DON'T WORRY- this alert isn't about discontinuing either of my stories. I'm still going to write them, but I thought I'd put out a notice since I haven't updated them in nearly two months. I've been very, very busy lately- during the summer I had a house boat trip and marching band camp, and a week from yesterday I started school again (T.T).

Anyway, I've written the next two chapters already for both Chosen Shinobi and Bloodlust, but I haven't gotten a chance to type them up yet. I was going today since I had to stay after school b/c my carpool had a club and such, but I stupidly brought the wrong notebook. Anyway, I'll probably only get an hour-or-so each week to type up the chapters since I have marching band 4 hours twice a week.

Wrapping all this up, I won't be able to update for a while, or at least will only get a chapter or two for each story until the second week or so of November if I'm lucky. Why? I'm starting marching band season a week from this Friday, and once that starts, all my Fridays and Saturdays will be taken up by it, and I'll have to use my Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursday (Mon & Wed already are marching band now) for homework/chores. I'm really sorry about this, but they're both things I have to do (well…not marching band, but I love it a lot and I'm stuck with it now XD)

Thanks for being patient with me and thank you all so much for reading my story! I really appreciate all your reviewers!