Here is the sequel to The New Gilmore!! Sorry it's taken so long to write! It's actually about Daisy this time, and is in her POV!! I am addicted to reviews, so please let me know what you think!!

If you don't feel like reading The New Gilmore, Daisy is a girl that Lorelai adopted. There's a lot of other information you should know, so you should probably read it.

Rory and I silently crept down the stairs, trying not to wake our parents up. We were too late, though, because Mom was already sitting at the kitchen table, looking exceedingly perky for a woman who can't function without at least five cups of coffee.

Rory said, "Mom! You didn't have to wake up for us! We said our goodbyes last night!"

It was spring break. Rory and I were going to California, to stay with Jess and his dad's family. I was excited, because Rory and Jess were finally going to start their relationship. Everything that I had been working towards for the past few months was finally going to happen!

Dad came through the kitchen door (I started to call Luke Dad after he married Mom). Rory was actually having a great relationship with Chris, and she finally felt that he was acting like an okay father. He hadn't really talked to Mom after he had finally let go of his pride and let Dad and Mom be together in the hospital. He had been focusing all of his energy on Rory, which was great, because he needed to make up for a lot of missed time.

Anyway, Dad brought us an extremely delicious breakfast. He looked me in the eye, "Don't get into any trouble, Daisy."

I laughed, "Please. Me get into trouble? What about Rory, shouldn't you be telling her to stay out of trouble? She's the one who's going to be alone with her almost-boyfriend."

Luke said simply, "Jess has grown up, and he's not so much trouble anymore."

Mom, who still was trying to get used to the idea of Rory back together with Jess, rolled her eyes, "If you looked up the word trouble in the dictionary, you would find Jess."

Rory, in between cramming bites of pancakes into her mouth, said playfully, "Hey! No arguing during our last meal together."

We joked around some more, and then Dad and Rory started bringing our bags out to Rory's car. I was about to go help them when Mom stopped me.

She said, very seriously, "Daisy, hon, you need to make sure that you have some fun out there. It's California, and it's full of great surfer boys. I've been worried about you, you never seem to want to go out with guys anymore."

I tried to defend myself, "I must have, um, not gotten over Bryan yet."

She shook her head, "You never really liked Bryan. Haley made you go out with him."

I replied, "I liked Bryan. We got along. He was a good kisser."

She rolled her eyes, "I bet that Dean was a good kisser too, yet you never showed any interest in going out with him. Listen, Daisy, for the past few months you've been preoccupied with Rory and my relationships. Well, that's really sweet of you, hon, but everything's okay now. I'm with Luke, and I know how happy it makes you that Rory and Jess are together. We're fine, so you need to focus on yourself. Go wild, and have a great time."

I sighed, "I guess I'll try. It's just that the guys here are all so boring."

Mom laughed, "Did you hear me say hot California surfer guys? You'll be fine, Daisy."

I hugged her, "Thanks, Mom. I'll keep you posted."

She said, "You need to call me at least ten times a day, alright?"

I smiled, "Don't worry, I will."

She told me, "This is actually hard for me. Do you realize that ever since I adopted you, this is the first time we've been apart? And then next year, you're going to UConn, and it's going to be just like it was with Rory all over again."

We hugged again. I promised her, "Don't worry, I'll come back!"

She winked at me, "Though I will be missing you, I will get to have plenty of alone time with Luke."

I rolled my eyes, "Have fun, Mom."

"You too! Love ya, kiddo!"

I got into the car, and looked at Rory. I smiled at her, "Are you excited to get to start things up with Jess?"

She squirmed a little in her seat, "I'm not sure if we are going to start anything up. We didn't really work out when we lived two feet from each other, so I'm not sure if we could be separated by a whole country. We will be together for the two weeks we're staying though, so that should make you happy."

I thought about what Mom had said to me, that my life shouldn't be dependent on her and Rory's relationships. I replied, "I wouldn't be mad at you if you and Jess decided not to be together. I just think that it's something you can do, if you work hard enough at it. Besides, I know the two of you have been talking a lot, and you're over Logan, right?"

She froze at that question, and then answered very quickly, "Yes, of course I am. I haven't seen him since he left the hospital, why wouldn't I be over him?"

I shrugged, "That's the only reason I can think of that would separate you and Jess."

Rory said, "Then I guess Jess and I will work out. I promise to be a better girlfriend then I've ever been if you promise to have a good time."

I groaned, "Mom talked to you, didn't she?"

"I technically am your guardian on this trip, and I intend to make sure you have some fun."

I rolled my eyes, "I promise to have some fun, but that doesn't necessarily include guys."

Rory smiled, "Who said it does? You also need to tell me when I'm being a bad girlfriend."

"How could you be a bad girlfriend?"

She said, "Let's see, I treated Dean like crap, I've broken Jess's heart many times, and I left Logan when he basically asked me to marry him. I don't think that I've ever been a good girlfriend."

I wanted to reassure her that she wasn't a heartbreaker when we pulled up to the airport. I smiled at her, "Don't worry about that. We're here!!"

"We're going to California!"

I helped her carry our luggage into the airport. I was thinking about whether I could actually fall in love. I was also hoping that Rory was over Logan, because by the way she had answered my question, it seemed like she wasn't. I really hoped that both of us could get our perfect California romance.