The Truth Will Out: Part 1 - Traps

By wildpartyhouse247

Based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) and the original series (1983-5).

Everyone knows that the truth will come out. The question is to whom?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and there is no copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1 – D . I . D

"Just you wait Skeletor, as soon as my father and He-Man hear about this, they will come to rescue me and you'll be sorry." Teela yelled as she was chained to the wall of the dungeon cell by Beast Man and Trap-Jaw.

Skeletor laughed as he and his minions left the cell and activated the energy bars. "I do hope they hear about this my dear Captain, then they can fall into my trap."

Teela watched as their shadows disappear along the corridor towards the stairs that lead up to Snake Mountain's throne room. She tried pulling at the chains to see if they were weak enough to snap. However, the chains showed no sign of weakness and all she was left with for her efforts were a couple of sore shoulders. It was not in her nature to give up; if the chains couldn't be broken then she would have to try for another weak point. She focused on escaping and warning her father or He-Man before they fell into Skeletor's trap.

Man-at-Arms and He-Man entered Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress call sounded urgent, so urgent that they didn't think up of an excuse to the rest of the army which was heading back to the Palace after turning back Evil-Lyn's and Mer-Man's attack on the villages on the northern coast.

As the entered the Ancient throne room, the beautiful falcon Zoar flew overhead and in a bright light over the throne transformed into the Sorceress of Grayskull.

"Duncan, He-Man thank you for coming quickly, we do not have anytime to loose. While you were away fighting Mer-Man and Evil-Lyn. Skeletor, Trap-Jaw and Beast Man attacked the palace. Their plan, it appears was to kidnap the Queen and Prince Adam."

The two men exchanged worried glances at this news. "Do not worry, the King and Queen are safe, the Royal Guard and the other Masters managed to force Skeletor's men to retreat before they could reach them beyond the throne room."

"Thank the Elders." Duncan breathed out, relieved that the Royals were safe.

He-Man was also grateful that his parents were safe, but then it dawned on him if the attack failed then there something else had happened. "If that is the case, why have you summoned us here Sorceress?" asked He-Man.

"While Teela and Ram-Man provided cover for Stratos as he flew the Queen to a safer part of the Palace, Skeletor struck them from behind and ………..Teela was captured." She spoke softly, barely above a whisper. "Skeletor plans to use her to lure you both into the trap set originally for Randor."

Man-at-Arms body shook with rage at the news that Teela had been captured. As his gaze fell upon the Sorceress's face, his expression softened, the pain she was suffering was strong in her eyes.

She had given up her daughter to protect her but as the Captain of the Royal Guards and a guardian of Eterina she was still in danger, constantly in the pitch of battle against their enemies.

He felt ashamed that there was no comfort he could give her, especially not while Adam was around. Only the Sorceress and Man-At-Arms new Teela's true parentage and she had made it clear that was the way it should stay, at least for now.

Man-At-Arms glanced over to He-Man, he did not seem to notice the Sorceresses additional despair, Duncan could only summarize he saw it because he was looking for it. Just to prove to himself that her heart was not as cold as he accused her months before.

He-Man called up to the Sorceress "You said that Skeletor has a trap in mind. Can you tell us anymore of what to expect?"

"I am afraid that Skeletor and Evil-Lyn are blocking me from seeing anything inside or around Snake Mountain. The eyes of Zoar cannot see into Snake Mountain and could not detect anything around it."

"Well Duncan, what do you think, should we go and knock on Snake Mountain for an answer."

"We have little choice."

It was night when they approached Snake Mountain in the Wind Raider.

"Here is close enough Duncan, we should go the rest of the way on foot if we want to sneak up on Skeletor."

Landing the raider in the dusty dead zone they traveled in silence towards the only light in sight, coming from the giant snake's mouth forming the key feature of the Mountain.

Inside Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn was pacing around the throne room while Skeletor was fiddling with a bone as he lay out across the throne.

"Evil-Lyn, sit down your starting to make me dizzy."

"How can you be so calm, this is a disaster, we do not have Queen Marlena."

"We have the warrior woman, Teela."

"King Randor would not come himself to rescue her."

