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It all started with a pair of swords and a boy dressed entirely in red. That sweet boy who was nice enough to give her the Spiral Edge she longed for even though she did nothing to help him. That boy who helped her to level up and become stronger both in the game and in life. The boy she developed a crush on.

It all ended when the world was destroyed and that boy disappeared. By the 'world' she means the game 'The World'. Her character, that sweet boy in red and that Spiral Edge that sealed their relationship all disappeared in the flames that destroyed the world they met in. She tried to find him, but she never did, because although he knew her real name, his was still a mystery to her.

A year passed. Her hope began to wane. She wondered if he remembered her, if he was still with that other girl who she hates and envies for taking her obsession away, or if he was even in this world anymore. Years passed, she had grown up into a confident young woman who still thought about him every few minutes of the day. Even if his memories of her would disappear, her memories of him would never fade.

With the rebirth of the world, she decided to return to it, in the hopes of finding him again. Upon finding the Spiral Edge, though different in appearance, her obsession was born again. She desired to see him again, long to hear his voice. It didn't matter if his appearance or class or PC name was different. All she wanted was to see him again--even if it would be a different face she was looking at. And all the while, she didn't know she would be slowly going through a downward spiral into a state of half-madness as a result of her obsession. Her soul would be split in two: one that desired her hero in red and the other that desired a pair of dual swords that didn't exist and would do anything, anything to obtain them!

Yes, she didn't know it, but she would go through a spiral so similar to the designs of her treasured new blades, longing to find the one she'd give them to return her love...


I wrote this after obtaining Natsume in G.U.: Redemption. I hate what they've made Natsume become. She's almost as bad as Endrance. She totally obsessed with Tri-Edge and Kite and has a split personality. Though it is kind of cool to know that Natsume's now a PK, I hate the fact that she's still obsessed with Kite. Don't get this wrong, though. She was one of my favorite characters since the original .hack games. I hope you'll review!