Title : Full Moon

Author : CherryWolf713

Summary : My slightly AU version of 'New Moon'. Basically, this is what I think would have happened if Edward had came back on his own.

Pairing : Edward/Bella, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett, etc.

Status : WIP

Disclaimer : I'm just borrowing them and I promise to eventually give them back…

A/N : Yeah…no excuse's for my year-long absence…this chapter has been a long time coming, so here it is

Chapter 12 - Confrontations

I slowed to a stop when I was within a few feet of the black motorcycle, my eyes wide with confusion and joy. "Jake? What-" I gasped with surprise and shock when he suddenly snatched me up off the ground, his large arms nearly squishing all the air out of my lungs. As it was, the force knocked my bag out of my hand, flinging it a good 15 or so feet away.

"Are you ok?" Before I could answer he sat me back down, ignoring my huge intake of air and disgruntled look from being squashed. "Why didn't you call me?" he demanded, his tone hard now.

"Call?" I questioned. Hadn't I just talked to him the day before? Plus, I was sort of under the impression that he wouldn't have enjoyed a call from me quite yet, what with my choosing Edward over him and, with them back, it was obvious who he thought my allegiance fell with.

"Bella," Jacob scolded - scolded! - placing his hands on my shoulders and bending down, putting his face right in front of mine. I bristled at his tone but was ignored, making my ire build even further. "Where you even going to tell me? I had to go by your place to find out!"

I was dying to let loose with a mouthful of information on just how much I appreciated his tone when I fell short, my mind trying to catch up with his words. He knew; he knew me and Charlie were fighting and I had moved out. I couldn't hide my grimace and Jacob's face hardened even more. Crap, I thought glumly. This moment had been trickling in the back of mind, like a faucet someone forgot to turn off all the way. Each drop whispered to me, almost guiltily, how am I gonna tell Jacob?

Logically, it shouldn't be this hard. We were both teenagers, the same age - give or take a few years, that is, though he looked much older than me now…stupid genetically-superior werewolf. Fighting with our parents is kinda what we do; it's almost required. Plus, me and Jacob both were the ones to patronize our dads - in a way, we ran the household while Charlie and Billy worked around us. So of course he would buck up too if Billy tried to suddenly lay down the law about something or someone he cared about. He would understand all that, I was sure of it. The snag was, though, when it came down to who Charlie was against me seeing. And, unfortunately, Jacob was fully on my Dad's side.

"You went by Charlie's?" I asked finally.

"I was looking for you."

"Jacob," I started, taking in a deep breath. Best to just face his anger and get it over it. I wasn't sorry for my actions exactly, but I was upset over the hurt it was causing. But I wasn't going back to my Dad's till he saw reason. "I'm so sorry-"

"You should be," he interrupted, letting my shoulders go to run his hands through his hair.

"I woulda called you Jake, I would have," I rushed to comfort him. "But I figured you were still mad at me…"

"Being mad at you is different than not caring that you were in danger!" Jacob flung at me. Something in his tone lead me to believe that he was hurt by my actions, like I had somehow made this big mess even worse. Great, just great.


"Oh, I see," he sneered suddenly, cutting me off and turning to pace a few feet away from me before spinning back around. "Now that the leech is back you don't need us lowly werewolves, your friends."

"That's not fair…" I argued faintly, looking downward. Was that how it looked from the pack's point of view? Did they all hate me now for staying with Edward and his family? Would I be considered some kind of traitor? It hurt me to think they all just assumed I would turn my back on them like that.

"After all the tracking we did to find the monster and you don't tell us?"

I looked back up, perplexed by his words. "Wait-tracking?" I could feel my face scrunch up with confusion. What did them hunting Victoria have to do with me and Edward living together?

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Did you really think I wouldn't smell them? You're whole property reeks of the bloodsucker…"

"Jake…you knew Edward and Alice were at the house," I told him slowly, wondering it his shifting was starting to mess with his memory.

"No shit, Sherlock," Jacob tossed out, earning a quick look from me due to the cussing.

