed with her the whole time. Eliot came and brought Katy and Olivia each a small bag of a few changes of clothes. Her siblings came to see her. Katy gently explained to them why she did what she did, but her siblings weren't angry. They were very happy as well. They each told Olivia what has been happening throughout each of their lives. Olivia was sad to hear all of this, and was glad now, that finally, there was something that she could do to help. On the third day, Katy and her siblings were released into Olivia's custidy. The doctor gave Katy some antibiotics to take to help with all of the drugs that Mike gave her, and to also help with the pain, and everything else. She was also given some anti depressents and some antie anxiety medicine to take that would help her also. She was instructed to take the antibiotics for seven days. Then she had to go back to the doctor's for a follow up appointment. Olivia took them all to the stationhouse. A social worker was there. Her name was Alison Wellsly. In an interview room, Alison talked with each of the siblings including Katy. Alison said to the SVU squad in Captain Cragen's office, "We're going to have to temperairly remove the children from their home. And from the looks of it, that seems to be what they want as well." Olivia asked directly and in a concerned tone of voice, "Where are you going to put them?" then quickly after that she said, "You can't separate them. Please." "No don't worry. I wasn't going to do that." Olivia breathed a sigh of relief. Alison said, "Well there's room at a vary nice place called Country Park. I'll drop them off." Olivia said, "No. No I'll drive them there." The siblings were getting into Olivia's car. "Now you guys just stay here with Eliot while I go and get Katy." They all smiled. Olivia went into her office. Katy was sitting there in Olivia's chair with her bag on the floor right by her. "Hi," Olivia said. Katy smiled a huge smile across her face and said, "Olivia can we please go home to your house now?" Olivia smiled greatfully and said, "Sweetie, we're not going to my house." Katy had a very shocked look on her face and said very disappointed, "But, you came and got me didn't you? You don't want me to live with you?" "Awl it's not that Katy. It's just that, well my house isn't set up for any kids." Katy smiled at her and said, "That's okay. That doesn't matter to any of us." "Oh I know that it doesn't, but, I can't take you home with me. I work all of the time. I'm hardly ever there. And my Captain would never allow that to happen. And neither would any one else." "You mean my mother and fauther, don't you." "No. I mean people like the legal system. I just can't do it. You understand that Katy don't you?" Katy didn't say anything. She just grabbed her bag and stood up. "Where ya gowin?" Katy said angrily, "My siblings are waiting by themselves in the car aren't they?" "No sweetie. Eliot's with them," Olivia said with a deep sadness in her voice. Olivia said as they walked out of her office, "You wanna grab on to my arm?" "No thanks. I can walk on my own." Katy unfolded her cane. Olivia directed her to the car. Katy asked her brother Denny to sit in the front with Olivia, so she could sit in the back with her other siblings and so she wouldn't have to sit in front with Olivia.

They got to the house. It was also on a farm, but not quite as far out as Sarah and Erin used to live. A man and a woman came out of the house warmly smiling. The woman said, "Well hi there!" The man then also said as warmly as the woman said, "Hi there!" They all walked up close to each other. Katy was holding on to her sister Christina's arm. Olivia was greatly saddened by that and she felt totally guilty. Olivia said kind of professionally, "Hi, I'm Detective Olivia Benson." The woman said still smiling, "Well hi Detective Benson. How are you?" "Oh please just call me Olivia." "Well all right. Olivia then." She was stil smiling. "Well what do yaa say we all go inside so you guys can check this place out," the man said. "Oh, how silly of us," the woman said. We didn't even introduce ourselves. I'm Jennifer, and this is my Husband George, but everyone calls him Jo for short." They all smiled. The kids went from oldest and said, "I'm David, and I'm sixteen." "I'm Danyel, and I'm fifteen. "I'm Denny, and I'm fifteen too. We're twins." "I'm Michael, and I'm fourteen." "I'm Katy, and I'm thirteen." "I'm Christina, and I'm twelve." "I'm Stacey, and i'm eleven." "I'm Marcy, and I'm ten." "Well," Jennifer said. "There are certainly a lot of you beautiful children. Please come in." "yes. Please, come on in," Jo said, both of them still smiling.

