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Shinobi Sentai NaruRanger

Chapter 10

Inside the Circle of Fire

"Power Down." Sumaru said. Beads of crimson light burst from his body freeing him from his Ranger form.

"Power down." The others said and a similar process followed.

"We need to stop those guys." He said.

"Stop them where? We kicked their butts!" Naruto told him.

"That's not what he means." Sasuke said.

"What exactly are they after?" asked Sakura.

"Their Rangers what do you think they'd go after?" the Star Ninja asked.

"The Zords." She said.

"Exactly." He nodded.

"But where would they keep them?" the orange ninja asked as they took off.

"Aside from burying them underground, the safest place to keep them was in the miasma pit that surrounds the village." He said.

"So it's not just to keep intruders out." Sakura said.

"It's to keep others from getting too close to the Zords." Finished Sasuke.

"With that much poison filling the basin he figured it was safest since no one would be crazy enough to go in there and find them…until you guys came along." Sumaru said leading them through the woods.

"How much time do we have to get there?" asked Lee.

"That's what I'm worried about, they may already be there." he told him.

"Do you think our Ranger suits will protect us from the gas?" Sakura asked.

"Only one way to find out, Lady Tsunade do you read me?" asked Naruto.

"I'm way ahead of you guys, unfortunately your Ranger suits weren't designed to protect you for prolonged periods of time. At best I figure you probably have about 15 minutes. I'm modifying your helmets to provide an adequate air supply." She said typing through schematics on her computer.

"And what about Sumaru?" Sakura asked.

"I'll be fine, I've lived here my entire life. Now that they have the morphers the Akatsuki will be able access their Zords a lot easier.

"So your saying our suits are defective?" Naruto asked.

The Hokage scoffed a little animated blood vessel appeared on her temple.

"The suits were created before any of your came along. I doubt they counted on anyone having to jump into a pit of death. Despite that my little nimrod, the suits should protect you from just about anything thrown at you. Just don't overdo it." she told him.

"Understood." Sakura said as they headed towards the edge of the village.

Quickening their pace the Ninja Rangers went as fast as they could only to find the Akatsuki waiting for them on the edge of the miasma pit. The villain Rangers were back in their regular forms as the team arrived.

"What kept you?" Deidara smirked.

Sakura growled at the Green Ranger as they stood there.

"You're not getting those Zords." Sasuke told them.

"Want to bet?" he asked. The rest of the Akatsuki chuckled as they stepped forward.

"You guys ready?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah." Sakura nodded.

"With you!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah!" added Lee.

"Let's take em out." Deidara said as he and the others got into battle position and rushed in. The Power Rangers did likewise and took on the Akatsuki.

Sumaru and Sasuke flew through the air as Deidara threw bird bombs at the team. The Blue and Crimson Rangers nail Kisame and Itachi in the chest throwing them back. Lee took on Sasori by himself while Sakura battled Deidara leaving Naruto to take on Madara as before.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto yelled and five of him appeared and took on the Akatsuki leader all at once.

The Naruto clones piled on top of him but were repelled by him a second later. Two of them vanished, Madara raced towards the original with sword in hand. A nearby clone blocked the attack but was impaled and vanished as the last remaining clone attacked him from behind but was met with a sidekick to the chest that knocked eliminated him. Still on the ground Naruto took out his morpher but was disarmed by a shuriken scratching his wrist the morpher landed a short distance away. In a split second the Akatsuki leader had an energy ball right in Naruto's face and was only half an inch away. The orange ninja grit his teeth in horror as the Akatsuki leader smiled at him.

"Naruto!" yelled Sakura.

"Time to die kid." He said before opening fire.

The Ninja Rangers looked up in shock as he was blown back by the attack and into a rock wall. And hit with a sickening force before collapsing face first to the ground.

"No!" Sasuke yelled hitting his brother in the face and raced over to protect him.

Madara turned his focus and hit him in the chest with an energy blast.

"You've been a thorn in my side for quite some time kid." He said turning to face Naruto.

As Naruto lay motionless on the ground, a faint pulse coursed through his body. Madara saw him twitch. The rouge ninja smirked knowing that the boy's time on Earth was drawing near and casually made his way towards him with his katana in hand.

"Time to eliminate my troubles at the source!" he said standing over him.

