One day in Dillydale, a huge heatwave hit

One day in Dillydale, a huge heatwave hit. The biggest heatwave of the year. No one could make it out of their house. Some of the more creative folks had taken to more elaborate means of dealing with it. Mr. Clever and Little Miss Brainy had made a machine that brought ice directly from both the North and South Pole. It froze over the first time they used it. Mr. Stubborn and Little Miss Stubborn tried to ignore the heat. They only ended up with bad sunburns. Even Mr. Perfect couldn't think of a way to keep cool. That's when Mr. Happy led a town meeting with the answer:

"Road trip!" Mr. Happy said.

"What?" Mr. Straight Man didn't quiet get how that would keep them cool.

"Simple," Mr. Happy explained. "We take a road trip to Water World, and everything's fine!"

"But where do you get a car to fit every citizen in Dillydale?" Mr. Straight Man asked.

"Mr. Clever…" Mr. Happy motioned to Mr. Clever, who brought out a huge bus, large enough to fit everyone in Dillydale, and more!

"Wow." Mr. Straight Man was at a loss for words, but what he said would fit it perfectly.

"Here she is, the Dillydale Transporter!" Mr. Happy said. "She's been going great, and she still will."

"So, what's the plan?" Little Miss Sunshine asked Mr. Happy.

"We meet here in a half hour." Mr. Happy told everyone. "Bring your swimsuit, and anything necessary for the trip."

"As usual, we'll stop at a rest stop midway." Little Miss Sunshine added.

"That's right, Miss Sunshine!" Mr. Happy said, happily of course.

In a half hour, all of Dillydale was packed up for the trip. They all had their swimsuits, and anything they might need all packed up in their beach bags. Mr. Happy was in the driver's seat, with Little Miss Sunshine riding shotgun.

"Everyone ready?" Mr. Happy called back, and got positive replies from almost everyone.

"Let's go!" Little Miss Sunshine said as Mr. Happy started the bus up.

During the trip, until the rest stop, some of the Mr. Men and Little Misses were chatting with each other.

"So, what exactly is Water World like?" Little Miss Comedy asked Little Miss Sloppy and Mr. Messy, who were in the seat behind her and Mr. Straight Man

"Shazam!" Mr. Messy said. "You've never been to Water World?"

"No." Mr. Straight Man said. "Neither of us has."

"Well, it's only the greatest, wettest, coolest place that's come to Dillydale!" Little Miss Sloppy said.

"But, why do we need a road trip then?" Mr. Straight Man asked.

"Dillydale's a big place." Mr. Nosy said, who was listening to the conversation.

"How true, Mr. Nosy. How true!" Mr. Small said.

"Okay." Mr. Straight Man and Little Miss Comedy said at the same time.

A little while later, Mr. Happy stopped the bus at a rest stop. All of the Mr. Men and Little Misses got out to stretch, get snacks, or go to the bathroom. Mr. Mindblank was confused about the stop, so he asked Little Miss Chatterbox about it. They sat down at a picnic table with a small bowl of poppy seed muffins and cake doughnuts.

"Why are we stopped here on the side of the road?" Mr. Mindblank asked.

"To eat poppy seed muffins and cake doughnuts." Little Miss Chatterbox explained.

"Oh." Mr. Mindblank said. "Hey, are we in Dillydale yet?"

"Yes, we've been in Dillydale all day." Little Miss Chatterbox said, as she started to stuff a poppy seed muffin in Mr. Mindblank's mouth.

"Am I a member of the ol' three hundred?" Mr. Mindblank asked, with his mouth full, but then realized what was happening, and noisily spit the food out on the table. "Ptah! Poppy seeds! "

"I was— I kinda wanted to eat that." Little Miss Chatterbox admitted.

"It's on the— Just go for it. Thirty-second rule." Mr. Mindblank said, pointing to the muffin.

"I think it's the three-second rule, not the thirty-second rule." Little Miss Chatterbox said, while Mr. Mindblank just stared in the distance at nothing particular.

After a little while, the gang was on the road again. They were all ready to go to Water World, with no interruptions. At least, that's how it should have been.

"This is taking to long!" Mr. Grumble grumbled out loud.

"Oh, crooked cucumbers, Mr. Grumble! Will you just be quiet?" Mr. Grumpy said, trying to hide his anger, with no luck.

"I'll give you 'quiet'!" Mr. Rude said, and then let out a fart.

"MR. RUDE!" The whole bus said, while Mr. Rude looked down at his feet, obviously embarrassed.

"Okay, we're here!" Mr. Happy said, pulling into a parking spot.

Once he did, the entire busload ran out, and headed in. After going into the changing rooms, they were ready to enjoy the water park.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" Little Miss Naughty called to her group of friends, known to the citizens of Dillydale as the Sticky Trickies. It consisted of Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Bad, and Little Miss Schemer.

"No way am I going to be a rotten egg to you!" Little Miss Schemer said, as the four mischievous Little Misses ran to the pool.

Mr. Grumpy was trying to enjoy a day of lying out in the sun, but he couldn't due to the fact there were two people annoying him. Two people known as Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy.

