The final piece of the puzzle has been placed… We are now complete, as one again… and this… Shall be the symbol of our pact

Chapter six: Meeting Your Counterpart

Twenty Years later:

Confusion, complete and utter confusion escaped Tsunade's features as she looked at the three people that were there to greet her in the afterlife. One was her grandfather, Senju Hashirama who was looking quite shocked and was in denial, often muttering, "Tsu-chan is a big girl, a big girl, a big girl…"

All the while, the first Hokage was weeping as if someone had trampled on his beliefs

Second, was her perverted teammate, Jiraiya who was giving off a simple, "yo!" look as was the third, Uzumaki Naruto, arms at the back of the blonde haired boy's head.

"By the looks of things, I bet you three would be the ones to take me to heaven or whatever there is, right?"

Jiraiya and Naruto said at the same time, "Pretty much more or less."

Tsunade just sighed and then, Naruto asked him, "What done you in baa-chan?"

"Old age… That and the results of using Souzo Saisei (Genesis Rebirth) in my lifetime."

Jiraiya simply nodded and said, "Finally got it to you huh? Well, I suppose your vanity is still intact, after all your face is still wrinkle free here and your tits aren't all saggy…"

This earned a powerful punch in the face that forced Jiraiya through a rock. In the realm of the living though, everyone panicked thinking of a terrorist attack.

Naruto just laughed hysterically pointing to the bloody heap that was Jiraiya, Hashirama just remained unresponsive to the conversation.

"Could somebody please get this over with, my million cups of Sake and uncontrollable streak of luck awaits!"

Naruto then said to her, "Look baa-chan, you got a pretty screwed up idea of what the afterlife is like…"

"Want me to do what I did to Jiraiya back then?"

Naruto hurriedly shook his head with a wordless no and prepared the sword on his right, Fuujin

"Konsou! (Soul Burial)" He said and tapped Tsunade's forehead with the hilt of his sword.

"Why were we here again?" Jiraiya asked getting up

"Eh, untapped high Reiatsu potential and that crap, found out it was your old teammate." Said Naruto and Jiraiya said, "Oh, I thought it was Yamamoto feeding me to the wolves."

"Not in the slightest." Was Naruto's reply, and Jiraiya shrugged, "He might as well."

The pair looked at the gawking grandfather, still to shell shocked about his granddaughter, Jiraiya sighed and pulled Hashirama by the collar…

"Come here, grandpa, we can talk you to this once we get home and have a nice cup of Sake with your brother and the rest."

"Oi, you better not drag me into one of those again! Remember last time?" Asked the blonde, how could Jiraiya forget?


"Hey, shenshei, yoush think that you could help mesh? I don't want to be a vihrgin for the resth of my life!" Naruto slurred his speech, Jiraiya put an arm around the shoulder on the boy and said,

"Don't-hic- worry about itsh, Naruto… Itsh justh comesh with time… hic… I remember… hic… remember… What wash I talking about?"

"Jiraiya-shenshei… Yoush were talking about… hic… Talking about… Helping Naruto with hish girl… Problemsh… hic" Minato said,

They were having their merry making inside the first division compound, Hashirama and Tobirama were down on the ground sleeping coupled with loud snores that made the remaining drinkers laughed, Naruto, Minato and Jiraiya, the Sandaime was nowhere to be found saying that he'd rather face Kenpachi than explain it to a firebrand like Kushina.

And as on cue, Kushina had smashed through a window shattering the glass with a flying kick and an angry look on her face, her eyes were red in anger as she looked at Jiraiya

"You…" Jiraiya started to get sober and then fumble at his words, Minato had already bolt leaving Jiraiya with Naruto. Jiraiya cursed Minato's sixth sense when it came to his wife

"You dare… To show Naruto about the evils of drinking…" Kushina muttered shaking and then Naruto drunkenly waved his arms at his mother

"Heysh mom! Shenshei justsh brought me out for a good time! Mom… Did you know that Shenshei just offered me to help with my girl problemsh?"

