Sorry that it took so long to update-I've been mainly focusing on The Life Of Emily. I'm not sure how much effort I will be putting into this story over the summer. This might be the last chapter that I will post in a while.

As soon as we left Jess's house, I realized that I couldn't get into any of the clubs. When I mentioned this to Haley, she rolled her eyes, and said, "Daisy, I've been doing this for years. Haven't you ever heard of fake ID's?"

I wasn't too excited about doing something illegal to get into the club, but I kept my mouth shut. After all, I was on spring break and in California. We entered the club without a glitch. Haley grabbed my hand, and we hit the floor. I wasn't that great of a dancer, but I still ended up having a pretty good time. I noticed that Louise and Logan were sitting at the bar, drinking margaritas and talking. I really hoped that they would hit it off because it would make Rory's life so much easier.

Suddenly, a pair of hands appeared on my waist. I flinched, but when Haley shot me a look, I decided that I would dance with this random guy. After all, she was grinding with about five of them at once.

I glanced up at him, "So is it a habit of yours to just start dancing with random girls before introducing yourself?"

He smirked. He was pretty cute, but I wasn't quite sure if he was my type. He murmured into my ear, "Only the irresistibly cute ones."

I rolled my eyes, knowing that that was a line that he had fed to everyone. It was just one dance, so I didn't worry about it. I knew that I could get away from this sleazeball any time I wanted to.

Once the song ended, I walked over to Louise and Logan. They looked like they didn't want to be disturbed, so I sat down on a stool. Soon enough, the random guy walked back over to me. He said, "I'm Paul. What's your name?"

I responded, "Allegra."

He leaned closer, "That's a very beautiful name."

I rolled my eyes, "No, it's not. It's an allergy medicine." I had gotten so used to the name Daisy now that I didn't even want to use the name Allegra anymore. It reminded me too much of my mother, Melissa. However, I wasn't about to tell this guy that my name was Daisy.

He said, "Drinks are on me tonight."

I was about to blurt out that I couldn't drink, when Haley popped her head around with a devilish grin, "Daisy'll love that."

He smirked again, which was getting to be kind of annoying, but it was pretty hot at the same time, "Daisy?"

I replied, "Don't listen to her. She's delusional."

We chatted for a few more minutes. I managed to avoid drinking. I knew that Melissa got drunk off of one drink easily, so I wasn't taking any chances. I usually did whatever I could to not act like her, which was why I so rarely went out partying and to clubs. I was having a good time despite myself. Paul and I danced some more, and then we sat down in the back of the club. While we were dancing, I had thought about Mom's advice to me, about how I should go wild. I figured that Paul was just some random guy at this club that I would never see again, so when he leaned towards me, I didn't even hesitate.

Kissing Paul was exhilarating. It was so different from cautious Bryan who I'd never even been than attracted to in the first place. Mom had been right. I needed this vacation, badly. When we eventually stopped making out, I figured that he would find another girl to dance with, and that we would go our separate ways.

Instead, we talked about our lives, and where we were from. He was a born and bred Californian, and had lived in L.A. his whole life. I guess that that counts as the surfer guy Mom wanted me to find. After we had learned more about each other, we continued making out until Haley tapped me on the shoulder, and told me we were leaving. We exchanged numbers. I was really surprised. I had thought that boys that you met in clubs were only interested in one night stands. I guessed that I was wrong in that case.

The next morning, Haley and Louise left to continue the rest of their partying adventure through L.A., and Logan had stayed at a hotel. At breakfast that morning, Rory asked me how the club was.

I responded, "It was actually a lot of fun. I met this guy."

Jess said, in a flat voice "Really."

I smiled at him, "What, you don't want to see me with boys?"

He replied, "I wanted to kill that Bryan jerk when you were going out with him."

Rory grinned at him, and the said, "That's really great. Mom's going to be thrilled. Do you have his number?"

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper. Rory grabbed it from me, and read it, "Paul Calloway. So, are you going to call him?"

Jake, who I had forgotten was even at the table, said, "Paul Calloway?"

I glanced at him, "What does it matter to you?"

He shrugged, "Nothing. He goes to my school and is a jerk, that's all."

I said, "Well, he seemed to be really nice. He probably thinks that you're a jerk."

Rory shot me a look that clearly said to play nicely. I didn't care, though.

Jake replied, "I didn't say that you shouldn't go out with him. I just don't think that you'll stay together long."

Rory asked, "Why not?"

Jake said, "Well, Daisy's not exactly like his other girls that he meets at clubs."

I was getting pretty annoyed at him again, "What's that supposed to mean?"

He looked uncomfortable, "Well, you know, blonde girls from L.A. who think nothing of spending their nights with a different guy every day. Girls like your friends that came over."

That made me really angry, "So you didn't think that he would like me because I'm not blonde? And don't you dare classify Louise and Haley in that category. They might act like it, but they're actually smarter than that."

Rory tried to appease things, "I think that Jake just doesn't want to see you in that one night stand category."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever. Paul's not like that." I needed to distract her, "So, guess who hit it off last night? Louise and Logan."

She was silent for a moment, and then said, "Well, that's nice. Good for them."

I said, "Well, they didn't do anything, but they were talking the whole time."

Rory shrugged, "It's probably because Logan didn't want you to see him doing what he usually does in clubs."

We finished breakfast. I had a lot on my mind. I really wanted to call Paul. I wasn't a bit worried about what Jake said, because I knew that he wanted to do whatever he could to hurt me. I was also worried about Rory, and wondered what she would do if Logan and Louise did actually get together.