Jennifer and Jo were both in their mid twenties. Jennifer was about five six and thin. Jo was about five ten, and he was medium built. The children including Katy put their things in their rooms. Each of them had their own room. Jennifer said to Olivia, "Olivia there's a guest room if you want or need to spend the night or to help the children feel more comfortable." "That's a great idea Jen. You and I were thinking the same thing," Jo said happily. Olivia smiled up at them and said, "Well thank you both so much. Let me aske Katy and the other children if they need or want me to stay." "All righty then. We'll be in the kitchen maken dinner if ya need us honey," Jennifer said smiling along with Jo. Olivia went and asked all of the children if they wanted her to stay. They all did, but she didn't ask Katy yet. She knocked on Katy's door. "Who is it?" Katy asked sadly. "It's Olivia sweet heart," Olivia said sympathetically. "What?" Katy said angrily. Olivia opened the door. Then she closed it as soon as she got in. She walked over to Katy's bed and put her arms around her. "Sweet heart I know that you're upset about what happened, but I really can't take you in to live with me. It doesn't mean that I don't want to. You understand that Katy don't you?" Katy pushed Olivia away from her. "yeah. I understand. Now will you please leave?" "Well, I came in here to ask you if you wanted me to stay here tonight. The other kids want me to. Do you?" Katy faced directly in Olivia's direction and said, "I don't want you to stay here. I want you to leave. Now!" Katy got into her bed angrily and tightly pulled the covers over her head. Olivia reluctantly got up and slowly and quietly walked out the door and quietly shut it. She walked down stairs to where Jennifer and Jo were happily making dinner. "What's for dinner?" Olivia asked. "Cut up hamburger with corn and nutals all mixed up in a bowl," Jennifer said. "That sounds great," Olivia said. "So," Jennifer said. "Are ya spendin the night? We'd love to have you." "Sure would," Jo said. "Thank you both so much, but I think I'll just stay for dinner if that's okay." "Of course it's okay," Jennifer said. "But I thought that Katy especially, would really need you here tonight." Olivia started to speak when the kids not including Katy came running down the stairs. "You kids be carefull now runnin down those stairs," Jennifer said smiling. Marcy said smiling, "Is dinner ready yet?" "Allmost darlin," Jo said smiling up at her. "I'll go and get Katy, unless you want to go and get her Olivia?" "No that's okay. I think that she'd rather you go and get her." "Oh. Well then all right. You guys just grab a seat and any drink of your choice while I go and get her." Jennifer walked up the stairs and over to Katy's room. She knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Katy asked nicely. "It's me Jen honey. May I come in?" "Sure." Jennifer opened the door. "Dinner's ready sugar." "Thanks, but I'm not hungry." "You're not hungry?" "No mam." "No. None of this mam stuff. You're part of this house and family now." "Thanks. That's really nice of you," Katy said with a huge smile. "Well it's true. Now come on and have some delicious food." "Well, okay. I'll come." "That's great honey!" Jennifer said in excitement. Katy and Jennifer walked down stairs to the kitchen.

Katy sat in a chair next to her sister Christina on her left and her brother Daniel on her right. She did not want to sit by Olivia. She was asked if she wanted to do so by Jennifer, and she very certainly said no. So Jennifer sat by Olivia on Olivia's left and Jo sat on Olivia's right. Katy sat on David's left and on Marcy's right. "This is delicious Jennifer and Jo," Olivia said smiling. "Why thank you Olivia," Jennifer said. "We're glad ya like it," Jo said. Everyone else thanked them. They all were too full for dessert. "Now why don't you kids run along and check out the back yard," Jennifer said after the kids helped her and Jo put away the dishes. Jennifer and Jo told them that they should rest since it was their first night there, but they all including Katy and Olivia, insisted that they should help too. They all were excited about going and checking out the back yard. Jo said in excitement, "You kids run along now, and I'll catch up in just a minute with Jen." "Can you please come too Olivia?" Marcy asked. "Sure honey," Olivia said. "I'll be there in a minute." The kids all ran along and checked out the back yard including Katy. Jennifer and Jo both looked at Katy as she went with her siblings. Then they both looked at Olivia concerned. Jennifer said, "Now I know that it's probably none of our business, but what's gowin on with you and Katy?" Olivia looked at Jennifer with sadness and said, "No. It's okay. It's been like this for a while, well for today at least." "I thought that you and her were the closest of all the children." "We were. Katy and I were very close. More than anyone realized." "So what changed all of that?" "Well, before I brought Katy and the other children here, and before we left the station house, Katy asked me if she could live with me." "Well that's understandable." "Yeah, that is understandable," Jo said. "It is," Olivia said. "But it's also impossible." "Why Jennifer and jo asked together at once. "I mean, we both love having all of the children here, but we also understand how much Katy loves you," Jennifer said. "I love her too, but I have to work, and all of that wouldn't be a good environment for Katy or any child to live in." "Excuse me for saying so, but it sounds to me like you're just making excuses now Olivia," Jo said. "I'm sorry Olivia, but I have to agree with Jo," Jennifer said. "You guys don't understand, but I just can't do this. I would get into so much trouble. I would lose my job, my credibility, and everything that I have." "Well you're about to lose Katy. Is that worth it? To lose Katy?" Jennifer said gently. "And as for your credibility," Jo said, But for your credibility, you almost lost that when you were spending your life and your, credibility trying to save Katy." "That was different. I was trying to help Katy." Jennifer said gently, Yes. And think about what would have happened if you hadn't stuck to your guns and with your gut feeling, Katy would be dead now. What would have happened to your credibility and your concience?" "I guess I would have lost that too," Olivia said, not knowing what to do at this point.