Another pulse raced through him, his eyes snapped open, as Madara was ready to make the killing blow and grabbed the man's ankle. He quirked an eyebrow and could see raw energy circulating around the kid's body as he rose to his feet a jolt of energy sent him flying into a rock wall smashing the capstone. The two teams were stunned by what they saw as Naruto stood straight and tall it was clear the fox spirit had taken over, unleashing the orange ninja's primal side

"What in the world?" Sasuke asked.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"What's up with him?" asked Sumaru.

Naruto growled and lunged at Kisame baring his fangs. The swordsman punched him in the face, Naruto recovered down on all fours.

"Why is he acting like that?" Sumaru asked.

"I don't know!" said Sakura.

Naruto growled as he reared up on the balls of his feet and began forming the Rasengan in his hand without the use of clones. Even the Akatsuki were alarmed by this sudden change in character.

"Get down!" Sasuke yelled.

"Rasengan!" Naruto yelled and raced towards the Akatsuki.

Before the devastating blow could be struck, Sasori blocked him and grabbed the demon boy by the wrist. He struggled against the red head, Sasori flung him across and forced him to eject the Rasengan, which blew apart the cliff on the other side of the rift and sent a cataclysm down into the murky depths of the pool of death. Sasori punched him in the face as hard as he could and sent him toppling head over heels backwards into a rock wall, which seemingly knocked him out of his demon phase. His eyes returned to normal and the stripes on his cheeks regressed into simple lines.

"I've had enough of these guys, I say it's time we morph and get this over with." Kisame said.

"Couldn't agree with you more." smiled Deidara. The Shinobi Rangers assumed a defensive stance.

"Ready?" said Madara.

"Ready!" they replied sinisterly.

"Death Squad, Akatsuki Change!" they yelled pointing their bracelets to the sky.

The morphers fire beams of light into the sky, the heavens above turned dark and stormy as red clouds began to part showing Madara in a martial arts pose. The Akatsuki leader yelled and thrust his right hand out to the side and sends out a large crack in the Earth that glowed with the flames of the underworld seeping out. Forks of lightning streamed through the sky and struck the rift and explode as a hellish lion spirit raced out of the depths towards Madara. As the earth continued to collapse around him, Madara stood his ground as the lion raced towards him. A large wall of fire shot up between them as the lion jumped through the flames, lightning struck Madara transforming him into the Red Akatsuki Ranger. The single black stripe appeared on his right side and glowed with the lion's eyes peering out. The Lion spirit's head roared above him as it came down and began his Ranger helmet, the visor flipped shut. The Red Ranger struck a pose, a close-up of the Leaf Village headband appeared and a large gash went through it with the Lionzord in the background.

The process began again with Kisame as the underworld glowed blue for him. Lightning struck the earth as a demonic sawfish arose from the depths and flew towards him. The ground continues to crumble and the lightning streaked across the sky. A wall of fire shot up between him and the sawfish as it dove through the flames and lightning struck Kisame morphing him into the Blue Death Squad Ranger. The two stripes on his right side glowed as the sawfish's head hovered above and growled fusing with him to form his helmet, the visor flipped down in the next instant. Kisame struck a pose as a slash went through the Hidden Mist symbol and the Sawfish hovered behind him.

Itachi was next as he cast out his hand and the ram spirit arose from the depths. The ram made a noise as it galloped towards Itachi with black flames shooting out of the depths. The ram spirit jumped through the wall of fire as lightning struck forging Itachi's Black Ranger uniform. Three stripes on his right side glowed, as the ram's head appeared above his own and formed his Ranger helmet, the visor flipped down and struck a pose with a gash going through the Leaf Village symbol and showed the Ram spirit behind him.

Deidara summoned his eagle spirit as it flew towards him, green flames flanking the Akatsuki member as it dove through the flames and fused with him forming his Ranger uniform. Four red stripes appeared on his right side and the eagle spirit forged his helmet with a gash going through the Hidden Stone Village symbol and the eagle screeching behind him.

Finally Sasori was the last one to summon his animal spirit as it crawled towards him and combined with him forming his Ranger uniform. Three stripes appeared on his right side and two on his left as his scorpion spirit came down forming his Ranger helmet and a gash went through the Hidden Sand Village symbol completing his morph.

