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Chapter one: The Embraces of Death and Afterlife

The skies had a dull color, there was nothing but gray that littered the atmosphere on the borders of Amegakure no Sato, currently, exactly eleven people, all foreigners in the lands of Ame were currently on the ground, exhausted, tired and defeated. With no strength left to stand up but stare at the sky as rains continued to pour over the faces of these semi-conscious people.

One of these particular people happened to go by the name of Uzumaki Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato the Yondaime and the jinchuuriki of the most powerful bijuu in existence, Kyuubi no Kitsune. Deciding to defy the pain that his own body had been sending him, he stood up, facing a person, no taller than him, who calls himself Kami among the people of Ame, holding the eyes of the fabled Rinnegan (Samasara Eye or Eye of the Six Realms).

The blonde stared at the man before him, wiping the red liquid that dripped from his forehead, a result of head banging one of the six personalities in a futile effort to stop him from summoning further.

The baggy eyes that once held such bright sapphire orbs stared at the concentric eyes of the one before him who was completely unscathed.

'Not even Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken (Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken) was enough to knock this guy down… Just what the hell is he!?' Said the blonde who then formed the seal of his favorite technique

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Replication Skill)" Said the blonde and four clones appeared. Three two stood by the original while the two charged at the leader.

"Haven't I told you that it's useless?" Said the leader, and in a flash, the clones were dispatched in a cloud of smoke, effectively cancelling Rasen Shuriken

"Damn it…" Said Naruto his fists were shaking from frustration, he just couldn't pull through against the man of the six paths!

"As far as this little charade has gone, I grew bored of this long ago." Said the leader, and in a simple command, one of the personalities of the one who called himself Kami, held one of Naruto's dearest friends by the neck and poised a kunai at her throat

"Uzumaki Naruto, son of the Yondaime Hokage and jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsune, surrender yourself before me and this girl shall live, if not, her blood shall stain the lands of Ame." Said the man as he then gazed at the woman who had lavender colored eyes

Naruto grew fearful of the situation, the man who commanded Akatsuki was holding Hyuuga Hinata hostage. The conflict of ideals in his mind rushed as his desire to protect those he loved conflicted with the desire to protect everyone.

He didn't know what to do, he stared at the ground as if it was his most interesting subject at that time, he was shivering, from both fear and despair which he was desperately trying to hold back.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one of the people on the ground charged in a blinding speed, the sound of a thousand birds chirping accompanied the dashing figure heading towards the man that held the Hyuuga Heiress.

"Chidori! (Chirping of One Thousand Birds)" Said the figure, otherwise known as Uchiha Sasuke, as he outstretched his arm with the lightning infused chakra towards the one that held Hinata only to be blocked by the visibly plump personality of Pein.

The fat person absorbed the chakra of the attack and nullified its effect. It was then that Sasuke was sent flying towards the side by a kick from one of Pein's many personalities that sent the Uchiha skidding on the dirt

"Damn it! Where is he!?" Said the Uchiha standing up from the attack who then coughed up blood and was held down

"If you mean by Madara Uchiha then he is somewhere else. I do not intend to know what goes on in his mind but I wish to complete this goal to show this world how meaningless fighting truly is." Said Pein as he then looked back at the blonde who was still hesitating

"You're hiding him… He's here, the one who was Itachi's accomplice in the night of the massacre… He was supposed to be the real leader of Akatsuki, now where is he!?" Asked the Uchiha unsheathing his sword and dashed yet again towards Pein who in turn was blocked by one of his personalities while the rest grappled his arms and legs and tossed him away from the man.

"Shit…" Thought Naruto who was then now clutching his head, his own frustration, fear and hesitation were getting to him, he couldn't lift a finger at all to even aide his bestfriend!

"Naruto-kun…" Was all Hinata could say and suddenly, Naruto tilted his head upwards hearing the voice of the Hyuuga heiress that Naruto instantly knew.

"No matter what happens to me… Please, know that you are still you and that you can't give up."

That did it, Naruto couldn't take it anymore, he knew what he had to do, forget about being Hokage! Forget about Sasuke! If it meant protecting everyone of his precious people and everyone on earth, then so be it! He had no choice, he was going to turn the key (1)!