"Then what are you talking about?" I demanded, my tone hardening like his was. I was thoroughly confused now. "if you're not here to chew me out over Edward, then I'm lost!"

"I'm talking about the other vamp's scent all over your yard Bella."

I reared back automatically, floored by his words. Other Vamp?

I swallowed deeply, but my voice was still dry when I asked, "One of the Cullen's? Maybe one of them ran past there for some reason."

But Jacob was shaking his head no before I had even finished the sentence. "No, it was the redhead."

Victoria. My worst nightmare…

"What?" I mouthed, my fear suddenly skyrocketing. I could feel my breath starting to came in smaller gasps, my ears starting to ring. She was there, at the house while I was off with Edward and Charlie was alone. Close; she had been so close, too close. And I had no clue.

"Where's my Dad?" I suddenly asked, reaching out to grab Jacob's arm. I hadn't talked to him since the other morning, since our huge explosion. Who knew what could have happened in between that time and now.

He eyed my face then my hand before saying, "He's at work…"

"Are you sure? We have to check, we have to make sure!" I nearly screeched, my words running over each other.

"You didn't know she was there?"

"No! we have to make sure he's ok!" My voice had risen even more and I could feel the panic start to take over. Blind fear lead me forward, my feet crunching the gravel as I raced toward the road. I had yelled at Charlie, screamed and threw a fit before running off. Those couldn't be our last words. If I never got to see him again, to set things right and apologize…I couldn't let that happen.

"Bella," Jacob said, grabbing me around the waist.

"I have to check on Charlie," I argued.

"Just wait a second!" he implored, using his free hand to pull a cell out of his pocket. It looked ridiculously small in his large hands as he quickly dialed before placing it against his ear. "Hey. Yeah, I found her. Charlie?" He caught my eyes. "He's at work."

I felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders. I fell still in Jacob's hold, trying to calm my breathing down and relax my muscles. Charlie was ok. He was at work and still oblivious to my horror. As long as that stayed constant I could deal; we would get the chance to reconcile, to patch everything up.

Maybe it was cause I had stopped fighting or maybe it was cause I was actually thinking of something else other than Charlie's safety, but I could suddenly feel the tension in Jacob's arms; I could feel how tight he was pressing me to his side, how closely he was keeping me.

"I know," Jacob nearly growled into the phone, his voice low. I looked up at his face just as he was shutting the cell, catching the hostile gleam there before he shut it down, pushing the emotion away.

"Sam?" I asked.

He nodded. "I called the pack as soon as I smelt it."

It was my turn to nod. My mind was a jumble of conflicting emotions and thoughts. Pure happiness at being reunited with Edward, sadness from mine and Charlie's fight, nervousness over the future of me and Jacob's friendship, and a sudden stark-white terror brought on by Victoria's re-appearance. The one bright spot in that was Charlie's safety. With that knowledge I could step back a few feet from the situation and look at it from a emotionless standpoint. Victoria's main target wasn't at the house. She obviously wasn't interested in using Charlie as a lure, unlike James had.

"It doesn't make sense.." I said to myself. What was the point? She didn't gain anything from the excursion, except maybe information. I paused at that thought, pretty sure I had hit the mark. Victoria was well aware of the Cullen's. Who and what they were, how deadly they could be; it was Emmett and Jasper who had finished off her lover, after all. She saw how intent Edward was about protecting me, would know he'd kill to keep me safe.

Edward's smell was all over my house. And not even just his, but Alice's too; Not to mention Jacob's and his pack. Did she even make it into the house before she fled? All those smells must have made for a very big confrontation in her head. Would she think it was worth it to push her luck, to try and get inside for a closer look…

"I need to check the house," I said finally, squirming to be free. "Let me go." Jacob obliged and I started fast-walking toward the road, holstering my bag up on my shoulder when I reached it, not wasting any time.

"You're going walk? Where's your truck?"