Katy sat on her new bed in her new room, feeling sad, and very confused. She didn't understand why Olivia was abandoning her now, when she promised her what seemed like a million times that she wouldn't. She knew and totally understood that Olivia didn't and couldn't lose her job, and she never wanted that, but she still felt hurt. She really liked Jennifer and Jo, and she loved that she finally felt safe and very loved with this new family, and that her siblings were finally safe now, but she still wanted to stay with Olivia. She just didn't know what to do from here. "So what should I do from here?" "I think that Katy understands that you can't lose your job, but I do think that all that she wants to know is that you still love her," Jennifer said gently. "But she knows that I still love her, and every time that I try to tell her that, she's just so angry with me. She doesn't understand. She never will." "Now hold on there honey," Jennifer said gently. You haven't even tried. Katy loves you, and you've got to remember that she's been through a vary horrible ordeal. I think that what she needs more than anything right now, is you, and nothing but your utmost love, support, respect, patients, and understanding." "I think that Jen hit the nail right on the haystack," Jo said laughing a little along with the others. "Why don't you go and talk to Katy. I'm sure that she really wants to see you, Jennifer said. "Okay. I'll try, Olivia said. So Olivia went up the stairs, and slowly walked over to Katy's room.

Olivia knocked on Katy's door. "Who is it?" "It's me, Olivia. Can I come in?" "Sure, Katy said just emotionally and physically exhausted. Olivia opened the door. "Hey there." "Olivia," Katy said with a little smile. But then the smile faded and turned into a look of disbelief once she remembered all of what has happened. "Hi," Olivia said. "Can I sit down?" Olivia asked. "Go head," Katy said tired but nicely. Olivia said to Katy, "Sweet heart, I know that you're upset about everything that's happened, and you have every right to be. I'm so sorry," Olivia said with a vary sad look on her face. Katy said exhausted and angruly, "You're sorry?" "Olivia. I know and completely understand that you can't lose your job, and I would never even ask you too do that for me, but it doesn't change how I feel right now." Olivia said sadly, "Do you want me to leave?" Katy said relieved, "Yes! I want you to leave. Then after pausing for a seccond when Olivia just stood there in shock and utter sadness, Katy said, "Now!" Olivia said tearfully, "Okay." Then after pausing for a seccond, Olivia said again, "Okay." Olivia walked out and shut the door. Katy just lay there with the covers over her head just sobbing. Olivia went down stairs and said good-bie to everybody, and went home. She called the stationhouse and told them that she was going straight home and that she would do the rest of the paper-work in the morning. The captain asked her if she was okay, and she told him that she was, but that she just needed time. The captain told her to take as much time as she needed because she deserved it. She told him that she would be back in the morning, and that Katy was where she wanted to be, with her siblings and her potential new family. The capttain was concerned and a little shocked, but felt it best not to press the issue, and just see Olivia in the morning. They hung up the phone and Olivia took a bath and went to bed feeling so sad about what happened with Katy.