The Death Squad Rangers lowered their arms; their weapons appeared in bursts of light.

"Show us what you got!" said Itachi.

Naruto rejoined the group at the front and took out his morpher.

"Ready?" he yelled.

"Let's take em down." Sasuke added.

"Ready! Ninja Art, Shinobi Change Jutsu!" they yelled.

The Shiriken morphers lit up; projecting their animal spirits at the same time Sumaru went through his morph, with the star on his spinning. As he ran and jumped off the cliff, the animal spirits spun around his teammates carrying them into the air. Sumaru went into a flip as his body was consumed in flames, revealing his Ranger uniform underneath. At the same time the animal spirits fused with their Ranger uniforms forming the crests on their chest. Flames circled around Sumaru's head forming his helmet as the visor flipped shut, his teammates helmets fused together in a similar fashion completing the transformation. The Shinobi Rangers stood before them with bursts of colored energy raging from them and venting upward with the animal spirits hovering above and behind them their weapons appearing simultaneously.

"With the spirit of the Fox, Shinobi Strike Orange Ranger!" yelled Naruto.

"With the spirit of the Tiger, Shinobi Strike Pink Ranger!" cried Sakura.

"With the spirit of the Dragon, Shinobi Strike Blue Ranger!" yelled Sasuke.

"With the spirit of the Gorilla, Shinobi Strike Green Ranger!" cried Lee.

"With the spirit of the Griffin, Shinobi Strike, Zenith Ranger!" yelled Sumaru.

"You think you can defeat us?" taunted Madara.

"Why don't you show us what you're made of?" chided Deidara.

The Rangers jumped off the ledge and hurdled towards the Death Squad Rangers, with their animal spirits fueling them. The Orange Ranger yelled as he descended on Madara, and drew back his fist. But caught his fist at the last minute before the blow could even be struck. Madara chuckled and roared in the next instant unleashing a burst of red energy that knocked the entire team back to their side of the ledge. The lion spirit appeared and glowed behind him.

"Let me show you what a real animal spirit does." He said and unleashed the Lion spirit on the Rangers.

The red lion spirit tore mercilessly through their ranks and scattered the team across the Cliffside. Out of nowhere the Fox spirit attacked the Lion spirit and bit it's neck. The lion growled and threw off the Fox, as the other Shinobi animal spirits joined in. The Akatsuki Rangers took a defensive stance ready to beat down the Shinobi Rangers.

"Go." The leader nodded.

The spirits of evil soon appeared and went after them, as their contemporaries went after their human targets. Sasuke took on Deidara this time as the Eagle and Dragon spirits mix. Sakura took on her old foe Sasori as her Tiger spirit appeared behind her and the two lunged themselves at the Yellow Ranger. While Lee took on Kisame and Sumaru went after Itachi. The Black and Crimson Rangers drew their weapons and clashed with energy pulsating through the two weapons. While the battle between Madara and Naruto continued. Naruto leapt across the rocks with his Fox Staff in hand and swung his weapon at the Red Ranger, who easily blocked it with his Lion Blazer. The Red Ranger punched him in the stomach and fired his weapon on the Orange Ranger in the retreat. The Shinobi Ranger jumped back as the flames consumed the place where he once stood. As Naruto launched himself at Madara, his eyes glowed red once more and unleashed an energy blade from his staff. The Akatsuki leader jumped back as the blade cut into the rock and punched the Orange Ranger in the face knocking him back a step. Madara shot his Lion spirit at the orange ninja once more and was blocked with the latter's fox spirit. The lion chomped down on the fox's neck trying to weaken it. The fox howled and scratched it with its claws as the Red and Orange Rangers resumed their battle.

Deidara pointed his Wing Slayer and opened fire on the team with a flurry of green laser blasts. Sasuke and Lee ducked for cover from the blasts. Deidara dropped in on Sasuke and slashed him across the stomach with his blade and produced an energy blast from his hand that sent Sasuke down the chasm. The Blue Ranger yelled and rebounded off the rocks falling further and further down the crevice.

"Sasuke!" Sakura yelled as she watched her teammate fall.

"Eyes on me!" yelled Sasori and smashed her into the rock wall with his body.