Kushina's anger was rising, Jiraiya could have sworn smoke was going out of Kushina's mouth as she looked menacing enough preparing to go to a rampage, Jiraiya was now sweating bullets and wanted to hide out under the blanket, preferably forever. Naruto then added with a smile on his face,

"Hey mom…" He said, and Kushina looked at his flushing son that hung loosely on Jiraiya's shoulders

"I love you!" and then gave a drunken smile 'Nice save, Naruto!' Jiraiya mentally grinned,

Kushina was stunned for a moment and smiled a little, Jiraiya quickly noticed Kushina's defences were down and placed the blonde on the chair as he hightailed it out of the vicinity. Naruto slurred and moaned, his head was spinning and Kushina ran to his son's side and supported it, the stench of alcohol littering in her nose

"Oh, my baby, I love you too…" Said Kushina hugging Naruto and the blonde just slumped

"Ooh…" Was Naruto's only reply and Kushina shed a few tears of happiness, well, it was the first time his son said it to him, and no matter how old his son was, part of Kushina wanted to have Naruto's childhood within her, being that she died when Naruto was a baby boy, it brought back a lot of emotions that Kushina felt when she left Naruto.

Which was why she did everything she could just for his son when he arrived in soul society, to make up for the loss of motherhood and Naruto's childhood. It was what she felt that made her this overprotective of her son.

"Hey mom…" His son started again, Kushina looked at her drunken son with curiosity and then Naruto continued,

"Jiraia-shenshei said that he would –hic- help me with finding a girl… I –hic- Don't understand mom! Why –hic- don't girlsh shee me ash a perfectly okay guy? I mean, when I wash twelve, I wash never like my teammate, Uchiha, I alwaysh treated girlsh kindly that my teammate would often shcoff at!"

Kushina wondered too, Naruto was a perfectly fine young boy!

At least that's what her motherly instincts told her, and she told her son, "Naruto, you are a fine young man and you deserve no less, come on… Let's get you home…"

Kushina stood up and Naruto added more, "Mom! Want to hear what Jiraiya-shenshei taught me when I wash alive?"

By the course of the next few minutes, Kushina yelled at the top of her lungs with the statement, "WHAT!? JIRAIYA, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!"

Flashback end

Jiraiya shuddered at the thought, the next day after that, he was nailed to one of the walls upside down with a hangover and Minato was on house arrest courtesy of Kushina who was guarding the man with a ladle, Naruto on the other hand, was at bed a hangover and a terrible nausea that continued on for several days, Naruto knew Kushina's tender spots and then exploited them so well that even his father was scared enough to upset the blonde back then.

"You had a mouth of a parrot when you're drunk. I'm not going to be inviting you there anytime soon unless your mother is over that phase, the least you could do is go with Kira and Renji and you three get drunk. Nausea my ass."

Naruto laughed at that and made their way to Sereitei.

Five Days Later:

he went over to the academy to check out the newest recruits since he had to take a tally and submit the forms at the statistics office, how he hated it, the people at the logistics department that shinigami had to do it at least once, Naruto thought they were just lazy beyond help.

As he turned around to a corner, he was met with a familiar face back to his own world,

"Shikamaru…" Said Naruto and the pineapple head looked at him with a half opened eye, as expected, Shikamaru was skipping class again

"What the hell, lazy ass? You should be over at your class right now!" Naruto said, Shikamaru just scoffed

"Yeah, yeah, Zanjutsu and all that, I can't even swing a damn sword properly, what are you doing here anyway?"

"Logistics." Was Naruto's simple reply, Shikamaru snorted a laugh

"So the great Uzumaki Naruto fell to the great paperwork, eh? I never knew you'd be the type."

Naruto simply gave him the middle finger salute,

"At least I wasn't done in by a half baked attempt of a crazy lady cooking in the middle of a gas leak!"