"Edward's," I answered without looking back. His motorcycle cranked after that, the sound not drawing my attention as I set out on my hike. More than ever I was regretting to decision to let Alice have her way that morning. Didn't she see that I was going to need my sneakers?

I froze, my bag slipping from my fingers. Alice… How did she not see all this? Victoria had been much too close for comfort. How could her visions let this slip through when she saw the most mundane things like me slipping on ketchup in the cafeteria?

"Hop on," Jacob said, stopping by my side a second later. When I didn't answer him he put kickstand down and jumped off, seeing my blank face. "Bells?"

"She didn't see her at my house. How it that possible?"

"What are you talking about?"

I ignored his question, instead focusing on him himself, another thought bursting into my head. "You…you didn't see you the other morning either. It was a huge surprise."

I could see the realization dawn in his eyes. "The freaky future-serer leech? She can't see me?"He smirked. "Awesome."

I huffed. "Think about it Jacob. Alice didn't see Victoria at Charlie's. She didn't see any of it." I could suddenly understand Alice's sourness from being 'blind' around Jacob. The idea of not being able to see Victoria's next move was almost paralyzing.

It also didn't help that since Alice couldn't see Jacob, she probably couldn't see the other werewolves. And since, as far as I knew, werewolves were the only thing she couldn't see, the only things able to make the future/present of those nearby to also disappear, well…the calculations in my head were not very pleasant to be thinking.

I guess the stress was showing on my face cause Jacob tried to reassure me. "Hey, it'll be ok. We made it through the last few months without any hints at what was coming."

I took in a deep breath, forcing the dark thoughts about Jacob's pack out of my head. They were the good guys, after all. They'd spent these last few months keeping me safe from the vamps. Why would they suddenly up and start working with them?

"Come on, lets get you home."

I paused, thinking back to Jacob's anger after talking on the cell with Sam. "Don't you have to get back to La Push?"

Jacob shrugged casually. "They can survive a little bit longer without me."

I relented and climbed on the bike behind him, my mind preoccupied with other things. Any other time I would have enjoyed the ride but my nerves ruined the moment, the fear and doubts clouding my mind. In almost no time we pulled up in front of the house. I stiffly climbed down, my eyes roaming the property for even the smallest difference. I saw none.

It was a long-shot, I knew, but I still couldn't stop myself from asking, "are you sure the smell didn't come from one of the Cullen's?"

Jacob sighed, seeming disgruntled at having to explain it all to me. "Like I don't know that damn vamp's scent after all this time; been tracking her for weeks now. Besides," he added, his tone turning getting even more irritated, "all of the Brady-bunch bloodsuckers smell similar. From living together or something, I guess."

The way he said made me think he wanted to use a different word than 'living'. I took that in, my mind going over it all. It made sense. Everyone's house had a different smell and those smells wore their way into your clothes, your hair; hell, even what you ate made a difference. And since all the Cullen's were 'vegetarians', well, that would make them smell even more alike, wouldn't it?

"I don't know if she made it inside…"

Jacob's words hit me and I blinked, coming back from my inner musings. I could see it, I could picture Victoria at the end of my fathers bed, her wild flowing hair a flaming halo around her pale face, her red eyes gleaming, lips twisted back…

I slammed my eyes shut, trying to dispel the horrid thought. "No…she couldn't have…Alice woulda seen that, at least…"

Jacob snorted. I opened my eyes back up and sent him a look before finally starting to walk forward. When I reached the steps Jacob bounded up them before me, holding his hand out for the key. I gave it over, trusting his eyes and nose to go first. The door creaked open and he paused, turning to toss me a look.

"Gimme a second, ok?"

"You think she's…" I trailed off, looking into the house. The hallway seemed darker than usually, almost menacing. Just the thought of her being in there turned my whole home into something sinister and twisted.

Instead of assuring me that I was safe like Edward would have, Jacob just shrugged. "She wouldn't be out here," he pointed out with a glance at the sun drenched lawn.

