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I'm addicted to that song and it scares me.

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Chapter One

"Are you guys ready to rock?" Nick Jonas screamed out to the audience, as he played a few strums on his guitar at a concert. The crowd erupted in screams and shouts as 'Inserperable' began playing. The crowd began jumping up and down, in time with the music, Joe doing the same, Nick's amp began to get louder and louder.

"Everybody jump and screaming as loud as you guys can!" Kevin screamed, doing the exact same. The crowd began jumping, the amp getting louder. Suddenly the crowd began screaming, in a different way than normal. Nick's eyebrow furrowed, but turned his attention to what everyone was screaming and pointing at. His mouth opened slightly.

"My amps on fire!" He screamed, letting go of his guitar. The fire bell suddenly began echoing throughout the concerts hall, and everyone began moving towards the fire exit. Nick looked at his two brothers, who were looking frantic. He tried to stay as calm as he could.

"What are we going to do?" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Joe and Kevin looked at him, still frantic.

"Get out of the building?" Joe suggested, shrugging his shoulders and looking a calm.

"How can you be calm?" Kevin screamed at Joe, "Were about to die!"

"Were about to die?" Joe started looking frantic, "How?"

"The amps on stage." Nick said.

"Oh…" Joe suddenly panicked, "We gotta get off stage! Were's John, Greg and Jack?"

"They were off-stage!" Kevin started panicking, a lot. "We need to get off-stage!" Nick looked around the stage area.

"Everywere's blocked!" He shouted. Now nearly everyone was out of the building, no one even noticing Kevin, Joe and Nick. And they were meant to be the stars of the show

"Help!" They suddenly heard a shout, but they ignored it.

"What are we going to do?" Nick wailed. "Oh. My. Gosh. Were. Going. To. Die. I'm only 15! 15 year olds aren't meant to die!"

"Nick, stay calm. We won't die." Kevin tried reassuring his brother, and himself. Nick gulped, nodding his head. Suddenly he began shaking it again.

"Were going to die!" He screamed, collapsing into Kevin's arms. Kevin sighed. He looked at Joe, who was looking frantically around for an exit.

"Nick. Were not going to die!" Joe screamed, still looking around, "We are not going to die! I will not let us die!" Nick moved out of Kevin's embrace. "Now help me look for an exit!" Kevin and Nick nodded, joining in with Joe.

"Help!" the voice from before screamed again, the heat was starting to build up in the concert's hall. Were not going to die Nick kept telling himself. Kevin wiped the sweat from his forhead, they need to sort out thsee fire exits, everyweres blocked.

"Help!" someone screamed again, this time, someone heard.

"Hello?" Joe screamed back to the person who was screaming, moving things out of the way, trying to find stairs leading off-stage.

"Hello?" The voice shouted back, this time Kevin heard also. Joe let out a sigh. He had found an exit.

"Nick!" He shouted, ushering him over. "Kevin!" They all ran down the stairs, to find that now the fire exit had been blocked.

"Help!" The voice screamed again. This time, everyone heard. The three boys span around to see a girl, sitting on the floor at the back of the arena, as flames were at the front. The three ran over to her.

"Hello?" Kevin said to her, she sat crossed legged on the floor, holding her knee. His eyebrow furrowed, "Are you alright?" She shook her head.

"The crowd were moving too much and I fell, hurt my knee…" She explained, trailing off.

"Oh." Nick simply stated, then he started panicking again, "Were going to die!" He wailed, falling down next to the girl.

"Joe, can you control Nick?" Kevin asked, "I need to look after this girl." There was no response, after a few seconds, Kevin spoke again. "Joe?" There was silence apart from the sound of the flames. Nick gasped.

"Joe!" Nick screamed, getting up and pointing somewere in the distance. Kevin let his eyes follow to were Nick was pointing.

"Joe!" Kevin screamed, his voice echoed throughout the halls. Joe lay on the floor, unconcious. Nick began making his way to Joe, but Kevin grabbed Nick's arms.

"No!" Kevin bellowed at him, "You'll get hurt!" Nick tried to get out of Kevin's hold.

"No!" He bellowed back, "He's my brother.I've got to help him. He'll die otherwise!"

"Don't think like that! No one's going to die!" Nick shook his head, trying to get the thought of anyone he cared about dying. He nodded slowly, and sat back down. After a couple of minutes, Kevin suddenly began running to Joe's unconcious body.

"I thought we weren't meant to help!" Nick shouted, but knew the reason of which Kevin went. He was his big brother, he had to.