Shikamaru then complained, "Geez, keep rubbing it in why don't ya? I can't believe she was ballsy enough to do it."

Naruto shrugged, and immediately the attention of the two was turned to a woman who was running down the hallways,

"Nyahaha! I got my shikai already! Burabura Torabi! (Swing, Tiger Tail)" Anko said swiping the long whip around her almost managing to hit Naruto and Shikamaru,

"Anko! Put down the dangerous released Zanpakuto! You could poke an eye out!" Naruto said, Anko dropped her initial release, crossed her arms and pouted

"Damn it! How come someone has to ruin my fun whenever it was getting so good?"

She sealed her Zanpakuto form and sheathed it, all the while stomping back into the hallway.

"I see she got her Shikai down already, and it's only been what?"

"Her third year." was Shikamaru's reply.

"Speaking of Gaara, where is the guy?" Asked the blonde, Shikamaru pointed to the Kidou class on his right,

"Diligently learning new spells to compensate for his auto-sand defence loss."

Naruto had nodded, he had learned of Gaara's death, since his body wasn't being healed by his bijuu since its extraction, Gaara's body started to deteriorate, someone who had not that much sleep their whole life and their bijuu extracted was bound to get a serious case of organ shutdown. It was a miracle to say the least that Gaara had managed to survive for almost thirty years.

"And ah, Rock Lee?"

"Pssh… That guy's been acing Hakuda, Hoho and Kidou well, it seems what he lacked in the realm of the living, he made it up here." Said Shikamaru

"What about you?" Naruto asked, Shikamaru shrugged

"What happened in my time back then, I'm still doing now, never thought being dead was such hard work." Shikamaru said, Naruto laughed at that

A few minutes later, an explosion was heard from the other side of the academy, the whole wall from the third floor and to the fifth exploded in a fiery torrent that some of the students began panicking

"You don't think…" Naruto said and Shikamaru stood up and walked away

"If they say that I'm with Anko it'd be troublesome, now I got to hide before that woman finds me and force me to make up another alibi." With that, Shikamaru was gone with a simple Shunpo

"Speak for yourself you lazy ass, you're still quite the genius." Uttered Naruto as he got up and did his routine, although begrudgingly…

"Help! That crazy bitch just aimed a Raikohou on one of the supporting beams! Get the hammer and wood quick!"

Well, at least there was SOMETHING interesting going on…

Namikaze Residence:

Naruto got home, completely disgruntled, as he went to his bed, his face fell flat on the soft cushion and didn't even bother to move,

"Naruto-niichan! Kushina-okasan said that it's dinner time!" Saya crawled in, Naruto was sprawled on his bead, unmoving, Saya quickly tried to pull Naruto by the hem of his Hakama

"Nii-chan! Come on!" She said trying her hardest, Naruto just grunted

"Don't worry about me, Saya-chan, I'll be right over in a few minutes, logistics has been pretty damn unforgiving as of late..." Said the blonde as he slowly got up and Saya, cheered

"Wai!" Saya said as she jumped on Naruto's shoulders and the blonde almost fell, he looked at his adopted sister and smiled,

"Yosh! Let's go have some dinner!" Said the blonde raising his fists and Saya mimicking her big brother

Once they got on the dinner table, Saya sat in a row with Naruto and Hinata, Saya in the middle, when they ate their dinner, Kushina and Minato were in the opposite side of the table,

Once they started eating, Naruto was telling what had happened later that day as he gave a deep sigh, stating his hatred for the logistics department, and Hinata stating that her current assignment in the tenth division was well, Toushiro was polite and Matsumoto, the vice-captain, was friendly albeit she slacks of from work by drinking and then dozing off in the barrack's lounge area.

Minato's face was then replaced to complacent then to melancholic,

"Have you heard the news, Naruto?"

