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Chapter 13: "And you had no problems having sex with the mentally ill?"

"Jesus Rukia! What the fuck? Put the fucking gun down!" Grimmjow shouted his eyes wide as he stared at the ridiculous scene before him. His ex-fiancée was holding a gun to his boyfriend's head. The height difference alone between the two of them made the whole image comical but the more he stared at it the funnier the moment was. It was so over dramatic, like something out of a soap opera and Grimmjow couldn't help the laugh that rose up in his throat at the sight before him.

"Why are you laughing? She's got a fucking gun!" Ichigo yelled his eyes widening in realization at the situation he was in. If he was honest, oddly, he wasn't scared. The idea that the girl would kill him was ludicrous but the cold metal of the gun was sending shivers down his spine and Grimmjow's quiet laugh was pissing him off. The whole situation was pissing him off. A girl half his height with a gun was threatening him. Threatening him over a man Ichigo was pretty sure he couldn't stand half the time.

Ichigo sighed; he couldn't believe he thought he might be in love with the guy who stood laughing at the situation.

"Yes I've got a gun. Now everyone please stop shouting and calm down," Rukia announced, louder than both the other two had been. "Grimmjow, sit down," she continued quietly and Grimmjow growled before sitting down on the chair next to his television, making sure he had both the doorway and Ichigo in plain sight.

"Look you mental bitch…" Grimmjow started before Ichigo cut him off.

"Rukia, look I know you don't want to kill me -," Ichigo began.

"I do want to kill you," she interrupted and Ichigo swallowed before continuing.

"Ok, so Rukia I know you want to kill me, but is that in any way going to get you what you want? What will it accomplish?" Ichigo asked calmly, glaring at Grimmjow as he opened his mouth to comment, "You don't say anything," Ichigo hissed, "Knowing you, you'll say something that'll get my head blown off!" the teen spat and Grimmjow toyed with the idea of telling Ichigo that he wouldn't mind that happening. He didn't however, as the moment just didn't seem right, and he didn't imagine the little joke would go down very well. Maybe he would say it later.

"Of course it will get me what I want. You gone so I can marry him!" She shouted waving the gun around a little but never pointing it away from his head. Ichigo winced; talking had never been one of his strong points so his chances of negotiating his way out of this situation were already almost ruined. He tried to consider if he could make a run for it but the idea of being shot was very unappealing.

"What do you want Rukia?" Grimmjow asked quietly, his eyes flickering solemnly between the two figures. "Ichigo and me not together anymore? Fine. Ichigo we're over. But that's still not going to make me marry you Rukia. Me not marrying you is nothing to do with him." Grimmjow announced. Ichigo closed his eyes. He was right; Grimmjow wasn't reducing his chances of being shot.

Rukia's eyes narrowed and she pushed the gun a little more forcefully against Ichigo's temple.

"You don't mean that. You can't mean that," she declared her hand shaking and tears filling her eyes. A loud bang rang through the apartment and for one horrifying moment Grimmjow thought she had pulled the trigger. The world seemed to slow down and his blood ran cold as he stared at Ichigo waiting for the moment he fell to the ground. The teen had clenched his eyes shut and now tentatively opened them.

"Rukia, put the gun down," A soft voice rang out through the apartment and Grimmjow raised his eyebrows at the two people stood in the doorway.

"Ichigo! Shit!" Cried another very familiar voice and Ichigo shut his eyes again. There was no way that Renji was here to witness this. He went to turn his head in the direction of the voices, but Rukia's attention was fixed firmly back on him again.

"Don't move brother, or I'll shoot him," Rukia announced and Ichigo frowned, confused. He glanced over at Grimmjow who was staring at the two new additions to the scene with intense dislike.

"Byakuya, what the hell?" Grimmjow growled standing up.

"Sit back down!" Rukia shouted, panicked, glancing between Grimmjow and her brother to make sure they followed her commands.

"Rukia, stop it. Marrying Grimmjow will not undo Kaien's death. Just think about this seriously for a moment please!" Byakuya pleaded softly. Ichigo stared helplessly at Grimmjow who looked just as confused as he was now.

