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Chapter 1: Disappointment

POV: Kimura Kouichi

I'm a shinobi now.

It's surprising that the test for becoming a shinobi was so easy. All I had to do was show them a Clone Jutsu and I passed. I wouldn't be that surprised if we had some more tests later.

Anyway, it was time to leave- everyone was going back to the academy on last time. I put on my favorite outfit- the one I wore in the Digital World, of course- and tied my new Konoha headband over my forehead. It felt weird, but I guess I'd used to it.

My twin brother, Kouji, had also passed. I was really glad that I wasn't alone…not that I would've been, anyway, since Takuya and Izumi passed also, but it wouldn't have been the same without Kouji there. You see, Kouji and I didn't live together since our parents got divorced a long time ago, so we only got to see each other outside of our homes. Despite all that, we were really close, even though we'd only realized we were twins a year ago in the Digital World.

I grabbed my shinobi tool bad and my cell phone before I headed out. I'm sure that Kouji would wear his Digiworld outfit too- all of us did whenever it was something big like this. Of course, it wouldn't be the same without Junpei, who's a year older than us, and Tomoki, who's two years younger, but the rest of our gang would be there.

"Nii-san!" I snapped out of thoughts and realized Kouji was there along with Takuya and Izumi. Kouji had his headband in the place of his traditional bandana while Izumi's was in the same place as mine and Takuya's was tied to his left shoulder.

"Kouji, Takuya, Izumi!" I smiled at them as I ran towards them and they smiled back. I was really glad all of us passed.

"I can't believe everyone passed; I wasn't so sure someone was going to pass!" Takuya's comment received many glares.

"Takuya, you must be talking about yourself; you had the worst grades of all of us." Kouji and Takuya fought a lot- especially when we were in the Digital World. I guess Kouji wasn't the one Takuya wanted riled up, though, since he stopped the fight there.

"Tch…Kouji, you're so harsh…" Kouji smiled slightly. Even though they'd never admit it, Takuya and Kouji were best friends and cared deeply about each other.

"Kouichi, are you ready?" Izumi had decided to talk with me. I nodded.

"Ah…yeah, I'm ready…what about you?" Izumi smiled and nodded.

"Yep; it's so cool that we're all shinobi now!"

"Um, since we're all shinobi, shouldn't we get going to the academy?" I don't think any of us noticed that we had stopped walking until Kouji pointed it out. We started running.

"Shoot! Kouji, you should've mentioned it earlier!"

"Well, someone was busy insulting other peoples' talents which he doesn't even have!"

"Why don't you just both shut up?!"

I sighed. Sometimes it was tough around those two…

"Being a shinobi's pretty boring so far." Takuya laid his head on the table

"You're patient." Kouji replied sarcastically.

"Shut up, Kouji!"

The four of us were sitting the academy- from left to right were Izumi, Takuya, Kouji, and me. We were a little crowed, but we didn't care…well, maybe some of us did.

I sat for a few minutes listening to Takuya and Kouji's bickering before a small commotion happened.

It had all started with Uzumaki Naruto wanting to sit by Haruno Sakura. Naruto was the worst student in academy- especially when it comes to academics. Sakura, who was one of the academy's smartest students, got very annoyed by him. However, that wasn't the main reason she didn't want to sit by him.

"Naruto, move over!" Naruto reluctantly did as told and Sakura blushed and smiled slightly. The person now next to her was Uchiha Sasuke, the class's heartthrob and top student. However, even though he was popular with most of the girls, he never showed any interest in them.

The funny thing about Sasuke was that he looked very much like Kouji- sometimes even more than I do because of similar attitudes, although Sasuke was much colder and antisocial than Kouji was. A few times, Sasuke's been mistaken for me.

Anyway, Sakura had started flirting with Sasuke making Naruto jealous. He therefore crouched in front of him and sent a glare, which was returned.

"Naruto, don't bother Sasuke-kun!" This only made Naruto more jealous and his glare intensened. At this point in time, Izumi was chasing Takuya around the classroom. Izumi had mentioned that in the past year they'd all changed and started to become mature but Takuya said that she hadn't changed at all. Izumi asked what he had meant and Takuya replied that she looked exactly the same- a year ago, Takuya had repeatedly called Izumi ugly.

"TAKUYA!" A scared Takuya dashed from a furious Izumi. When passing Sakura's table he accidentally bumped into Naruto. The result was him falling on Sasuke…and stealing his first kiss.

Everyone- even Izumi and Takuya- stopped in their tracks.

"Ah…hehe…oops…" Takuya tried to run away, but Izumi caught him by his goggles. Kouji sighed.

"For all the stupid things Takuya's done, I think this one wins." I nodded. All of the girls had proceeded to beat up the innocent Naruto. This went on for a while until Izumi finally got their attention.

"Hey, girls, I know that Naruto was the one who stole Sasuke's kiss, but," she held up Takuya, "it was this baka who caused it. So why not turn your attention towards him, okay?" The angry girls looked back and forth between the two boys and, deciding that Naruto was beat up enough, they moved on to Takuya.

"W-wait! It's not my fault; Izumi was chasing me!"