"Nick stay there!" Kevin shouted, while moving Joe's body, "Look after that girl!" Nick looked at the girl, she looked panicked, but sleepy.

"I think the heats getting to me." She simply stated, Nick nodded, the heat was getting to everyone.

"Just hang in there." He told her, "The emergency services will be here in a minute." She nodded, but said nothing. There was a few moments of silence until Kevin finally got over to Nick and the girl. He pulled Joe's unconcious body up to them and layed him on the ground. Nick looked at his brother, eyes a wide. Joe looked so much, different, when he was unconcious. There were several minutes of silence until Kevin spoke up.

"He'll be okay." He said reasuringly, trying to reassure Nick and himself. There were a few bangs and then the arena's doors broke open. Kevin, Nick and the girl all stared at the door when firefighters came bursting into the room.

"Over here!" Nick screamed as loud as he could, while most of the firefighters began to get rid of the fire, four came rushing over to the other four.

"Who's injured?" One asked.

"My brother, and this girl." Kevin said. They nodded and helped the girl up.

"Vicktor and Blake, take the boy. I'll take the girl and Helena, take the other two boys." One of the firefighters instructed the other firefighters. Vicktor and Blake took hold of Joe and took him to the exit of the arena, while Helena took Nick and Kevin.

They all reached the outside, many gasps coming from anyone around. Wails from fans such as 'Joe!' or 'Oh my gosh, what happened?' exploded into anyone near's ears, no questions were answered as the fans were told to be quiet. The girl and Joe were rushed into an ambulance each, paramedics surronding them. Leaving Kevin and Nick with Helena.

"Look, boys…" Helena started, pulling the boys off to a quieter spot, "You two are alright, apart from shock?" They both nodded, "Then I need to go help with extinguising the fire." She ran off to the arena, shouting "Be careful" as she ran.

"Kevin!" A womens voice screeched loudly, "Nicky!" There mother, Denise, came running over to the two, wrapping her arms around both of them, letting tears streem down her face. Nick stuffed his face into his mothers shoulders, shedding his own tears. "Your alright." She sighed, she broke apart from them as there father, Paul, and brother, Frankie, came running over. Kevin nodded.

"Were fine…" He started, "Just shock."

"Were's Joe?" She asked, fearing the worst.

"We last saw him unconcious. Then everything seems like a blare it happened so fast." Paul sighed, and Frankie looked plainly confused, with a face of emotions etching on his face.

"H-he's at… at h-hospital." Nick sniffled.

"Well, we need to go then… don't we?" Paul asked. They all nodded- except Frankie- and made there way over to there car. They were stopped on the way.

"Do you know Joe Jonas?" A police officer asked.

"Were his brothers." Kevin answered, he pointed at Denise and Paul, "These are his parents." The policeman nodded.

"Can we take you to the hospital?" He asked.

"Please." Paul said, "I don't think I'll be able to drive." The officer nodded again.

"Three in one car, two in the other." He said.

"Frankie comes with me and Paul. Okay, you two?" She asked her other two sons. They both nodded and made there way over to there car.

They reached the hospital after a ten minute drive. Nick and Kevin both rushed out of the car and into the hospital, stopping at reception.

"Joe Jonas." They both said simply, "Were is he?" The receptionist looked a bit frantic- afterall it was two of the Jonas Brothers- but she shook it off.

"Gregory will take you." She turned around, as Denise, Paul and Frankie made there way into the hospital, "Greg, take these boys to ward 2, okay? Joe Jonas." Greg nodded.

"Are these three with you two?" Greg asked, pointing to Denise, Paul and Frankie. Kevin nodded. They walked up to Ward 2 in silence until they got into the waiting area.

"This is ward two." Greg told them, "Tell Joe I hope he get's better." They all nodded as Greg walked off into the distance. A doctor walked over to them as they all took seats in the waiting area.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Little." A women with short, mousy brown hair said, "Are you Joe Jonas' relatives?" They all nodded.

"How is he?" Denise asked.

"Stable." The family all let out sighs of relief. "He's just resting, he or at least we think, hit his head. Just bumps and bruises though. Nothing too serious." They all let out sighs again, "You can go check on him in a minute. He's just in his room by himself at the moment. A nurse will check on him every ten minutes. Okay?" They all nodded, "Two can go see him now, if any of you please."

"Kevin and Nick." Denise said, the minute the Doctor had finished the sentence.

"Okay then, Kevin, Nick, this way." She spoke, leading the two teens into the room that held there brother. She opened the door and looked inside. Her mouth opened. The room was empty, apart from one piece of paper that lay on Joe's un-made bed.

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