"Don't say his name!" She yelled, the tears that she had been holding back before running down her face. "It was you who said I had to leave him and marry Grimmjow why are you trying to stop me from doing it now? If you hadn't he wouldn't be dead!"

"Then point the gun at me Rukia," Byakuya replied, calmly taking a step forward towards the distraught woman, "I was wrong to make you do that Rukia and I'm sorry, but this will not achieve anything and you know it,"

"But at least he won't have died for nothing," Rukia whispered. No one moved for a few moments and Ichigo debated making a run for it now, his whole body screaming at him to move. It was then he noticed the sad looking figure stood behind Grimmjow.

"Would you help me?" The figure asked and Ichigo's jaw dropped a little. Had the ghost not noticed the gun pressed to his head. The ghost gave a sad little smile at his expression. "Tell her I love her, and that she shouldn't do this. Nothing that happened was her fault. I was careless that night but it wasn't because of her. I always loved her. Please,"

Ichigo gritted his teeth for a moment before he decided to speak. His throat was dry and his voice croaked out of him. He never once let his eyes leave the ghosts as he repeated the words the ghost had said to him. The room was silent for a moment after he spoke before Rukia reacted.

"What?" She hissed, her attention focusing solely on Ichigo. He turned his head so the gun was pressed against his forehead right between his eyes. He stared at her tear stricken face as he spoke.

"He was about my height right? Black hair sticking up all over the place and blue eyes with long eyelashes. He's got a tattoo on his arm…" He trailed off, glancing over at the spot just behind Grimmjow where Kaien was leaning against the wall.

"It's the Shiba family crest," The man supplied and Ichigo turned back to Rukia, who was no longer paying attention to him but looking at the spot he had been focused on.

"He says it's the Shiba family crest," Ichigo murmured and Rukia gave a little cry, her gaze never leaving that spot.

"He's really there…" she whispered, her voice breaking on the last word. "Oh god! Kaien I miss you so much! It's all my fault you're gone!" She cried and Ichigo watched the ghost walk towards her, he hovered next to her desperate to touch the girl he'd loved.

"He's right next to you now," Ichigo told her and she dropped the gun spinning away from Ichigo and looking around, desperate. Ichigo didn't move, though relief flooded him that the risk to his life was gone. Within a moment of the gun hitting the floor Byakuya was next to his sister, wrapping his arms around her, while Grimmjow was across the room and picking up the gun, moving it away from the sobbing woman.

"Tell her it's not her fault!" Kaien begged and Ichigo repeated his words. Rukia turned into her brothers embrace her body shaking with the force of her screams. Ichigo glanced up and saw the ghost shake his head sadly. "I love you Rukia," he whispered as he slowly began to fade away. "Don't grieve for me anymore, please,"

His final words hung in the air long after he had vanished and Ichigo glanced down at the distraught girl.

"He's gone, and he wants you to be happy," Ichigo told her. She stared at him wildly, clawing her way out of her brother's arms.

"Where? Where has he gone?" She screamed, grabbing Ichigo's arms. Ichigo gently pulled her hands from him and smiled softly.

"He's moved on, to heaven. He got his message to you, and that was his unfinished business…he's at peace now…" He told her.

It was as if the words removed any strength the girl had left and she fell to the ground, a sad smile on her face as silent tears ran down her face.

"I see…" she whispered, closing her eyes. "Nii-san…take me home please,"

Her brother nodded and picked her up, carrying her from the room. He walked past Renji who had stood, silent and gob smacked throughout the whole episode.

"Close your mouth Renji you look like a fish," Byakuya murmured as he passed the young man on his way to the door. The door closed with a soft bang and the remaining occupants of the room stood in silence for a moment, each one of them staring at the gun on the table before them.

Ichigo was the first to move, dropping down to sit on the sofa, shaking a little as the reality of the ordeal hit him. He could have died. He could have been one of the ghosts he got so pissed off with.

Grimmjow glanced at Ichigo before a scowl crossed his face,

"What the fuck? All of that and the bitch and her twat of a brother waltz off without so much of an apology!?" Grimmjow yelled. The shout seemed to break both Renji and Ichigo out of their separate trances and Ichigo's eyes widened. He'd spoken to a ghost, in front of all of them. The day had just gone from horrific and life threatening to mortifyingly embarrassing in the space of a few moments.