Naruto looked at his father with questions and Naruto shook his head, Minato, had to break it to the boy, "Shiba Kaien, a few years ago so that was why we couldn't see him for some time… It came as a shock to me when Sarutobi-sama found out about it... He didn't expect it for it to happen, he asked Yamamoto-taichou if he knew the incident, but the Soutaichou didn't know anything... He only found out now as well..."

Naruto froze for a moment, someone like Kaien? Died? Naruto immediately stood up


"It seemed, a hollow parasite had infected Kaien, controlling him, killing his wife and almost killing Kichiki Rukia… The incident was a hush-hush since they thought there was a flawed system in detecting hollow Reiatsu in the area... At least that's what the report said" Minato answered, Naruto frowned, even if there was a chance that a minute hollow invading Sereitei, but the radar should have detected it, even if it was minute, Naruto had only one thing in mind,

"So you think so too, huh?" Minato questioned, Naruto nodded, the rest on the table were silent, their instincts at being ninja never failed them once before,

"Someone in Sereitei willingly put down the alarm system, if by chance, the traitor is in either Central Forty-Six or worse, the Gotei Thirteen." Said Naruto

Kushina looked concerned for a moment, "Have you informed Yamamoto-Soutaicho?"

"No, Hashirama-sama and the rest of us in the first division didn't want to divulge this info on Yamamoto-Taicho, if we did, we'd lose tracks of our suspects…" Said Minato

Naruto then said, "Ichimaru Gin and Aizen Sousuke, right? According to the details fifty years prior to my death, those two were involved in encountering a group of hollows that had invaded the city and bound themselves to captains and vice-captains of the Gotei Thirteen, most prominent was Hirako Shinji, former captain of the fifth division, which Sousuke leads now."

Minato nodded, "Suffice to say that Hashirama-sama and Tobirama-sama already had their suspicions, when I came here, I had as well, if only Jiraiya-sensei had a powerful spy network here like he had when he was alive…"

Minato then said to his son, "Come early tomorrow morning Naruto, the first division would have its own meeting at the barracks, we have a mission."

Naruto nodded

The next morning:

All of the members of the first division had met in the barracks, all of them looking serious, there wasn't any hint of joy in any of them.

"I take it we're about to have a mission of utmost secrecy…" Tobirama mentioned, Minato and the others nodded, Naruto was leaning on the wall,

"The traitor has decided to move inside Sereitei, I don't know how deep his connections are and to what extent, rest assure that all of the people here and any new comers that we might receive are going to be debriefed upon the current situation, however, we must remember to keep this a secret even from Yamamoto-Soutaichou." Sarutobi said, Naruto nodding

"The six of us here have had our own suspicions and most of them pertain to one man, after all, when did our sense of danger lie to us before?" Hashirama said,

Jiraiya then mentioned, "As of now, I'm going to re-establish my reputation in the espionage network, I need to do this without the help of the current Ni-bantai Taichou (Second Division Captain), Soifon… Her involvement would surely be monitored by Central Forty-Six, we need to place someone there that we know of and trust and place them in a high ranking position that isn't significant enough, but allows them to command a sizable amount of people inside."

Naruto raised his hand, "I already know someone who can command a spy network in the academy, once he graduates, Sarutobi-Jiji should be able to sway Yamamato-Soutaicho's decision in placing him in the Second division, he has a pretty good track record when he was alive, became Tsunade's tactical advisor and loyal to the village, Ero-sennin, I know it's a bit sudden, but you need to show Nara Shikamaru the ropes in leading a managing an intelligence network."

Jiraiya nodded and said, "Leave it to me, I'll be taking him as an apprentice soon enough."

Minato then said, "There's another problem we need to talk about."

Everyone inside the barracks looked at him,

"I know that we may soon face one or two Captain level shinigami, but we need intel on their abilities and the high possibility of facing them with Bankai, right now, most of us here have either reached Materialization or is close to achieving and mastering Bankai, it is imperative that we reach bankai and master it before Aizen makes a move, I think we can have contact with someone in the realm of the living who could tell us more about Aizen's abilities to an extent."