I consented and watched his back disappear into the door, his footsteps not making a sound. A couple beats went by before I blinked, turning to look away from the empty doorway, a shiver making it's way down my spine. I paced the length of the porch twice before the shade got to me - I needed to be in the sun; Victoria wouldn't be out in the light, Jacob had pointed out. So, ergo, in my head anyway, the sun was safer. Of course, I knew deep down that sunlight didn't actually hurt vampires but my brain was working in weird and convoluted ways today.

I clambered down the steps, stopping when I reached the grass and bright sunlight. I took in a deep, relaxing breath, feeling slightly better. But the light was fleeting, I knew it would eventually go away. There was only one thing that truly meant safety to me these days : Edward.

I searched all my pockets but none held the small silver cell. I could feel the anxiety and terror swelling inside me once more, my breath quickening as I tried to remember where the phone was. The need to hear his velvety voice burned within me and I started to pace, trying to calm the raging emotions inside me that had suddenly flared up. I stopped to turn around a few feet away from the edge of the woods bordering the yard when I suddenly glanced up, freezing in my tracks. There, dug into the bark of a tree were 4 long marks.

"All clear." Jacob's voice called from the porch behind me but I ignored him, my gaze focused as I slowly crossed the space between myself and the tree.


Jacob reached me just as I got beside the tree, his hand snagging my wrist, yanking me back before I got too close. But he was too late, I could already see what had made those marks. I was sure my hand, were it made of stone and claws, would have matched up.

"She was standing here…"

Jacob growled, his body shaking as he looked up at the house. I followed his sight and saw my bedroom window, clearly the center of this view. But Jacob wasn't aware that I hadn't been there last night, that she hadn't see anything this time.

"How fresh is this scent?" I whispered.

"Couple hours," he stated, his nose wrinkling. "She's probably gone by now…"

I nodded, taking that in. My eyes couldn't help but to venture back to the woods, probing to see anything at all. How many times had she stood here, watching me? Listening to myself and Charlie inside those walls? Those flimsy walls that would never have kept her out had she wanted to get inside…

"Did she head for the water again?"

I could hear the frustration in his voice when Jacob answered, "I don't know. Sam said she didn't cross back onto our land…" Another growl erupted from his chest then, his arms quivering as he explained, "with your leeches back, this is outta our hands. I've been ordered to back down and not track her till she crosses back onto our side."

"Do you want to follow her scent?"

He glowered at me. "I want to rip her to shreds for ever even thinking of harming you."

I couldn't control myself from swallowing, his words sending a shiver down my spine. His wolf was close to the surface, I could see it in his stance, the way he was hunched slightly, his muscles tensing. Charlie was at work, not in harms way and oblivious to his visitor. Edward, my safe haven, was not in town and unreachable since I couldn't find the cell he had given me. But Jacob was here.

And Jacob wanted to go into the woods after Victoria, my worst nightmare.

It didn't take me long to make the decision; I would rather follow him into those dark trees than stand another second here by myself.

"Then lets go." I grabbed his hand and braced my back, intending to pull him forward but he didn't budge. "You're already here, what could walking a few feet in there matter?" I argued, wanting to get started before my resolved fell.

His look was disbelieving. "You wanna go in there after her?"

I tried to keep the quiver out of my voice when I spoke but I failed. "I wanna be where you are."

Jacob sighed deeply and let go of my hand, taking a step back. He eyed me for a couple of moments before admitting, his voice hesitant, "I could track her better in my wolf form."

When he didn't say anything else, I asked, pushing the words past my lips, "are you asking my permission?"

He knew as well as I did how I had reacted that first time in the meadow to seeing the pack. I like to think I handled myself better the second time around but that would be a lie - I had been thrown then also. But, I reasoned with myself, it was just Jacob and me here today. My Jacob, who wanted nothing more than to protect me.

He was still looking my way so I nodded faintly, giving him the go ahead. After a look around to check on the neighbors, Jacob started to pull his shirt up over his head and my eyes bugged, getting a good look at his very defined chest and shoulders.