"Is this spot taken?" Mr. Small asked.

"Yes." Mr. Grumpy said, but they laid down on their beach chairs anyway.

"Now this is what I call relaxing!" Mr. Small said, as he took his hat off, and laid it down next to him.

"Sure is, Mr. Small!" Mr. Nosy replied.

"Why me?" Mr. Grumpy asked himself under his breath.

Little Miss Daredevil wanted to bring Little Miss Shy and Mr. Quiet on the Hydro Pump, which was the fastest water coaster in all of Dillydale. Little Miss Shy and Mr. Quiet thought otherwise.

"Come on you two!" Little Miss Daredevil said, dragging them along with her. "It will thrill the pickles out of you!"

"I'd rather keep my pickles." Little Miss Shy said, obviously frightened.

"Thrills aren't my sort of thing. I don't like thrills." Mr. Quiet said.

"What did you guys say?" Little Miss Daredevil asked. "Oh well, let's boogie!" She then dragged the quiet pair along onto the ride, with the pair struggling to get out of her grasp, with no avail.

Little Miss Scary and Mr. Spooky were planning on giving Mr. Nervous one of the biggest shocks of his life. Mr. Nervous was in the shallow end of the wave pool, and minding his own business. He didn't see them at all.

"This'll be our best scare yet!" Little Miss Scary said to her younger brother.

"Indeed, sister." Mr. Spooky said. "He doesn't suspect a single thing!"

The terror twosome snuck up behind Mr. Nervous. He still didn't see them.

"Ready, steady…" They were about to pounce, but a huge wave brought them under, crushing their hopes of the fright.

Little Miss Tiny, Mr. Jerk, Mr. Rude, and Little Miss Jealous were in the deeper end of the wave pool. Even though Mr. Rude and Mr. Jerk weren't the politest people in Dillydale, they were being forced to watch over Little Miss Tiny. The four of them were having an inner tube competition to see who could brave the most waves. Most of the time, they were just pulled under. It was thought that all of them were pulled under during the last one, but that's not the case…

"Boy, that was a big one, right Miss Tiny?" Little Miss Jealous asked, after she recovered from the last wave. "Miss Tiny?"

"She's over there!" Mr. Jerk said, pointing to the wave that pulled them under. Little Miss Tiny was in her tube, and was actually riding the wave! She rode the wave all the way to the shallow edge of the pool!

"She rode the wave!" Mr. Rude said, obviously shocked.

"Okay!" Little Miss Jealous said, aiming herself to ride a wave. "It's my duty as a fellow tuber to beat Miss Tiny, and get to the end faster.

She waited for a wave, and instead of being sent to the shallow end by riding it, she was dragged under, and pushed to the shallow end by it!

"Um, professionals like me should stay in the shallow end." Little Miss Jealous said to Little Miss Tiny, who agreed.

Everyone spent the entire day at the water park. Even when the heat wave ended, they still spent the day there. It was starting to get dark, and Mr. Happy started rounding the citizens to the bus.

"What?" Little Miss Comedy asked. "Do we have to go already?"

"How long did you want to stay?" Mr. Happy asked. "It's getting dark."

"J-just a half hour more!" Little Miss Comedy begged.

"…Okay." Mr. Happy said.

"Hey, Miss Comedy!" Mr. Tickle called to her from the sand pit. "You want to make a sand castle?"

Pretty soon, Little Miss Comedy, Mr. Small, Mr. Nosy, and Little Miss Peaceful were working on a large sand castle. Little Miss Comedy seemed to be concentrating on doing something.

"What are you doing, Miss Comedy?" Little Miss Peaceful asked.

"I'm trying to put this sand ball on top of the sandcastle." Little Miss Comedy said, and placed it on a part of the sandcastle, only to have it collapse. She then made another one, and failed again.

"Why do you keep on trying?" Mr. Tickle asked.

"I'm going to get the sand ball on the castle if it's the last thing I do!" Little Miss Comedy said, failing again.

"It's just going to keep collapsing." Mr. Small said, but Little Miss Comedy kept at it.

A half hour had passed, and it was time to go home. The sun was setting in the horizon. Little Miss Comedy had fallen asleep, so Mr. Strong picked her up very gently, so he didn't wake her.

"She did it!" Little Miss Peaceful quietly said, and pointed to the sandcastle. The sandcastle had a sand ball balanced on one of the towers. After looking at the castle, Little Miss Peaceful followed the others into the bus, and sat down next to Little Miss Calamity. Mr. Strong carefully placed Little Miss Comedy next to Mr. Straight Man in the seat, and then took his seat next to Mr. Bounce. Little Miss Comedy soon woke up very slowly.

"It's nice here Mr. Straight Man." Little Miss Comedy squeaked out, the drifted back to sleep, without Mr. Straight Man knowing.

"Its pretty-it's pleasant here in this, uh, little area." Mr. Straight Man rambled to the now sleeping Little Miss Comedy.

"You do know that she's asleep, do you?" Mr. Small questioned Mr. Straight Man.

"Oh…" Mr. Straight Man said.

The bus drove back to the main part of Dillydale, with a feeling of happiness surrounding it.