All of them nodded, and Minato looked at his son, "Naruto, Aizen is a pretty cunning man, under that Buddha like exterior is a cold and calculating person who has a grandiose set of plans. Aizen placed you as one of the priority shinigami he could use, being that you were good enough, but there was something that made him stop to consider you in placing in his division."

Sarutobi continued from there, "It was you, questioning orders, your former background as a shinobi from Konoha, as a shinobi you have no doubt learned to sense deception when there is one, do you know why Aizen transferred Renji to the Eleventh Division?"

Naruto said, "Renji said that Aizen mentioned to him that he was too rowdy for the fifth division, that's why he was in the eleventh, but that's a crock load of bull." Said Naruto and then he continued, "Renji may not question orders but he was too flashy for Sousuke, any small mistakes and accidental discoveries would have blown Aizen's spider web of plans to dust." Said Naruto

"Did you tell Renji that?" Asked Minato, Naruto shook his head, "No, I told him that he was proper to be in the eleventh division for a moment until he could control his temper and master his abilities to reach fuku-taicho skills."

Tobirama nodded, Hashirama then said, "Naruto, we have a mission for you."

Naruto looked at the men questioningly and then asked, "I thought it was all of us, why just me?"

Jiraiya answered,

"Because Aizen can't assume that you'll get in his way, after all, you have neither delved into his schemes nor made a move until now, and this is the perfect opportunity to gather Intel and if possible, get a chance for some allies to help us."

Naruto simply nodded and Minato briefed him, "You'll be going out of Sereitei in secret this midnight, it is possible that some shinigami would come soon after, if you get in contact with them, tell them that you have a solo mission to gather info on the strange increase of hollow activity there."

"You mean Karakura town? Yeah that place seems to be a hotspot for hollows as of late." Said Naruto to no one in particular, Tobirama said to the youngest Hokage,

"Since someone would be guarding Karakura town, she would not disrupt you gathering info on it, it would also give you the chance to reach our contact there."

Naruto looked at the man and asked, "Who is it?"

"Urahara Kisuke." Mentioned Jiraiya

Naruto nodded, so it was the former twelfth division captain, if he had heard correctly, the former captain of the said division was exiled from Soul Society.

With that, the meeting ended and the members of the first division went away from the barracks to have some time to rest before commencing the mission.

As soon as the secret meeting was over, Naruto headed out to the farthest training field he could find and unsheathed his new Zanpakuto, once he did, he could feel the power coming off from the blade as it gave a red ethereal glow, it seemed to pulse lightly and Naruto began to close his eyes, envisioning the flow of the sword's reiatsu straight to him. He didn't know how to explain why his new sword had its own reiatsu as it didn't even began a conversation with him, right now, he was still attempting to have a conversation with the said sword but failed and failed time and time again. But Naruto, being the stubborn bull-headed person that he is, chose to persevere in his path to fully have a conversation. Everytime he tried, he discovered his mistakes in trying to converse with the sword, so he kept all of his mistakes in the past in mind, and let the sword guide him.


Where his other sword Fuujin had a very majestic view of his world, this new Zanpakuto was different, the world pertained here is dark, gloomy and damp. Everywhere Naruto went, the floor on his feet had water everywhere, it reminded him of his former mind when he was alive, back then, it was a hallway of interconnecting canals and sewers, now? Just one big area where there is water below, just then, he looked onto his back and saw a trickle of sunshine.

It was yellow, and the sky that was around it was coloured in red, as scarlet as blood, as he watched the sun ascend upon the dark starless sky, a woman, about as tall as he was, wearing a ceremonial kimono, approached him, Naruto was awed with the woman's radiant beauty and deep green eyes, her long flowing black hair that reached the floor, Sakura petals fell from above, as she gracefully covered herself with her paper umbrella, she gave an elegant smile at the Shinigami before her and said,

"Welcome, young shinigami, your persistence has finally born fruit."

