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The lyrics are First Date by Blink 182

"In the car I just can't wait to pick you up on our very first date. Is it cool if I hold your hand? Is it wrong if I think it's lame to dance? Do you like my stupid hair?" I was strumming my guitar and singing the song I wrote about Adam. It's been two months since I was changed and we were finally going out on our first date.

" Ya, I do like your stupid hair." I jumped when I felt Adams arms wrap around me.

" I like your hair too." I leaned against his cold hard abs as we watched the sun set on the top of Shannon's roof.

" How are you feeling today? Matt told me you had a bad day yesterday." Adam looked serious as he ran his fingers threw my hair.

" I just feel a little sick..I didn't mean too...I hope Shanny knows I'm sorry." I was a little hungry yesterday and I kinda jumped Shannon..It wasn't the best thing to do because he still has nightmare about what happened to me.

" Shannon will be okay. Atleast Matt was there. Next time I'll take you with me when I go to visit Christian. You'll like the guy he lives with. You two have the same personalities. Your both pretty crazy. So what are we going to do tonight butterfly?" Everytime Adam calls me butterfly I can't help but shiver.

" Well...When we came back here I went to the library and got this book called Twilight and I thought we could try well...biting animals because I don't think I could ever bite a human...We can go and see a movie before."

" Okay babe. Let's go and tell Matt and Shan we are going. I love you. Your always going to be my delicate butterfly." I smiled at the blonde when he laced his pale fingers in mine.

" Okay I'll just go in. Matt was have a nap so I'll just wake him up." I opened the door of my older brothers room. " Matty,me and Adam are..." Matt wasn't sleeping and Shannon was in his room. Matt had Shannon pushed up against the wall. Shannon's legs were wrapped tightly around Matt's waist...They were just in their boxers...

" Oh Fuck!" I shouted covering my eyes. Matt and Shannon were...Screwing around. I heard Adam laughing behind me as I rolled on the ground in horror.

" My brother and my best friend..Of my fucking god, Ewwww!" I cried.

" Um..Jeff...I thought you guys left..." Shannon stammered.

" You and Matt..The horror...The horror."

" Um...Ya...Do you care?" Matt asked pulling me up off the floor. I paused thinking. Do I care about them together..Ya Shanny was my ex-boyfriend and Matt was my brother...

" No, I really don't care. Have fun. Adam and I are going to a movie. I love you Matty. I love you Shanny. bye guys." I skipped out of the room grabbing Adam's hand.

" Let's go out for some "drinks" Adam. I'm glad I'm with you. I always loved you."

" I will always love you. Come on lets go and have some fun." Adam kissed me softly on the lips as he started to walk to his car. My life is finally starting to make sense. Even after all the shit I've been through I wouldn't change it for the world.

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