Harry watched as Charlie and a couple of his dragon-wrangling buddies approached the tower. The red head was obviously at home on a broom.

"Hey, there. You must be Harry, right? Nice to meet you." The second-eldest Weasley boy held out a hand encased in leather. "Name's Charlie. That the troublemaker over there?" Charlie was looking over at the baby dragon.

"Yeah, that's Norbert. Hagrid's sad he has to go, but he wanted me to let you know he thanks you for taking him."

"No problem, no problem. Dragons are my business after all." The other wranglers started running ropes around the kennel Norbert was ensconced in, jabbering back and forth in Romanian. Charlie broke out in a bright smile. "Say, I heard you made seeker! The youngest in a century. If I was any less of a man, I'd be jealous of you outdoing me on the pitch."

Harry looked up at him. "You were a seeker?"

"Yep. From second year on. McGonagall swore I was the reincarnation of James Potter." Charlie looked stricken for a moment. "Not to say that you're Pa wasn't a great seeker as well! He managed to win the House Cup for Gryffindor six years in a row. We only got the House Cup once."

"Charlie! We are ready to be leaving now!" The rest of the group was already on their brooms, Norbert secured between them. Charlie turned back to Harry.

"I need to be going, it seems. It was nice meeting you Harry." Charlie landed a friendly punch on Harry's shoulder. "You make sure to do well on the pitch, you hear me? The reputation of Gryffindor and the title of seeker is resting on you. Don't let us down." The red-head straddled his broom. "Give my regards to Ron, won't you?"

Harry watched as the group took off, a smile on his face.