"Fine! Damn it! You want the bastard fox so much then you can have him! Just don't kill them!" Said Naruto angrily shouting and punching the ground, if it was going to be this way, at least he was going to take all of them down with him!

"What!? What the hell are you saying, dobe!? You want to plunge this world into chaos!?" Said Sasuke who then gripped the blonde by the collar and stared at his eyes. Sasuke saw something in the blonde's eyes that seemed to make him even madder, it was the eyes of someone whose determination and will overcame his fear and is prepared for death.

"You're actually going to do it!? You want to leave everyone just to get what you wan-"

"You shut the fuck up Uchiha! I know I'm not gonna make it now, and don't tell me crap like deserting everyone I care about behind! I don't need it coming from you!" Said the blonde then earned a punch on his left cheek

"I did it because I wanted to kill Itachi, don't force yourself into something you don't want!" Yelled the Uchiha who then cracked his knuckles.

"Fuck that! If it means one of my precious people getting killed then I have no reason to be Hokage! Now get your act together and kill Madara! I don't care what happens to me anymore, but if I see someone I care for die in front of me, I don't think I could take it anymore, I've lost my family, the Sandaime and even Ero-Sennin! I don't want to loose either you, Sakura or Hinata as well!" Said Naruto finally, after years of concealing his pain, suffering and self conflict, for the first time after more than ten years, Uzumaki Naruto wept.

Hinata couldn't help herself as she cried as well, all the pain that Naruto received, never experiencing the love of a family and having his own life spiral into the depths of darkness at such an early age.

'Naruto…' Was the thought of one particular masked Jounin hearing the conversation between the Uchiha and the blonde, he slowly got up seeing the Uzumaki close the distance between himself and the leader of Akatsuki. He wanted to stop it, but knew that Naruto had already made up his mind; he'll die for Hinata's sake

"Release her now… and don't do anything stupid because if you do, I'll cut my own throat." Said Naruto and Pein did just as he was told.

Sakura stirred, slowly getting up and surprised that she wasn't dead, he saw Naruto, talking to the leader with Sasuke close behind whose fist was shaking with anger. Just what was going on, then she saw clearly, Naruto followed the leader with Sasuke turning his back and not looking back, daring not to show the pain that was stabbing his heart for losing another important person in his life.

Hinata kneeled on the ground, crying her heart out, perhaps the one who was most emotional at the moment, she didn't know why, but she felt angry and asked the one that was what at least, she thought was the most emotionally stable at the moment.

"Sasuke-kun… What's going on, where's Naruto going?" Asked the worried Cherry blossom haired girl, Sasuke could only say

"I'll kill him… I'll kill Madara, then I'll kill Pein, my path for vengeance isn't over yet!" Said Sasuke as he dashed away, towards the village of Amegakure no Sato itself.

"Just what is going on!?" Asked Sakura as Kakashi began to sit upright and then replied to Sakura

"It's better if you hear the story from the beginning…" Said Kakashi and Sakura paid full attention.

Akatsuki hideout:

"Now, we can finally commence the sealing, right now, the Kyuubi no Kitsune is the only thing missing in our little collection." Said Tobi or Madara to be precise as Naruto then stood in the middle of the statue of the giant hand.

"So I guess this statue here is the place where the souls of the Bijuu are to be absorbed along with their hosts." Said Naruto, good thing they happened to have their numbers reduced. Itachi was killed by Sasuke, Deidara committed suicide, Hidan got trapped underground by Shikamaru, Kakuzu was Naruto's lab rat for his Rasen Shuriken and Sasori was surprisingly killed by Sakura with the aide of Chiyo. This meant that they had to do the sealing physically, making themselves physically present to the sealing chamber.

"All right fuckers, since I'm going to die anyway, I'll die in a blaze of glory!" Said the blonde who then clapped his hands together and a poof of smoke appeared from nowhere revealing a toad that had a scroll for a body

"What the!? Naruto! What the hell are you doing if you so much as turn the key by a little you'll know what will happen!" Said the toad and Naruto replied

"I don't care anymore…" Said the blonde quickly brandishing the scroll

"Stop him!" Said Madara only they were all too late as Naruto quickly turned the key of his seal by spraying his blood on the spiral drawing of the seal that had almost half of it covered by the blood of his former sensei, Jiraiya.

