A Life You Love

The wedding day was perfect. It was a sunny June afternoon, and not a cloud blocked the bright and cheery sun.

Yet Allie Hamilton wasn't happy.

She should be, and she knew it. She should be ecstatic. She should feel lucky to be marrying such a sweet, handsome, rich man.

So why wasn't she?

The priest was saying something. In the back of her mind, Allie heard the word forever. Forever was an awful long time. Did she want to do this? Did she want to be Lon's wife forever?


She didn't. Allie didn't want this. What was she doing? She should be with Noah. Not Lon. It was never Lon…

Out of the corner of her eye, Allie saw Noah Calhoun loitering in the back of the church.

Say something, Noah, please. Just grab my arm and I'll leave with you. I'll be yours forever.

Lon took Allie's hand and slipped the ring on her finger. The beautiful, sparkling ring that Noah could have never afforded. This was better, really. Allie should be marrying a rich man like Lon, not a poor country boy. But it wasn't what she wanted, Goddamnit!

Allie was vaguely aware of her own voice; of her own small hand gently slipping the ring onto Lon's finger.

"Are there any objections?"

Allie looked over at Noah.

Say something, Noah! Goddamnit, Noah, just say you love me, just once, and I won't marry Lon. Noah!

Noah remained silent. His mouth opened, and Allie's spirits soared, but he simply smiled softly at her and mouthed four words.

A Life You Love.

And Noah Calhoun walked out of her life forever.