Summary: A dice is never consistent. And neither is Devlin. A very short Chaseshipping fic. [HondaOtogi

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Old fic…old old old old OLD fic. Wrote this AGES ago. Didn't realise I hadn't posted it either. So lucky!


Devlin stared ahead as his car zoomed along the motorway. This wasn't the first time he's done this, not the first time he had walked out of an argument and jumped into his car. He'd drive off with the pure intention of leaving his annoying, idiotic boyfriend behind him forever.

Why have an argument at all? Well we wouldn't if he would stop being so bloody predictable. It got on his nerve how he can practically imagine Tristan's every action in almost perfect accuracy. He was always the same, always reacted the same way to everything. Devlin could list off his speech pattern if he wanted to. He knew exactly what would provoke Tristan into doing something in a certain way.

He knew that driving off like this would make Tristan sit at home and worry. Although I doubt he worries anymore. He's done this so many times Tristan probably just sits at home and watch television while he waited for the other to cool off. Tristan probably expects him home at around a certain time. And why shouldn't he, I always turn back at the third junction roundabout. The roundabout that was, in fact, less than 20 miles away.

Devlin slowed a little as he approached the junction and made a full circle. He hated this, he hated being predictable. Why was it always here that he had to turn back. Why do I have to turn back?

That was when it hit him; he didn't. He didn't have to turn back at all. Swerving quickly, and getting a few honks and angry yells which he ignored, Devlin swung around to the direction he had been going in mere seconds ago. But do I really want to leave him?

Devlin swerved again, once more heading towards Domino City.

No, I want to do this. It's time that I moved on. Things can't go on like this forever. And just before the exit towards Domino City, Devlin spun around and headed towards the exit he had been aiming to pass for such a long time now. Last chance, if I go around again I'll get arrested. But did he really want to do this.

Yes I do, with that Devlin sped through the exit and drove away from Domino City.


Poor Tristan...:-(

Eh heh heh….um, I don't know about other countries, but where I live you can only go around a roundabout three times.

Lol, 20 miles may sound a lot…but it'd only really take him around 40 minutes to get to the roundabout at a relative speed. Barely enough time to cool down and start feeling guilty enough to go home. [Yes, I actually did the maths for this. Have a weakness for technicalities. ;

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