Prompted continuation for Leafy :3

The sense of impending doom Saeki felt when summer vacation arrived was not without reason, even though Bane kept laughing at him for being afraid of a vacation. But Ryou still had not stopped glaring at him whenever their eyes met (or any other time, really), and what was worse, Atsushi was coming home for the summer. So if the younger twin had not found out about the Incident yet then he certainly would once he met Davide, or even Bane, because both still found it hilarious.

Well, obviously, the whole thing was still hot, but somehow he doubted Atsushi would agree.


His only way out would have been a vacation to Okinawa with his grandparents, but he supposed he still preferred the twins' wrath over his grandmother ogling boys 60 years younger than her.

The first question his brother asked when their parents had finally left them alone took Ryou completely off guard.

"He made you top, didn't he?"

Ryou spluttered, almost spitting out the lemonade he'd been drinking again. And getting very red in the face. Of course he knew what his brother was referring to, but the Incident just wasn't something he wanted to talk about. Ever. And he was still mad at Saeki for writing that.

"Well, yeah, I suppose… though I didn't read the whole thing…"

The devious grin on his brother's face should have been warning enough not to answer, Ryou supposed, when Atsushi was suddenly pulling him close, pressing a searing kiss to his lips.

"Sounds interesting…" Atsushi's grin widened even more as he walked his brother back towards his bed, "… but I think I prefer you writhing under me."

Something in the back of Ryou's mind told him his brother fully intended to prove that theory to Sae, but he didn't linger on it, thoughts too busy with the teasing hands running over his chest.


Saeki was staring. Of course, staring was rude, but right now he couldn't quite care. Swallowing thickly he closed the door behind himself. And locked it.

The twins had come over soon after Atsushi had arrived home to, as Saeki though, give him a piece of their mind. After all, he supposed, not even Atsushi would be amused at him having written porn on them – not that Saeki was regretting it. But he supposed he deserved whatever the brothers had in store for him. So, being the dutiful son he was he had let them go upstairs and wait in his room until he was done helping his mom with the laundry.

Only, what he found when he went upstairs was far from what he had imagined. There was Atsushi. And there was Ryou. But they were not sitting and waiting. Instead Atsushi had his brother backed against the wall, lips locked and—where was Atsushi's hand?

Yes, Saeki was staring alright, and from the look Atsushi shot him they knew it. This was like a dream come true. No, not like a dream come true, it was a dream come true. In his pants.

Door locked Saeki moved over, lightly nibbling on the younger brother's ear.

"So… mind if I join in?"