Deidara powered up his weapon and fired a massive blast towards Sasuke. The beam flew downward and made contact with a terrific explosion. At the same time the blast seemed to have uncovered the forbidden zords. The rest of the team proceeded to fall like dominos, though they gave it their best. Nothing was going to keep the Akatsuki from acquiring their zords. A flash of blue light appeared from the bottom of the ravine and in the next instant Sasuke came flying up sans helmet wielding his signature attack.

"Chidori!" he yelled as he flew towards Deidara.

The Green Ranger had little time to react as Sasuke thrust his electrified hand at Deidara. The Green Ranger threw up his arms and dropped below Sasuke's reach as he flew upwards and slashed him across the chest with his blade. His face contorted as the blade sliced through him and fell backwards with his Chidori losing power at an alarming rate. Deidara punched him as hard as he could as he fell and sent him back into the depths of the crevice.

"Ha! Now to claim my Eaglezord." the Green Ranger said and freefell to where the zords laid.

At the bottom of the chasm Sasuke grabbed ahold of his helmet and put it back on amid the toxic gases. He was surprised he was still living at this point, though he was certain his health had been compromised by exposure to the gases.

"Sasuke are you all right?" Tsunade asked within his helmet.

"I'm fine, I don't know how much gas I inhaled. I imagine it was quite a bit." He told her.

"Well be careful down there. I can't afford to lose any of you guys." the Hokage told him.

"I think that's the least of our problems." He said as Deidara descended upon him.

"Time to die kid!" he yelled.

The Green Ranger swung his weapon at the Blue Shinobi Ranger. Sasuke tumbled out of the way as he went for his Dragon Flamegun.

"Wait you can't fire that in there if you do the whole thing will blow!" the Hokage warned.

"You got to be kidding me!" he groaned.

"I'm not!" Deidara yelled and smashed his visor with the Wingslayer.

The visor splintered, though it held he could no longer see through it. The Green Ranger cold cocked him across the face and knocked him down.

"Game over kid." He said pointing his blaster at Sasuke. The Blue Ranger squeezed his fist as he tried to get up.

"I'm not done. I wont let you near those zords; your days here are done. Sharingan!" he yelled.

The Blue Ranger's eyes changed from black to red as his special ability went into effect. Without the need of his visor Sasuke could see and anticipate every move that was about to befall him.

"So you decided to use the old standby huh? No matter, I'll take you down in due time!" he yelled and thrust his weapon at Sasuke.

The Blue Ranger blocked the attack with his hand fully extended, his body twisted around in a blue as he thrust his free hand into Deidara's chest and threw the Green Ranger back into a rock wall.

"I'm just getting started." He told him.

The Blue Ranger sped towards Deidara before he could react and punched him deeper into the wall. The solid granite gave way as he pushed Deidara through it. He spun on his heel and kicked him in the jaw as hard as he could sending the Green Ranger upward and raced after him. The Blue Dragon Ranger delivered a barrage of kicks that sent his opponent further and further into the air until he was just below his teammates. Deidara yelled as Sasuke flew over him and spun in the air and drove his heel into the Green Ranger's chest.

"Lion's Barrage!" he yelled as he made contact.

"That's it!" Sasori yelled as he went for his Ranger weapon.

"Scorpion Stinger, Max Assault!" he yelled.

Immediatly the weapon unfurled itself and all of its spines stood rigid along the sides and raced up the canyon, and struck all the Shinobi Rangers simotaniously. As the Power Rangers fell, the Akatsuki Rangers decended upon the forbiden zords. The crew landed on thier respective machines while Deidara lands on the Eaglezord with Kisame's help. In the rocky floor, the Shinobi Rangers lay scattered across. Each one tried to find the strength to get up.

"It's over Rangers." Madara told them.

"No!" Sakura yelled.

"The game ends here." added Deidara.

"It cant!" yelled Sasuke.

"I dont believe it." Naruto said.

"Say your prayers." Kisame told them. The evil Rangers raised thier morphers to the air. The gems flashed bringing the zords to life.

Streaks of light swept over the machines, as thier true colors were exposed. Eyes flashed as the enemy zords were awakened and began to cry out. The Lionzord was the first to break free of its prison. One by one the zords became more mobile and stared down at the team with thier masters standing on top of them.

"Who has the power now?" Deidara asked.

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