I spun around so fast I nearly fell over in my haste. I could hear his slight chuckle and crossed my arms, cursing him in my head. I tapped my foot a few times and was about to call out for him when I could suddenly feel hot air at my neck, ruffling my hair. My entire body froze on instinct. It's just Jacob, I told myself, trying to relax my stance and face, trying to calm down my beating heart. There was no sound when the huge mass moved, all four paws silent and agile as he passed by and headed into the woods.

He stopped to turn then, his eyes looking into my face and I released the breath I had been holding. Jacob's warm eyes stared out of the beasts face, worried and impatient all at once. He huffed then, the sound seeming so out of place for the overly large wolf but so, so Jacob that I couldn't help the eye roll I gave back. But the distraction worked and I was able to move forward, to follow him down the small path that lead deeper into the woods. My fear aside, I was able to admit that Jacob as a wolf was beautiful and fierce. The bulky mass should have been clumsy or even loud but he moved silently, almost as stealth as Edward in some ways.

I smiled faintly, knowing Jacob would hate that comparison.

I stayed at his side for a few minutes before my shoes were just too much. Every stump I tripped on, every twig I broke earned me a look from Jacob. When I nearly face planted over a root I huffed myself, reaching down to yank off Alice's forced footwear. I wanted to toss the evil things into the trees but I knew better - Alice would not be pleased. With the shoes hanging from my fingers, I turned back to start ahead once more but Jacob was eyeing me again. He looked first at my feet then back up at my face, a question in his eyes.

"What? You go bare foot all the time," I stated. When he just continued to just eye me I crossed my arms, tossing out, "it's either this or I break my neck!" I felt slightly ticked off when his huge eyes rolled around, clearly making fun of me. Annoyed, I sent him a haughty look and walked ahead, my shoes still in my hands.

But it proved to be a bad decision. The ground was hard, really hard and really cold. Within a few seconds my toes were frozen and my poor soles were in agony. My eyes were lingering on the evil heels in my hands, contemplating if it was worth it to put them back on when suddenly Jacob's nose was between my knees, his shoulders right behind me.

"Jacob," I screamed, quickly dodging away from him, the pain in my feet forgotten in my outrage over his actions. I spun, fire spitting in my eyes, to see him flat on his stomach on the ground. He was as low as he could go and barked, tipping his head back toward his back before giving me a look. I eyed his broad, strong back and paused, slowly realizing his actions.

"You want me to ride on your back?" I asked, my voice shocked. He barked again and I took that for a yes. The cold was still seeping into my frozen feet as I stood, there contemplating his offer. Finally I gave in and slowly made my way over to his side, muttering under my breath about his manners and where to not put his nose.

Even with his belly on the ground, Jacob was still massively tall and I had to climb up onto his back, my hands searching for some hold in his fur. But he was warm and I clung to him as he stood back up. He smelled of trees and nature, the beach and forest all at once. Heat found its way back into my feet and I relaxed after awhile, my guard down as I watched the scenery. Jacob too was more calm and I wondered if he had relaxed cause I did or if Victoria's trail had worn off.

Of course, the thought of her name was all it took to put my walls back up and I tensed slightly, asking the hulking mass below me, "do you still smell her?"

Jacob grumbled and I took that as a yes also. We walked on a few more feet till he suddenly froze, his head jerking to the right. My body tensed as his did, my eyes turning to see what he was seeing but I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. The growl started low in his chest but it built quickly, turning ferocious and deadly. Terror, from his growl or the unknown in the forest, I wasn't sure, gripped me and I loosened my hold on his fur, setting up some.

Suddenly Jacob spun around, sensing something on the trail behind us. But I wasn't prepared for the action. My hands lost the little grip they had left and I fell, tumbling from the wolf's tall back to the hard ground below. The wind was instantly and painfully forced from my lungs and the hand I had thrown out to try and catch myself with failed, not being able to bear my weight and force from the fall.

I laid there dazed, not sure if I had heard a crack or not, but I wasn't given much more than half a second to digest this before Jacob was suddenly over me, his large form protecting me whatever was out there.