Naruto was confused, this… This didn't feel like the Kyuubi, there was no malevolent taint coming from the woman, the woman covered her small mouth and laughed gracefully, Naruto was startled,

"You are probably wondering… This is your Zanpakuto… Do you wish for my name?"

The graceful woman lent Naruto her hand and said, "I am ********…"

Naruto looked at her for a moment and squinted his eyes, "What?"

The woman simply shook her head and said, "Oh poo…It seems you still cannot hear my name, Naruto-chan… Maybe someday…"

With that, the graceful woman leaned her body forward, raising her feet with her toes and gently planted a kiss on Naruto's forehead,

"All things come in due time, patience, is but a virtue, Na-ru-to-chan." She said as she smiled and playfully trickled Naruto's cheek with her index finger, with that, she turned her back and went away, the glow of the yellow sun fading back

With a sudden jolt, Naruto opened his eyes and stood up, he looked at his crimson katana and sighed, 'Better keep the persona of my Zanpakuto hidden from Jiraiya or worse, mom… No telling what they will do."


The glow of the white full moon had shone brilliantly that night, as Naruto was met with the rest of the first division in Rukongai, the outside town of Sereitei. There, the gates of the Senkaimon had opened; the blonde looked at the members of the first division.

A large square ivory gate had appeared in the small alley, as it opened the path to the realm of the living. Jiraiya said to his pupil,

"Be careful, we'll do our part here, once you get there, it's all up to you. This is important. If you could obtain info on Aizen's abilities, the sooner the better, so as we can prepare ourselves for battle… We'll give you a heads up on the situation here; one of us will be informing you on Sereitei's status on different occasions. We'll do this by giving you letters by relaying it to Urahara-san. Once there, I hope you would do your part."

Naruto nodded. Looking to the senkaimon gate, he gestured a goodbye and ran towards the entrance of the gate.

In the background, an angry Kushina was struggling under Minato's shoulder lock,


Minato was chastising his wife and was forced to swallow the pain of being elbowed in the gut.

Hiruzen chose to shake his head and sighed in exasperation, he looked at his student and asked, "And this maternal tantrum is number…?"

Jiraiya answered in a calm manner, "Four hundred and twenty eight."


"And that's threat number?"

"Seven hundred and fifty one." Jiraiya answered.


Tobirama's spine quickly began to shake as he said,

"Make that Fifty two and a bonus for threatening all of us."

Hashirama then said, "I think it's time to council Kushina-san about letting all chicks fly from the nest at some point…"

Hiruzen then whispered to his white haired student, "You better not use Tsunade as an example though, the clear headed Hashirama-sama still has depression written all over him about his precious granddaughter."

Jiraiya snapped his fingers for letting that example fly.

This was going to be a long, long, long explanation…

Karakura town, midnight:

A portal had appeared at the top of Karakura bridge, Naruto stepped outside, his feet focusing reiatsu in it, his limiter taking effect, he met a resistance in air and stepped outside.

The glow of the full moon had met his gaze, the silver light of the object gave a gentle caress upon the town, its light dancing in the flow of the river of Karakura town, rippling as it continued to pass. Naruto looked around, small buildings had littered everywhere, as its lights shone into the dark night. Naruto was in awe just how beautiful the city lights were at night.

The blonde stepped down and landed on the ground, all the while admiring the glow of the full moon upon the small town that was Karakura.

Naruto thought it would be prudent to at least discover the town for the layout, it was only midnight and he doubted that Urahara would be awake at this hour.

As he made his trek around Karakura, Naruto noted the different landmarks around it, the school by the north, a tailor shop near west and a clinic by the south ran by a doctor named Kurosaki Isshin.

