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P.S. this story takes place after the events of eclipse, but all of the Cullen's are still in high school.

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The New Girl.


"Hey Edward," I said as I put my tray of food down on the table.

"Hello, Bella," he replied.

"Have you met the new girl yet? She's in my last period class, journalism."

"The one class we don't have together this year…no, I haven't met her, but I've heard that she is nice.

"Very. She's pretty too. We're partners for our next project. She has lunch this period and biology with us after that.
"Hmm, yes well, she's all anyone has been thinking about all day, her names Blair, she's pretty…blah, blah, blah! I wish people would think about more interesting things…"

"Look on the bright side, maybe Mike would bother her instead of me from now on!"

"No, no, he's still thinking about you…"

"Can't blame a girl for dreaming…"

Emmett nudged his brother. "Is she scared of us yet?" he asked.


I scanned the room for Blair, and found her sitting with some of Bella's older friends, Jessica, Angela, Ben, Mike, Eric, Tyler, and Lauren. She was pretty. She had long pitch-black hair, and blue eyes. She was tan, but it looked a little fake to my over-sensitive eyes. She looked up and our eyes met. I immediately caught on to her thoughts.

Shit, this could be a problem. I didn't know that there were vampires here… she looked down and smiled at Angela. The rest of her thoughts were about what everyone in the group was saying. I spent the rest of the lunch listening to their conversation.

"So, why did you move here?" I heard Mike ask.

"I live with my Brother. He got a job offer down by Port Angeles." Blair responded. I could tell she was lying, just not why.

"Do you like it here?" Angela asked.

"Yeah, but the water tastes funny…" she replied. Everyone laughed.

Alice nudged me. You seem worried. Is everything okay? I didn't respond. Is it Jasper? I shook my head. …the new girl? I nodded.

Bella noticed the silent exchange. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, nothing love," I lied. She didn't seem to believe me.

Alice and I got up to throw out our trays. At the garbage can I said to Alice two simple words. Two words that could cause our world to turn upside down; "She knows."



Bella and I sat down in our usual seats in biology. Blair was the last one to class and she sat down at the only available seat, right behind me. She walked past me and I caught the scent of her perfume, but not the scent of her blood. That was odd. Usually perfume can't cover that up… I didn't have much more time to ponder it, because Bella and Blair immediately started a conversation.

"Hello, Blair," Bella said, always friendly.


"Bella," my love reminded Blair.

"I'm sorry. I'm normally good with names, but I met so many new people today…"

"Don't worry about it."

"Hello," I said to Blair, "My name is Edward Cullen."

"Oh, hello. I'm Blair."

The teacher walked up to the front of the classroom to begin his lesson. I ignored him and spent the class trying to read Blair's mind, trying to figure out how she knows about what I am. Most of her thoughts were about the lesson, or wishing she could go home. She only thought about me once. It's so obvious! How can people not see them for what they are? Are we all really that ignorant? I think I have to be extra careful around him…he really doesn't seem to like me, plus I was told that most vampires have extraordinary gifts. The last thing I need is for him to figure me out before I can get the hell out of here… The teacher called on her then, interrupting her train of thought. The rest of her thoughts were on the lesson for the rest of the period.

When the bell rang, I stayed back.

"Blair?" I said. She looked up. "I think we need to talk."

"About what?" she asked, looking nervous.

"I think you know. Meet me and my family in the parking lot, by my car. It's a silver Volvo, kinda hard to miss," I said and walked out, Bella in tow.

"What was that all about?" she asked in front of our next class.

"She knows."

Bella didn't ask anymore questions.



I looked up at the clock above the door and sighed. I only had five more minutes until I was supposed to meet the Cullen's. They were probably going to kill me…

Those five minutes passed all too soon. The bell rang. I put my hair up into a loose ponytail and grabbed my necklace. It was a choker. The charm was the Japanese symbol for invisibility. I wish I was invisible right now. I gathered my books and headed towards the parking lot.

They were already there, waiting for me. The human, Bella, was looking very confused, but the rest of them looked kinda pissed…

"Hi Blair," Bella greeted me.

I tried to smile back, but I doubt it looked too convincing. We stood there in silence for a moment, Bella was starring at Edward, and everyone else was starring at me. I just stood there awkwardly and fiddled with my necklace.

"Look," I said breaking the silence, "I need to get home, can we make this fast?"

"How do you know about us?" the big, buff one asked.


I listened to the girl's thoughts. She just seemed really scared. I then listed for her heartbeat, knowing it would be racing. Silence. Realization spread through me. She had no heartbeat. THAT'S how she knew about us…she is one of us. How did I not notice this earlier!?!

"Your one of us. That's how you know about us." I stated in shock.


"Yeah. Look, I didn't know you guys were here. I'm sorry, but I can't leave. I don't have anyplace else to go." I said, upset that I had been discovered so quickly.

"You have a lot of explaining to do," Edward said, "But not here. Follow us back to our place?"

I sighed. "Fine."


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