He roared again, his monstrous paws digging into the earth to grab traction. An answering growl came from back down the path while a hiss and snarl came from another entirely different direction, somewhere from up ahead of the path. There were two of them I realized, and we were trapped in between.

Jacob turned slightly then, trying to keep both directions covered while still hovering over me. Cold terror snaked through my whole body as I laid helpless on the frozen ground. Another snarl came from the tress and I gasped. They were close, too close…

Move, I ordered myself in my head, my brain kick starting. Forgetting the pain in my wrist and hand, I kicked myself backwards and dug with my good arm, crawling on my back to get out from under Jacob. I found my feet somehow and stood, my eyes darting for an escape route, but it was futile. Even if I did try and run, I was shoeless and a helpless klutz; I wouldn't get far. A deadly hiss came from my right and I gasped, throwing myself back against a tree in sheer fright.

Jacob backed up to me then, his body shielding me. I dug my good hand into his fur and held on, too scared to let go even though I knew he was preparing to fight to protect me. I couldn't see much past his hulking form but I could feel his muscles tense, alerting me to the fact that whatever was out there had stepped into his line of sight.

Maybe it was morbid curiosity, but I couldn't not look and see what was waiting on the other side of my protector. A slight step to the left would put me in it's eyesight. I knew Jacob would be furious with me but I had to; the unknown was too much to bare. I slowly moved to the side, my eyes wide and tearful as I looked upon my nightmare.

I gasped as they met my eyes and Jacob, seeing that as a threat roared, prepared to lunge.

"No!" I screamed, stumbling on my bare feet to grab more of his fur. "Stop Jacob!"

For once luck was on my side and I moved quickly, darting in front of his large form and blocking his lunge. Jacob pulled up short, snarling in rage. Strong, hard arms snatched me up then, their speed making it seem like I was flying away from Jacob. I was suddenly a good 30 feet away from the werewolf and I spun in the arms around me, pleading with the familiar eyes of my captor.

"Stop, don't fight with him!"

Jasper Cullen, his lips pulled back into a hiss, glanced briefly at me before looking back at Jacob, who had been intercepted by Jasper's companion, his brother.

Emmett Cullen, still as large as ever, growled low in his throat at Jacob, his body crouched and ready to spring, his hands out like claws. Instantly I was fearful for my friend, knowing how powerful and lethal Edward's brother could be.

"No, Emmett," I wailed, "he was just protecting me!" I pulled against Jasper's arms but they were made of stone, not giving an inch. "Leave him alone!" Shock seemed to flow between both vampire's and I took advantage of it, adding, "he's my friend! It's Jacob!"

Emmett, having heard the desperation in my voice, took a few steps back from Jacob, who was still growling and showing his teeth. Emmett hissed back, his stance all predator again, but he didn't move forward, much to my relief.

"Jacob," I started, trying to walk back over to him but Jasper held strong, my good arm still in his grasp. I yanked again and got a few feet before I was halted again. "Jacob calm down, it's ok," I pleaded, trying to make him see reason.

"He isn't in control," Jasper said. Jacob, having heard him, snarled in his direction and Jasper stiffened, looking like he wanted to pull me back again but I fought it, trying to go toward the wolf instead.

"Everyone calm down," I ordered, trying to gain some control. "This is just a big misunderstanding. We can all get along!" Growls and hisses assaulted me from all sides, nearly making me want to growl and hiss myself in frustration. I tried to walk forward again but got more resistance and I snapped, turning to fling at Jasper, "let me go!"

He relented, more in shock than in acceptance, and I went to Jacob, only stopping a few feet away cause Emmett was there in between us, his protective stance not as severe as before but still alert. I ignored the vampire, focusing instead on Jacob.

"Jake…shift back, it's ok…we're safe…"

He didn't shift. Instead he fixed me with the most intense stare of betrayal and anger before turning and tearing off into the forest, his roar echoing through the trees.


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