"Why are you even here?" Grimmjow asked suddenly, pointing at Renji as he lit up a cigarette. He needed one after that bloody ordeal. Renji gave a sheepish smile.

"Ah well I was out with Byakuya when one of Rukia's staff rang up and told him what happened. I heard your name's mentioned and so told him where to go and stuff…" Renji informed them. Grimmjow nodded, apparently disinterested now but Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

"Why were you with him?" Ichigo asked and Renji blushed a little before puffing his chest out triumphantly, a huge grin splitting his red face.

"Because he's my boyfriend," Renji announced.

Grimmjow's cigarette fell from his hand as Ichigo chocked on air at the confession.

"After all the bloody stick you gave me!?" Ichigo yelled and Renji shrugged.

"Why did you think I didn't tell you?" Renji sniggered and Ichigo sighed running his hand through his hair.

"Dick," he muttered, his gaze sliding over to Grimmjow who was watching him carefully. Silence returned to the room as Grimmjow stooped to pick up his cigarette.

"Renji, fuck off," Grimmjow announced and Renji, though looking a little shocked at the bluntness of the order, didn't, for the first time in his life, complain at the comment and quietly left, nodding at Ichigo as he left.

"Hey, Ichi…Lets play some video games or something tomorrow yeah?" Renji asked as he left and Ichigo gave a weak smile, pleased that Renji was treating him normally.

"Sure, I'll come over and kick your ass tomorrow," Ichigo promised, ignoring the snigger Renji gave at the comment.

"You wish!" He called before the soft click of the front door signified his departure.

There was silence in the room again save for the soft dripping off a tap somewhere in the apartment. Ichigo glanced up at Grimmjow who was watching him, his fierce blue eyes fixing him to his seat.

"What you saw me do there…" Ichigo began nervously, watching the man's face carefully for any sign of emotion. Grimmjow snorted and stubbed out his cigarette before flopping down on the sofa next to Ichigo, his arm slumped casually over Ichigo's shoulder.

Ichigo tensed for a moment before relaxing, assuming this was the closest he was going to get to a comforting hug from the other man. A soft hand ran through the hairs at the back of his neck and he turned his head to look at Grimmjow.

"I've seen you talking on your own before. To be honest it's a bit of a relief that you were talking to a ghost….I was worried you could be schizophrenic for a while…" Grimmjow muttered.

Ichigo's eyes widened.

"And you had no problems having sex with the mentally ill?" he asked and Grimmjow shrugged,

"Hey, I didn't have any proof that you were!" He defended and Ichigo snorted, leaning back into Grimmjow's touch for a moment or two.

"Were you worried there?" Ichigo asked and Grimmjow paused in his hair stroking for a moment before he continued.

"What the hell do you think?"

Ichigo shrugged and glanced at the uncomfortable looking man.

"And we aren't broken up?" Ichigo asked and Grimmjow narrowed his eyes.

"No we fucking aren't," Grimmjow told him firmly and Ichigo smirked. It was the closest either of them would get to revealing their feelings to each other, but maybe it was better this way.

Grimmjow leant forward suddenly, his tongue finding it's way to trace a gentle path down the outside of Ichigo's ear as he whispered hotly in his ear.

"You know after a life or death situation you should have sex. It reaffirms your existence…or some shit like that,"

"Oh yeah?" Ichigo smiled, turning his head so that Grimmjow could capture his lips in a long intense kiss. "I could do with having it reaffirmed right now," he muttered into Grimmjow's mouth.

"Though, by the time I'm finished with you, you'll think you have died and gone to heaven," Grimmjow promised, smirking as he moved to nip at Ichigo's neck.

"That's so fucking corny," Ichigo whined and Grimmjow tugged sharply at the orange hair in his hands.

"Shut up, you fucking love it Kurosaki," Grimmjow growled, pushing the teen down onto the sofa. Ichigo opened his mouth to reply, but Grimmjow's fingers sliding past the waistband of his jeans distracted him.

They could argue after sex, he decided with a small smile.

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