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Scrap: MomoshiroRyoma snippet.

He was definitely the cutest of cute boys Momo had ever come across. And what kind of person would he be if he allowed cute boys to get harassed like that?

"There you are!" The group looked up as he hurried over to them. "Where on earth have you been? You're going to get fired at this rate!"

The cute boy blinked, slightly confused, but thankfully said nothing.

"Well don't just stand there! Come on," with that Momoshiro grabbed his arm and dragged him away from the potentially dangerous group and through a 'staff only' door.

The boy pulled out of his grip as soon as they entered another section of the aquarium, now out in the visitors' area once more. "Doumo," he muttered before tugging at his cap and sashaying out of there. Well…it looked like he was sashaying to Momo, though he guessed it was probably meant to be an overconfident swagger.

It took a while before he realised that the cutest of cute boys was walking away from him.

"Oi!" The boy turned and it didn't take long for Momo to catch up to him. "You're not going to just leave like that are you? After I went out of my way to help you, you shouldn't just leave like that."

"I said 'thanks'," the boy replied irritably, pulling at his cap and turning to go. Momoshiro fell in step beside him.

"Oh come on," he prompted, "not even a name? Mine's Momoshiro by the way, Momoshiro Takeshi."


Momoshiro rolled his eyes, "Echizen what?"

The kid glared, "Echizen."

Grinning amusedly, Momo decided not to pursue it any further, "okay then, Echizen Echizen. Would you like some ice-cream?"

The boy paused in his stride slightly, "what?"

"Ice-cream," Momo repeated, "my treat."


"Because you're cute," came the unhesitating reply. There was no point in hiding the obvious.

"…" Echizen Echizen shrugged noncommittally and Momoshiro lead him towards the ice-cream café. Today was a good day.

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