"Say hello to Kyuubi for me in hell, you bastards!" Said Naruto and the scroll immediately glowed and entered Naruto's navel, it stopped by about a quarter of the way and then began to turn in a clockwise fashion, slowly, the sounds of five locks being opened echoed through the sealing chamber and Naruto had let his rage take over rationality…

In just one second, it only took one second, before a huge chakra surge and killing intent was released that was felt in all countries. The members of Akatsuki was held down by the huge surge of killing intent and chakra they couldn't move a flinch or even try to escape with a jutsu

'Are you sure to go through this, gaki?' Asked the Kyuubi having one more final mental conversation before accepting the inevitable. The Nine-Tailed Fox had already accepted his faith, even if the blonde were to live an old age, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was to die anyway, being that his future would mean the absorption his own chakra and life force to Naruto, so in a way, Kyuubi would rather die fighting and in a rampage than die slowly and shamefully from a seal.

'I've already made up my mind, and once I give my word, I never break it. I've said it a couple of times and I'll say it again one last time, It's because it's my Nindo.' Said Naruto as the chakra surge stopped for a moment and then exploded in a flash…

Hokage tower:

Tsunade had sensed it, the powerful chakra surge that came from the very site where Kakashi stated in a report when they saved the Kazekage, Yama no Kuni, it wasn't the only thing that she felt that made her remember, it was also the very same feeling of when the Kyuubi no Kitsune was about to invade Konoha right before she evacuated along with some citizens since she didn't want anything to do with Konoha at the time. It meant one thing…

"Shizune! I want all active Shinobi to head over Yama no Kuni, something is big is going on! Send as many as you can!" Said Tsunade and Shizune immediately obeyed dashing out the door.

Tsunade shivered, deep inside her she wanted to hope that in some way, her outoto (little brother) was safe

'I need sake right now…' Thought Tsunade, last of the Sannin, as she headed out the door, and went to a local bar before joining her subordinates in heading towards Yama no Kuni.


"Did you feel that?" Asked Sakura as the killing intent radiated everywhere she turned, it was so malicious that she fell to the ground and was about to puke.

"This isn't good… Sakura, Hinata, go and treat our comrades, Sasuke's group as well, we'll be going to Yama no Kuni as soon as possible." Said Kakashi as he then stood up and took a soldier pill

The two nodded and proceeded towards their comrades and towards Hebi (Snake)

'Naruto… Please don't die' Thought Sakura as the killing intent suddenly vanished.

Somewhere in the Elemental Countries:

Hitsugaya Toushirou has just finished his rounds around this sector, it wasn't until an abnormal amount of reiatsu suddenly burst out from nowhere and immediately vanished. It was supposed to be a routine mission, patrol and secure this particular area with his partner for the day, Madarame Ikkaku.

With the abnormal surge of reiatsu, Hitsugaya immediately flew to the scene of the explosion and quickly thanked the gods for noting that he was near the scene before any hollows could appear, damage control and all that…

Ikkaku whistled as he saw the giant crater from where the explosion occurred

"Damn… That's a pretty big hole." Said Ikkaku viewing the scene only to find a blonde standing near another blonde and a chain connected at his torso

"Looks like we found our spirit." Said Toushirou as he and his partner went down and went to the blonde who had a blank expression seeing his own corpse

Hitsugaya quickly grabbed his reiatsu detector and flashed it through the blonde before him. The reading didn't satisfy the white haired Shinigami and tested it on himself revealing the appropriate spirit power. Toushirou scratched his head in annoyance and flashed it through the blonde again. What he read made completely shocked him

"What the fuck? Spirit readings are above four thousand!?" Said Toushirou at this, Ikkaku grinned, and whistled again as he read the expression of the young kid's face

"Pretty impressive for a newly dead person." Said Ikkaku as the blonde then looked at him and asked

"Who the hell are you? And how can you see a dead person?"

