Regulus stood on the edge of the precipice looking down into the almost glowing green depths of the water below him. He told Kreatcher to quickly leave and destroy the damned necklace. He was going through an insane need for water and living through his worst memories, a pale fist flashed before his eyes and he remembered it connecting with his jaw.

"I can't believe you! Don't you think of anyone except for yourself how did you think I would feel!?"

With a pained stare the youngest Black cupped his hand and drank from the lake before him stirring the floating monsters below the surface.

As the ifieri pulled him deeper into the water for a split second it was as if he could see the blond standing above him with his disdainful glare. This brought tears to the boy's eyes.

"Lucius please forgive me," Regulus said as a white hand wrapped around his neck, "I did this for you for everyone, maybe one day you'll know what that man truly is and I won't have died in vain."

Tired lids slipped closed and with his last dying breath he whispered the blonde's name thoughts of their shared love floating through his mind.

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