From the mind that brought you Blueberries and Strawberries, comes an epic tale of forbidden love in school environment with a highly cliché title.

The touching tale of a teacher and student relationship torn apart by society and jealousy (and the fact that the student is dense as hell and keeps failing, like, really badly…and the teacher is just terrible at teaching). With Kubo Tite's Grimmjow Jaegerjaques as the intimidating but sexy Maths Teacher (I don't know why, it's just more funny if he's a math teacher) and Ichigo Kurosaki as the frowny high school student who can see ghosts (I kept that in for comedy purposes).

Tokyo Majin proudly presents,

A new Bleach AU Fanfic,

Nominated for no awards, (except perhaps the stupidest, most obvious story title award)

The Beautiful:

Love Lessons.

Rated M: For sexual situations, relationships between two males, violence, angst, irritating side characters and Grimmjow saying the word fuck more than a man around children should say.

Chapter One: "Sit down, shut up and pretend like you give a shit about Math!"

Grimmjow wasn't sure why he had become a teacher. As a child he'd hated school, particularly Math, so perhaps it was the masochist inside of him that wanted to put him back there all over again. Or perhaps it was the sadistic side of him that wanted to see people in the pain he'd felt when trapped inside the classroom, only this time he was inflicting it. Anyway, it had been something to do that got him away from his family and home town and all the crap that surrounded them. He hadn't been thrilled when he had been offered the position here, but they needed someone fast, the last teacher had been hit by a car or something messy like that and he's was willing to accept anything that got him away from that psycho bitch who haunted his steps. He grumbled under his breath as he thought about her, but was distracted by the very large, very square building in front of him.

He flicked his now finished cigarette out of the window as he turned the corner and gracefully drove his sleek silver car through the gates of his new hell – Karakura town High School.

Kurosaki Ichigo wasn't impressed when he woke up one sunny morning to find, in his room, the ghost of his old math teacher. He was aware that she had passed away and had been as upset as any teen would be upon hearing of the death of a teacher that taught a subject you detested with every fibre of your being, but this was a little too much to handle. On top of that, he noticed glancing at his clock, he was late.

"Kurosaki…" His teacher began timidly as the orange haired teen raced around his bedroom, completely ignoring her. He began to tug his t-shirt off, but thought better of it when he remembered the ghost's presence. He turned to leave the room to change in the bathroom, uniform in hand, when his father burst through the door.

"ICHIGO!!! YOU'RE LATE MY SON! I'VE BEEN WAITING UNTIL I HEARD NOISES COMING FROM YOUR ROOM FOR A SURPRISE ATTACK!" Isshin cried gleefully as he sailed through the air, arms outstretched. Ichigo kicked him in the face, sending him flying into the wall.

"I don't have time for this! Did you not think to wake me up, stupid old man?!" He shouted angrily, storming past his father. He sighed as he tugged his uniform on in the bathroom, really with a father like that it was a wonder he had turned out so normal. Ichigo opened the door to see the face of his math teacher staring at him uncertainly. Scratch that, quite normal.

"Kurosaki?" She tried again following him back to his bedroom. He ran a hand through his orange locks, frown firmly fixed in place as he grabbed his bag.

"What?" He finally snapped angrily and this teacher blinked a little, surprised by his angry tone.

"Well, I was just hoping…today your classes' new maths teacher will start and I just want you to tell him that…that he should look after my wonderful students and not to be to hard on you all, but hard enough I mean it is your last year in school…" she had began timidly enough, but as Ichigo walked down stairs she had begun to ramble on and Ichigo tuned out. She talked while he was grabbing a slice of toast from his little sister's plate. She had talked when he tugged his jacket on, talked as he left the house and continue to talk all the way to his school.

"And would you, maybe, stop in every now and then and see how Mr. Jenkins is doing? I gave him to my sister to look after but he's temperamental and old, wouldn't let anyone but me touch him,"

Ichigo's eyes widened. Was she seriously telling him all this?

"Wait! Are you still talking about the math teacher?" Ichigo asked, glancing around to make sure no-one had heard. He couldn't tell if the glances being cast his way were because of his comment or his hair, but either could be put off with a good glare.

"No Kurosaki, I stopped discussing him a long time ago, really if you listened more you might be doing better in Maths. I was talking about my cat; you will stop in on him? I know it's a lot to ask, but as the only person who can see spirits, you're the only person I can ask to do these things," She stopped at the school gates in front of the teen. "Remember to pass on the message to Mr. Jaegerjaques please Ichigo." She smiled and walked away.