"Idiot, of course we can see dead people, we're dead as well, and we're supposed to be Shinigami!" Said Ikkaku, although Naruto was about to take offense at what the bald man said, he chose to constrain himself as he believe it was not the time to be childish, he is supposed to be freaking dead now!

"Wait, you said Shinigami, but last time I checked there was only one Shinigami, and he happens to look uglier than the bald dude behind the one with the white hair and doesn't wear black."

"What!? I'll freaking impale you!" Said Ikkaku taking offense from the blonde from being called bald and ugly.

"I have a name you know! My name happens to be Madarame Ikkaku!" Said the bald about to draw his blade and Naruto immediately readied himself. Swordsmen were easy to read, they were either hot headed buffoons always itching for a duel or a calm and deadly killer who waits for his opponent to draw the first move. Naruto saw Ikkaku as the former rather than the latter as he drew his sword but was later halted by the one with white hair

"Ikkaku, shut up for a moment" Said Toushirou, turning towards the blonde then

"The name's Hitsugaya Toushirou, and that dude you happened to piss off, you heard him right. As for the creature that you said, it was an apparition of the Death God or the king of Sereitei as he exists in another dimension he moves mysteriously in his workings and agendas." Said Toushirou and Naruto nodded, now that he's dead, he should at least try to know the basics of living as a spirit

"Now, we need to send you to Sereitei as it is part of the duties as Shinigami which no doubt, you will be doing in the near future." Said Toushirou and Naruto nodded

"Wait, before you send me to that place… At least let me see my own funeral before I go." Said Naruto and the two accepted

"Okay, but you have a time limit." Said Toushirou and Naruto asked


"Since your chain of fate is now destroyed, you are mere days away from turning into a hollow, a creature that devours souls as a source of food. Naturally once the chain of fate is completely consumed, the human soul undergoes a drastic metamorphosis, a mask replaces the face, and erasing the spirit's memories to tune in with the Hollows' natural instinct." Said Toushirou, although Naruto didn't get much of it, he still nodded and kept the basics of what the white haired boy's head

'Right, so staying here for too long equals bad' Thought Naruto as he then waited for at least someone to take notice of the situation of his corpse

Hours later:

Naruto was utterly shocked by the amount of Shinobi that had appeared on the scene and along with the Godaime, along with the Konoha Shinobi, there arrived with the team of Kakashi and Yamato complete with the three members of Hebi who were healed not too long ago

What they saw shocked them. There on the crater, lie eleven corpses, ten of which were clothed in the attire of the world famous organization, the Akatsuki, they were killed on the spot as blood seemed to spread everywhere around them, then the one in the middle shocked all of the Konoha ninja the most. There in the middle of the crater, lie one Uzumaki Naruto, facing down on the ground completely lifeless, no signs of breathing and blood splattered everywhere around him and then the one holding in his right hand were his treasured Hitai-ite, the necklace of the Shodaime and the container of the healing salve Hinata gave him way back from the Chuunin exams.

Most of the ninjas were in silence and the Godaime kneeled down, and turned the corpse of the said blonde and yet again, surprised Tsunade. Right then and there, the blonde hyperactive ninja, hated by many and loved by few, was smiling in his death with a few small droplet of tears falling from his face as if he wanted to say, 'I'll never forget…'

With this, the Godaime, last of the Sannin, cried in front of the corpse as the rest of the Shinobi bowed and closed their eyes in sadness, sympathy and prayers while some literally poured their hearts out by crying

"I have shamed Namikaze-sama… Not only did we fail his son to be treated as a hero, we had also failed in letting him live in happiness." Said one of the Shinobi crying as he took of his mask while he bowed

"Naruto-kun…" Said Hinata as she was kneeling on the ground yet again, devastated from her only love's death. Tsunade got up, as she saw the smiling face of the young blonde she stood up with her resolve and she knew what she had to do in order to close the last chapter of the tale of Uzumaki Naruto, a tale that Jiraiya started, Naruto continued and Tsunade ended

"Today will be considered a new age, not only did one Shinobi defeated the greatest threat to the world, but he also proved himself to be a true Konoha ninja and a true Hokage, for that, I deem thee my successor, Uzumaki Naruto, be the Rokudaime Hokage" Said Tsunade and everyone yelled

"ROKUDAIME-SAMA BANZAI! (Long live the Sixth)" Said every ninja in the field as they screamed his name to the heavens giving praise to the greatest Hokage that has ever existed.