"Because you called me extremely ugly!" Izumi put her hands on her hips and went towards Kouji and I.

"G-gomeni!" The girls were beating up Takuya and he was trying to find a way out of it. I winced and Izumi sighed.

"You know, I kind of feel bad for him now." Kouji rolled his eyes and I sighed again.

It was kind of late for that kind of comment…

"Everyone, settle down!" Iruka-sensei had finally come in and we all sat down. Miraculously, even after the kiss, Sakura's table was the same.

"You're all genin now! We're going to put you into teams of three- one of the most important aspects of being a shinobi is teamwork, as I'm sure you all know, so this is essential. You'll be in your teams for all your missions to come." There was immediate chatter and annoyance at the comment- most of us didn't want to be in teams, although I personally didn't mind.

"Settle down! Now I'll announce your teams, so don't complain! These are permanent, and you can't switch!" Well, now I'm nervous. What if Kouji or the others weren't on my team? As I thought about this, Iruka-sensei announced the first team and they walked out of the classroom.

"Team Two: Kanabara Takuya," All four of us perked up at the mention of Takuya's name.

"Makino Ruki." The slightly cold girl got up.

"Takashi Takeru." The blonde haired boy with a while hat looked defeat. After he turned towards his friends with a sad look, the three of them walked out of the room

"See you, Takuya." Takuya waved, but all of us knew he was disappointed. Iruka-sensei went to the next team.

"Team Three: Ichijouji Ken," Takeru's blue-haired friend looked up and turned towards his two remaining friends in hope.

"Izuzuka Kiba." The dogish boy sighed and Ken's male friend sent Iruka-sensei a glare.

"Orimoto Izumi." All three of us looked down. Most likely Kouji and I weren't going to be on the same team now…

"Well, bye…" Izumi walked out as Kouji and I looked at each other.

"We're most likely not going to be on the same team, Niisan…"


Iruka-sensei had announced the fourth team by now and moved on to Team 5.

"Aburame Shino." The cold and mysterious boy stood up and started to walk out.

"Katou Jyuri." The girl smiled nervously and turned towards her friends before she started to follow Shino.

"Matsuda Takato." Takato grinned and Jyuri's smile was no longer nervous. Takato ran up to her and they walked out together after Shino. Well, at least some people were happy with their teams.

"Next, Team 7: Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke didn't show any sign of acknowledgment, but most of the remaining girls were nearly out of their seats.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Kouji chuckled a bit as the remaining girls looked crestfallen.

"WHAT?! I don't want that teme on my team!" Iruka-sensei sighed at Naruto; "He'll slow me down!"

As Naruto tried to convince Iruka-sensei to switch him out, Kouji turned to me. "Looks like that ruins most of the girls' dream team, huh?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess so." Naruto was quiet now and Iruka-sensei continued.

"Yagami Hikari." All of the girls and a few boys- most noticeably Motomiya Daisuke- looked heartbroken. The surprised girls let her seat to join Naruto and Sasuke's departure from the class.

The fact that people didn't get to be with their crushes wasn't the only reason they were so upset. While Sasuke was the heartthrob for the girls, Hikari was the same for the boys. I'm sure that many people believed that she would now end up getting together with Sasuke…or something.

Iruka-sensei had moved on to the next team. "Hyuuga Hinata!" The pale-eyed girl blushed slightly. I turned towards Kouji, who looked anxious.

"Wishful thinking, huh?" Kouji just blushed slightly.

"Minamoto Kouji!" Kouji looked up unbelievingly. I would be the same way…if I was on the same team as my crush, I would probably be pretty happy…not that I had a crush! Kouji looked at me in high hopes- this would be his dream team right here.

"Shiota Hirokazu!" Well, there go my hopes of being on the same as Kouji. I probably should have known since they said they'd balance out the teams, but I still couldn't help but wish…

Kouji wasn't in total despair as I was, but was still upset. I gave him a sad smile.

"It's okay, Kouji…good luck." He returned my look.

"Yeah…good luck." Kouji nodded and turned towards his new teammates. They left as I sighed; I really wished that Kouji (or at least Takuya or Izumi) were on my team. Iruka-sensei called the next team, but I wasn't listening. After this, I decided I'd better listen in case my team was called.

"Team 10: Lee Jenrya." Jenrya walked away from his remaining friend, Kitagawa Kenta, and up towards the front of the room.

"Motomiya Daisuke." Daisuke merely shrugged and went up towards Jenrya.

"Yamanaka Ino." Ino let out a very load sigh and left with her teammates. There were only five of us left- Kenta, Akimichi Chouji, Haruno Sakura, Shindo Raiko (1), Naara Shikamaru, and myself.

"Team 11: Akimichi Chouji, Kitagawa Kenta, and Shindo Raiko." The three of them walked out and the three of us remaining looked at each other. So this was my team- Team 12.

"So, Haruno Sakura, Kimura Kouichi, and Naara Shikamaru, you're Team 12." The three of us nodded and left. I was pretty sad about not being with Kouji, Izumi, or Takuya, but being teamed up with Shikamaru and Sakura didn't seem too bad.

I ran out of female characters, so I made up an OC. Don't worry, though; she won't be paired up with anyone!

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