Author's Note: I've been wanting to do my own Naruto/Power Rangers crossover fic for sometime now. I decided to use Ninja Storm as a basis for this series. I hope everyone likes it. This is dedicated to my friends PhinalPhantasy and JuseaPeterson. Hope you like it.


Synopsis: Centuries ago an ancient force protected the land from evil. When the evil was vanquished the powers went into hibernation until they were needed again, that day has finally arrived.

Shinobi Sentai NaruRanger

Kohonagakure the Hidden Leaf Village once a strong and powerful ninja village, it was laid to waste by Orochimaru and his men the Sound and Sand Ninjas. In the aftermath the Hokage was killed and their village reduced to half its manpower. The village has since undergone reconstruction and a new leader was chosen, Lady Tsunade of the legendary Sannin. Orochimaru will not stop until Leaf Village is completely destroyed and begins his vendetta anew.

In the months that followed the disaster the Leaf Village has enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity slowly but surely the village is regaining the number of ninjas that were lost in the attack. The Hidden Leaf Village is near completion as a proud Tsunade stands watch over the city from her balcony, children were playing in the yards while the older students were conversing amongst themselves it was a day off for everyone. Little did they know their time of peace was about to come to an abrupt end. A battalion of Sound Ninjas was headed towards them from the North. Naruto was hanging out with his friends Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji underneath a large shade tree with Shikamaru lying at the base of the tree. The Sound-nin raced towards the Hidden Leaf Village at lighting speed one of the guards standing at the watchtower turned around and saw something before he could utter a word the Sound Ninjas leaped into the air and obliterated the North Wall. The occupants of the Leaf Village turned in shock as smoke filled the North End. Even Tsunade was caught off guard by the sudden attack, her eyes narrowed as the Sound Ninjas invaded the village with out a moments hesitation every ninja that was able to fight went to challenge the on-coming threat. Unfortunately they were outnumbered 10-1 nevertheless they proceeded onward to defend the village.

"You guys got lucky last time. But we're not about to lose to the likes of you again! Chidori!" Kakashi yelled as he used his signature attack against the invading ninjas obliterating several of them simultaneously.

Sasuke was right beside him but decided to use another attack as he lauched himself into the air.

"Fire style, Fireball Jutsu!" he yelled. Flames shot out of his mouth and consumed some of the ninjas.

Sakura used her kunai against them but was quickly overwhelmed as one of them punched her in the face.

"Sakura! Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto yelled several dozen versions of himself became tangible and wailed on the guy that hit Sakura simultaneously once he was taken care of the clones multiplied again and took on more ninjas.

Lee tore his way through the Sound Ninjas using his taijutsu he undid his bandages as he wrapped them around one of the sound ninja and used him as a human mace taking out everyone in his path he released the ninja from his binds and did a Primary Lotus plowing the ninja into the ground at the same time ripping apart the earth and sent the upturned earth flying at the enemy ninja. Lee landed safely and secured his bandages another ninja ambushed him with a punch Lee ducked and punched the man in the stomach with a high-pitched karate yell and sent the man flying into a tree.

"Shadow Possession Jutsu!" yelled Shikamaru capturing a group of ninjas with his attack. He then made the ninjas turn on each other and take each other out.

Guy flew through the air taking out several ninjas with a series of kicks and punches. The Jounin did a roundhouse kick that split a tree in half and sent it crashing down on several of the enemy ninja but they cleared out of the way. Some of them countered by throwing bombs at the falling tree and blew it up. The force was great enough to send several of the Leaf Village shinobi flying while they were in mid-air the ninjas took advantage and attacked them as they flew helplessly through the air. Kurenai, Asuma and the other Jounin went after the ninjas that were attacking their comrades and laid waste to them saving the lives of their teammates. The tide was turning at first it seemed as though the Leaf side was winning but it became apparent that the Sound Village was beating them. The Hokage came in telling Naruto and the others to retreat.

"Your crazy Grandma!" Naruto yelled.

"We're not leaving our teammates behind!" Sakura said.

"There's no time, come with me! NOW!" she yelled.

The ninjas paid no heed to her and continued fighting Tsunade had no choice but to bring them back by force using a special shadow-type jutsu and dragged them out of the battle taking Lee and Sasuke along with them to the objections of Naruto and the others. Then everything went black. A while later the gang found themselves in a secret chamber beneath the Hokage's building.