Naruto suddenly wept, not only did he finally achieved his dream, he had finally received the love of his village.

"Hey kid… You know it's tough leaving the world of the living, but rest assured… You're going to start anew at a new place now." Said Ikkaku, although extremely brash, he knew how to not push someone's buttons at a time like this.

"We'll be coming back in a few hours, until then, make sure that you don't get into trouble." Said Toushirou as they headed out to patrol in another area

Tsunade, deciding it was time to get Naruto back to Konoha, cradled the blonde in her arms and picked him up, walking away from the scene and not looking back. Finally, the tale of the Greatest Shinobi ends.

Hinata was the last to go but as she was about to leave she glanced back and saw something that was supposed to be Naruto standing to where he was supposed to have died!

Hinata rubbed her eyes and checked again,

No one…

She felt disturbed as to what she saw and decided to turn away before the pain in her heart gets worse.


Everyone arrived in Konoha, relatively unscathed except for Kakashi's team, with the Godaime leading the troupe; the villagers immediately saw the one she carried in her arms. It was the accursed child, in her arms looking pale, no color on the lips, no signs of movement, just… A limp body... A corpse…

If anyone were to make something insulting it would have resolved into a decapitated head done especially by the Hokage herself. But also, the villagers have come to respect the blonde ninja in the arms of the Godaime, so there was no need for a drama in the middle of the streets of Konohagakure, some may have sneered but it was the old men who were arrogant and considered themselves wise beyond their years only to be stuck in their own little delusions.

The villagers, out of fear of the Hokage and some respect for the blonde ninja, did the most unexpected thing.

They all bowed.

They bowed at the deceased blonde ninja, as the Shinobi that the Hokage had at her back all looked down, in mourning as they headed towards the grave of the Hokages.

Then in one fell swoop, Umino Iruka arrived at the scene just having brought a few groceries and a present for Naruto as a gift for finally getting back in the village. But it fell as he saw his favorite student and foster child, lie dead in the arms of the Hokage.

Iruka felt his own world collapse from the sight. He rushed towards the Hokage, and looked at the blonde then back to the Hokage who solemnly shook her head.

Iruka fell silent and finally… He too, mourned. He then talked to Tsunade

"You know, Naruto and I once had a conversation when we were walking home from Ichiraku." Said Iruka and Tsunade listened closely

"He… Foreshadowed his own death… Said to me… That if he were to die and be buried, at least take his coffin to the river and let it sail along with the true family he never knew." Said Iruka and Tsunade respected the request.

That afternoon, there arrived, the coffins of Yondaime and his wife, Uzumaki Kushina. All of which were sent alongside the coffin with the title, Sixth written on it, it was then placed on a sturdy wooden raft along with the other two as had it sail away filled with flowers and cards towards the afterlife…

This time, Hinata yet again, saw Naruto standing supposedly at her side with a smile on his face and suddenly vanish again… Now Hinata knew, Naruto was signaling his goodbye to them, to the ones that cared for him the most. She let out a small tear, but this time, it was tears of joy that filled her.

Later that afternoon:

"Looks like you're ready to go." Said Toushirou

Naruto nodded and went towards the two black kimono wearing soul reapers

"Prepare for the Konsou (Soul Burial)" Said Ikkaku as he unsheathed his sword. Naruto thought he was about to be in a world of pain

"W-Wait a second! Don't slash m-" Said Naruto as he was hit with the bottom part of the hilt and vanished in sight

"Well, that's that I guess… Now we need to go there immediately and enroll him to the Shinigami Academy." Said Toushirou and both left the world of the living to go back to Rukongai.


Well, that's chapter one, I already have an idea as to what Naruto's ability will be in the next chapters, so please bear with me as I update!

(1) This is derived from Chapter 370 of the Naruto manga