Before he knew it, the sun was already up. Naruto squinted and covered his brow with his palm and viewed the majestic sunrise. Quickly, he set up his Gigai and began implanting memories around town and in school.

Quickly settling down his work, he grinned and let his work manifest itself…


Kurosaki Ichigo was not a morning person. He looked at his human alarm clock that was his father sprawled on the floor of his room twitching and another bruise on the cheek.

It was always like this. The orange haired boy looked around and grabbed the older man by the back of his head and tossed him outside. Quickly, he got into the shower and got dressed with his new school uniform, it was the start of the semester and he was trying to lower his reputation as a street punk. Well, he just hoped that it wouldn't happen with this new one.

As he got out of his room, he cursed his luck of having orange hair as it stood out too much.

He sat at the table as his sister Yuzu served him his breakfast. Ichigo grabbed the bowl and effortlessly gave his fast approaching father an elbow to the gut followed by a kick to the chest that sent the father flying to the opposite wall.

Again, he wasn't a morning person.

Once Ichigo finished his meal, he grabbed his hand bag and went out. Another bash with a backhand strike at his father and he was off.

Isshin could only mutter in between bouts of pain, "H-He's certainly growing up…"

Ichigo decided to take the walk to school, since it was merely the start of High school, he noted that introductions would be useless since he'll forget the names of the people he normally doesn't interact with.

So once he approached the school, he could see the students crowding near the billboard that told them which class they were. Apparently, he heard his name being shouted by one of the people in the crowd being roomed with them, so he looked at the board and looked at the board, he saw his name being listed in class two. The same class that his friend, Arisawa was in along with that red headed girl, Orihime, and his big imposing friend, Chad.

What got him though, was the name Namikaze Naruto… Ichigo didn't know what to think of that situation for a moment, that person with that name… It made Ichigo wary of him. Something was definitely wrong...

"Damn punk! You cramp our style in this school by dyeing your hair blonde like that damned Kurosaki! What? You think it looks good?" Said the voice behind Ichigo, the orange haired boy looked behind and saw a blonde haired boy, as tall as he was being held by the collar as he was raised and with his feet dangled. Naruto merely gave a smile and replied,

"It isn't bleached, my hair is natural!"

The hot-headed delinquent's anger doubled and the fact that the boy was smiling was pissing him off to no end,

"You're the same as that Kurosaki! You and your excuses, you're not Japanese if you have hair like that! You stand out more than me!"

With that, the punk aimed a punch straight to Naruto's face.

Naruto quickly countered by twisting the arm of the punk that held him up. The punk writhed in agony as Naruto cracked his knuckles and approached the group of thugs with a smile.

"It's not nice to punch people in the face for such a childish reason!" Said the blonde, all with a smile sewn across his face.

What could be followed by the next few minutes were screams of agony and the sounds flesh hitting flesh with some sounds of other solid objects hitting flesh.






Ichigo was giving a smile all the while as he watched the blonde tore through the punks like tissue paper with some of them were already a crying heap on the floor.

Naruto held up a man by his collar and hoisted him up, a fist cocked back with the man shaking his head shouting "No more! I give! Uncle! Uncle!"

Ichigo approached the blonde and said, "That's some handiwork you did there, could you let them go now? Although it was funny, I think they learned their lesson now."

To this, Naruto looked at the five men prone to the ground with them sobbing and then running off, he supposed he was sorry for this miscreant bunch… Sort of…



"Name's Kurosaki Ichigo, nice to meet you…?"

The blonde dusted himself off and replied, "Namikaze Naruto."

Ichigo seemed wary at first, that name made him stand on edge, but as a gesture, he extended his hand and shook Naruto's. Little did Ichigo know, that this would be the start of his new life, a life of adventure, a life that stood between life and death, and travels of epic proportions. As Ichigo shook Naruto's hand, he could remember what his father had said during one of his rare moments of wisdom.

'Fear is something irremovable, but friendship is something irreplaceable.'

To be continued…

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