"Why did you do that?! Why did you pull us out of battle when they needed us?!" Naruto said in outrage.

"Quiet!" The Hokage yelled.

"Lady Tsunadeā€¦" Sakura softly said.

"Please tell us why Lady Hokage." Said Lee.

"Whatever it is I'm sure there's a good reason she did what she did." Sasuke replied with his arms folded.

"There is a good reason." She said.

The four ninjas looked up.

"Because of the overwhelming numbers I was forced to bring these out." Tsunade said holding an octagonal wooden case.

"What is it?" Sakura asked.

She opened the case inside were what appeared to be four small badges with what looked like three cresent bladed flying stars.

"What are those?" Naruto asked.

"If you shut up, maybe she'll tell us." Sasuke quipped.

His teammate shot him a dirty look.

"These are your Hurricane Morphers they've been in our possession for a long time with these devices you four will become Power Rangers." She told them.

Their eyes widened in shock.

"What?" Sasuke said.

"No way." Said Sakura.

"Are you serious?" asked Naruto.

"But that's just a TV show." Sakura told her.

"How did you get a hold of these?" Lee asked.

"The Hurricane Morphers aren't of this world, I'll explain later. Right now we got a village to save. Naruto you will wield the orange Hurricane Morpher and will lead the team as the new Orange Ranger." She said.

Naruto picked up the orange morpher that slipped over his fingers and had a button on the side. In the center of the shuriken was an orange outline drawing of a fox.

"Sakura the pink Hurricane Morpher is yours, you will become the Pink Ranger." She said.

Sakura picked up her morpher and had a pink tiger on hers.

"Sasuke the blue morpher, you will become the Blue Dragon Ranger." Tsunade said.

Sasuke picked up his and had a blue serpentine dragon on the morpher.

"And finally Lee you will command the powers of the Green Ranger. Together you guys are the Shinobi Strike Power Rangers defenders of all that is right." Tsunade said.

Lee picked up his and had a green ape on his morpher.

"All right guys, its time to go to work." She said.

The four chunin looked up at the Hokage. Naruto nodded knowing what had to be done.

"Right. Let's move out." He said and the team followed him.

"The call to morph is 'Ninja Art, Shinobi Change'" she told them.

"All right, thanks for everything." Sakura replied.

"Be careful." The Hokage thought.

The ninjas teleported out and returned to the battlefield. The four chunin appeared in the sky above and came crashing down to the earth with such force that it created a massive explosion drawing everyone's attention towards them making the biggest entrance ever. The fighting ninjas were stunned to see the four Leaf Shinobi sitting on one knee before them. The four looked up at the Sound Ninja. The orange ninja growled as he stood up to face them the rest of his team stood up next to him.

"You guys are going to wish you never set foot in this village." Sasuke said pointing at them.

"You guys ready?" Naruto said.

"Ready!" yelled Sakura.

"Ready!" shouted Lee.

"Ready!" said Sasuke.

The team held out their morphers and crossed the device over their left arm.

"Ninja Art, Shinobi Change Jutsu!!!" they yelled.

They pressed the button on the side of their morphers; Naruto's was the first to activate as the disk began to spin. The center of his shurikin began to glow bright orange and fired a beam of light. The ray of light brought forth a fox spirit that spun around Naruto's body beginning the transformation he was lifted up into the air by the spirit and his orange track suit transformed into a Ranger uniform. The sleeves were made of a black mesh and had orange gauntlets that were made of a hard material along with white gloves and orange boots with black leg bands and a gold belt. And wore the Leaf Village symbol on their right arm and belt buckle. The fox spirit came to reside on his chest forming his crest. Finally an orange and white fox helmet with red eyes encased his head completing the transformation.

"Shinobi Orange!" he yelled.

Sasuke's was the next to activate as a blue dragon spirit shot out of his shuriken. The dragon spun around his body lifting him into the air morphing him into the Blue Ranger. His costume was dark blue with black sleeves and had a serpentine dragon on his chest with gold highlights. Sasuke's dragon hemlet came together with silver horns that lined the sides of his helmet and had black eyes with a gray mouthpiece.

"Shinobi Blue!" he yelled.

Sakura's was the next to activate as a pink tiger spirit flew out of the morpher and spiraled around her body taking her into the air morphing her into the pink Ranger. Her costume had a short skirt as do most costumes and had black sleeves and leggins, the tiger spirit emblazoned on her chest. Her helmet was pink with gold stripes and a gray mouthpiece.