"Tch," Ichigo muttered, hurrying into school. He had luckily caught up with his classmates and wasn't too late – he got enough grief as it was; he didn't need the faculty pulling him up because of one little slip up.

Grimmjow's attention was distracted from the rather uninteresting talk the teacher next to him was giving, while showing him his classroom, at hearing a shrill cry from down the hall. He looked away to see a boy with brown hair throwing himself at a taller by with messy, bright orange hair. What he witnessed next made Grimmjow smirk a little, admiring the skill in which the teen simply punched the boy, sending him sprawling to the floor, before simply turning to the even taller Mexican boy next to him and nodding slightly to him. The teacher, who was talking to him, saw his gaze on the orange haired boy and she sighed,

"He is in your class. His ranking is pretty high, but he does badly at Math and that brings his mark down. He can be pretty mouthy, gets in fights and things – and his hair! There is no way its natural. There are suspicions he's in a gang, but his father is quite respectable so people don't talk about it that much…anyway…" The woman smiled to him, touching his arm lightly to stop him. "Do you fancy going to get a drink after school?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes. Grimmjow on the other hand was struggling to keep his temper. He narrowed his eyes at the teen. Irritatingly enough, he sounded just like Grimmjow…except Grimmjow had been amazing at maths. He glanced at the woman who was smiling at him expectantly and raised an eyebrow.

"No, sorry, I'm taken," He told her, turning and walking into the classroom.

The teenagers inside were milling around, obviously curiously discussing the identity of their new teacher. The first thing Grimmjow noticed was that the orange haired teen he had seen before was sat near the back next to the window, and around him milled various people. A tall Mexican boy, a short boy with neat black hair, the weeping brunette who he had punched before, a girl with huge breasts and a girl with short black hair. The teen in the midst of them all was frowning a little, leaning back in his chair and every now and then fidgeting with his hair. He was a very good looking teen; tall and lean with deep chocolate eyes and a strong jaw. It wasn't a feminine face, but there was something pretty as well as handsome about the boy, that was offset by the frown etched onto his features. He tore his gaze away, wondering why that boy was the first person he had looked at when he walked in and coughed.

The gazes turned to him one by one, and the teenagers hurried to their seats. Grimmjow sighed a little, pulling his glasses on and leaning on his desk. He looked at them, looking at him. All except one. The orange haired boy. His gaze lingered on him as he stared out of the window at the rain that threw itself from the sky. He reached behind him and pulled out the register, calling through the list of names.

"Kurosaki Ichigo," he called. The orange haired teen's gaze snapped to him then as he answered, looking as if he had just woken from a trance. His frown was still in place but he looked a little confused.

Ichigo hadn't paid much attention when the teacher had walked in, but when his name was called he looked up. He was surprised to say the least. The man had messy blue hair and teal eyes with a pair of wire framed glasses covering them. He was tall and wore a white shirt with plain black pants – no tie or jacket like the other teachers. He looked more like a rock star than a teacher, and he could see from the expressions on everyone's faces that there wasn't a girl in the room who wouldn't throw herself at him. Well except Orihime, who looked like she was in her own world more than he had been a moment ago. The man at the front of the room met his gaze and Ichigo averted his eyes slightly, uncomfortable that the man thought he was staring at him.

"My name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, I'm your new math teacher. Don't ask me about crap that's not to do with Maths, don't talk over me, don't skip my lessons and make sure you hand in all the work I tell you, and you may survive this term," The man spoke, a smirk forming on his face as once again his eyes fell on the orange haired boy. Ichigo…the name suited him he thought.

The door slid open at that point and a flushed boy ran in, looking embarrassed by the fact he was late.

"I'm sorry, Sir I…" The boy stammered and Grimmjow turned and fixed him with a steely glare. The teen froze up, his eyes widening a little. Grimmjow stood and turned picking up a piece of chalk and began to write out some Math problems.

"I don't wanna hear it. Sit down, shut up and pretend like you give a shit about Math," Grimmjow stated. He could practically feel the horrified stares of the teenagers at his back and smirked a little.

He wouldn't have any problems with this class.

That's chapter one! It's a little short but thats because the main story all starts after this meeting! Chapter two should be out soon…even though my muse has abandoned me. Kubo BRING GRIMM BACK!!! He hasn't been in it for ages!! There won't be smut for a while I warn you all. It'll be slow. So it's not just like – wham, bam, thank you ma'am. You know?

Sigh. Well I'm back from holiday now. Expect chapters once every two weeks, I doubt I'll have time to do more than that!

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