Scraps is pretty much what the title says. It will contain scraps of fics that will most likely never get finished unless lots of people like it or I get a burst of inspiration and motivation.

Wrote this sooo long ago, thought I'd decide to post to because I might as well! It's already on my LiveJournal but not as many people check that.

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis belongs to Konomi.

Scrap: Sci-fi fic, spaceship scene

"The XI system is down," Oshitari said just as the ship gave another dangerous lurch.

Atobe grabbed the intercom device, nearly ripping it off the springy cord when the left side of the ship suddenly dropped down three feet. "Gakuto! Switch off the shallow boards or we are going to die."

"Incoming!" a voice yelled. Atobe wasn't sure who it was but he didn't have much time to dwell on it because at that moment, a giant shockwave rocked the entire ship to the core.

"Stunning lasers," Oshitari noted. "Looks like they've got a 3-4 cannon too."

"A cannon," Atobe muttered sarcastically, "well at least they're not trying to rob us, ahn?"

"Engines are down," Oshitari suddenly said.


"Must have been a backlash shockwave." Backlash shockwaves had the amazing capacity to not only cause physical damage to a ship but shut off a large section of any machine. "We're lucky it didn't get the guns."

"Can we jump to lightspeed?"

"Well-" another shockwave rocked the ship, throwing Atobe onto the cold, metallic floor. Oshitari, who was strapped safely to the pilot chair, immediately began checking the controls. "Not anymore we can't, lightspeed is down. Half the guns have been de-activated too."

"Damn it," Atobe nearly growled as he pulled himself up right. "At this rate they'll shut down everything. Switch to manual."

"It is on manual," was the prompt reply.

"I meant physical manual," Atobe snapped.

Oshitari stared at Atobe with wide-eyes. "Are you crazy? How on earth-"

"Just do it." Atobe threw over his shoulder as he pressed a panel set on the wall. The door immediately opened with a hiss and he poked his head out, "KABAJI!"

"Usu!" a voice called from somewhere down the corridor.

"Open the air vaults, we're going to manual!"

"Are you crazy!" another voice yelled from further down the ship.

"Shut up and keep shooting."

Another shockwave made Atobe grip at the doorframe as the entire ship shuddered, the lights went out for a second before flickering back to life.

"All guns are down…" came Oshitari's report. Not that Atobe couldn't tell the guns had been deactivated. Shishido's loud swearing was echoing down the corridor.


"They're ready." How did the brute strength of the crew didn't have to yell when there was such a distance between them Atobe didn't know…nor did he care. At least, not right now.

"Then get us out of here!"

---should I continue this fic?