"Shibobi Pink!" she yelled.

Lee was the last one to activate his shuriken morpher as the ape spirit came forth. The ape spirit smashed the ground with its fists and flew around Lee's body taking him into the air and changing him into the Green Ranger. Lee's logo was different as it had only the ape's head within an oval symbol over his breastbone. His hemlet came together and was green with a gray face and red eyes, the mouthpiece was also gray with a green bar outlining the faceplate.

"Shinobi Green!" he yelled.

The four ninja Rangers stood before thier enemies, neither side knew what to make of it.

"And just who the hell are you guys?" Orochimaru asked.

"We're Power Rangers." Naruto said thumbing his chest.

"And we're here to take you down." Sasuke said.

"Leave while you still have a chance!" Sakura said.

"Or face our wrath!" said Lee.

The Ninja Rangers each pounded the earth with one hand and struck a pose.

"Power Rangers Shinobi Strike!" they yelled.

"Get them!" Orochimaru yelled.

"We were hoping you'd say that!" Naruto said ready to battle.

"Let's do this!" Sasuke yelled.

"You got it!" Sakura yelled.

"Yeah!" Lee yelled.

The Sound Village attacked the Leaf Shinobi. Lee was one of the first to go on the offense and jumped in the air. The Green Shinobi called on his weapon a pair of red boxing gloves and took out several Sound Ninjas with a series of punches. Naruto called on his weapon an orange staff with a fox head at the top and a gold spike at the bottom. The orange ninja pole vaulted his way into action and began fighting several of the ninjas held his staff behind his head and blocked the attacks of several ninjas behind him he threw his staff around in a circle and dispatched several more. But more were right on top of him with thier blade weapons, pinning him under his staff he touched the earth with his palm expelling an orange cyclone from his body that sent the ninjas flying.

Sasuke was the next one to go on the offense wielding a stylized flame gun in the shape of a dragon's head. Blue flames shot out of the blaster a dozen Sound ninja were thrown back by the attack. Finally Sakura called on her weapon that had a long pink handle and a long flat pinkish-white ribbon. The ninjas looked at each other. Sakura spun the weapon above her head and lashed out with it, the ribbon sliced off a tree branch suprising the ninjas. Now she was ready and attacked by slashing the ribbon back and forth in an "X" driving the ninjas back as it cut through three and solid rock. The ribbon cut through a tree trunk and sent the top half crashing on top of the ninja.

Sasuke continued to blast at the ninjas with his Dragon Flame Gun, the evil ninjas continued to evade the firey blasts. The Blue Ranger spun around and sent out a firey diagonal slash that consumed several of the ninja destroying them. Naruto spun his Fox Staff above his head and continued to beat back several of the Sound Ninja. He pointed his staff and fired an energy blast from the fox's mouth the resulting blast created a massive explosion that sent the ninjas flying. Lee continued to pound away at the ninjas with his Gorilla Fists. The powered boxing gloves hit like a freight train leveling anyone that gets in thier path. The team quickly defeated half of Orochimaru's army. The evil ninja glared at the team in disgust as the four Rangers pointed thier weapons at him. In a flash of green light Lee changed up his weapons from boxing gloves to a Three Section Staff.

"What do you say Orochimaru?" Naruto asked.

"Stop!" Tsunade yelled.

The ninjas looked back and saw the Hokage standing there.

"Your not ready for him." she said.

Orochimaru chuckled.

"Tsunade, you old fool. You give your precious Hurricane Morphers to these kids? Are you really that despate to protect your village?" he asked.

Tsunade stared him down.

"Whatever it takes." she said through her teeth.

The Rangers stood thier ground undeterred by the evil ninja lord.

"Orochimaru!!!" Naruto yelled as he and Sasuke fired thier weapons at him.

"Stop!" Tsunade yelled.

Orochimaru smirked and blocked the attacks with a stroke of his backhand and disappeared in the explosion. When the smoke cleared he and his men were gone but his evil laughter remained. The Hokage sighed knowing that it wasnt the end.

"This isnt the end." his voice echoed in the trees.

"Power down." Naruto said.

The ninjas returned to thier normal selves knowing that it was over...for now. Naruto and his team looked back at the Hokage, she bowed her head, closed her eyes and sighed.

"I'm sorry for bringing you into this. I shouldnt have given you those powers." she told them.

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