"No, but Man-At-Arms will come. With Him and the Captain of the Guards in my dungeon, the defenses at the Palace will not stand against my forces."

"Aren't you forgetting something…? HE-MAN."

"I have a special surprise for him whether he turns up here or at the Palace."

Evil-Lyn decided that Skeletor wasn't in a sharing mood, she would have to wait to see what he has up his sleeves. While pacing she was thinking up her own plan to obtain the powers of Grayskull, as undoubtedly Skeletor's would fail.

Her thoughts were pulling her away from her plans by a light bell ringing in her ears, which meant only one thing, someone was trying to breach the magical cloak she had set up around Snake Mountain. Concentrating on the cloak she slowly followed the thread of the cloak till she felt someone trying to pierce it from the other side. "Come into my web said the spider to the fly." Evil-Lyn muttered as she focused her magical energy towards her fly.

The cloak appeared as a foggy landscape in her mind she focused on the section of the cloak which was trying to be pierced. A shadow slowly started to develop, as she concentrated on the shadow it became more solid then the figure stepped out of the fog, it was the Sorceress of Grayskull. Evil-Lyn knew it was taking a lot of the Sorceress's powers to reach this far and attack the barrier.

What Evil-Lyn was interested in was why.

She knew she would have to act fast and focused her magic on the Sorceress, trying to break her mental barrier. Evil-Lyn's suspicions were correct; the Sorceress was weak while attacking the barrier and delving into the woman's mind was child's play. Evil-Lyn could sense that the Sorceress was worried for a loved one who was near Snake Mountain. A thin smile spread across her face, this was starting to become an interesting night. As she tried to push further to find out whom, she found her time was up as the Sorceress seemed to have caught onto what Evil-Lyn was up to, breaking contact with the barrier and simultaneously focusing all of her powers she expelled Evil-Lyn from her mind.

Evil-Lyn was physically thrown back by the mental blast, and collapsed onto the floor of the throne room.

"Evil-Lyn, what happened?" Skeletor was amazed to see her sprawled across the floor.

Recovering quickly, Evil-Lyn started dusting herself down while going over in her head just what had happened. "It appears that there was a good reason to put up that barrier around Snake Mountain, someone was trying to see inside. When I tried to see who, they retreated but not before blasting me away."

"Did you see who it was?" Skeletor seemed very intrigued, Evil-Lyn watch him slide further to the edge of his throne. She wondered how amusing it would be to watch him fall off his seat, but his look of impatience was growing and she decided it wouldn't be worth all of the trouble. "No, they escaped me."

"USELESS. I hope you didn't let them penetrate my trap. I do want this to be a surprise." He started talking to himself about how he was surrounded by fools.

Evil-Lyn decided to ignore his insults about her magic being inadequate. She had much more important things to think about.

Inside Grayskull's hall the Sorceress bolted upright, sweat pouring down her forehead.

She knew it was a risk, testing the barrier but she never expected Evil-Lyn to pick up on her so quickly or try to penetrate her own defences. Replaying the events that occurred several times in her head she became satisfied that Evil-Lyn discovered nothing about the secrets of Grayskull.

Leaning gently back her body molded into the stone throne, her eyes were still very alert even though she was exhausted. She was bothered by how happy Evil-Lyn was just before the Sorceress blasted her. A small nagging doubt was tugging inside her mind. If she was certain the knowledge of Grayskull was safe, then there was something else Evil-Lyn had picked up on.

There was too much danger in telepathically linking to either He-Man or Duncan. Evil-Lyn was alerted now and the best hope for Teela's rescue, surprise, was lost. Tears rolled down her face at the thought that she could have ruined their best chance of rescuing her and there was nothing she could do for her daughter from Grayskull.

It was bad enough when she knew Teela was safe inside the palace surrounded by people who loved her; that her own pain seemed to be overshadowed by Teela's happiness. The thought of her in their enemies hand, caused her unbearable heartache.

The Sorceress started to become restless, the only way she was going to see what was happening or help in anyway was to go as Zoar to Snake Mountain. The Spirit of Grayskull's voice was trying to dissuade her, but the images and thoughts of Teela in danger were stronger.

Leaving her post she went to see the most important thing in her life be set free from her captors.