Once Coach Asuma's welcome speech for the new guys was over, the burly man told the assembled boys to break up into pairs and practice their moves while he took care of some business in the coach's office. None of the students said anything when, instead of heading back into the locker-room, Coach Asuma intead went off in the direction of the art department. Most of them knew that was where Ms. Kurenai taught an after-school pottery class. Needless to say, most of the jocks ignored his instructions to start practicing, and instead just milled around and goofed off.

"Hey," Kiba said, nudging Naruto once he was sure their coach wouldn't be back for a while. "Check out Kankuro."

"Huh?" said Naruto. He looked towards the beefy Suna guy. "What about him?"

"The asshole's free-balling."


Kiba grimaced. "He's hanging loose. He's going commando."

Naruto just stared at him blankly.

"He ain't got any underwear on," Kiba growled.

Naruto blinked. "What, you mean not even a jock?"

"That's exactly what I mean."

"Man, seriously . . . ? Hey, if we forgot to bring our jocks to practice, we'd get our asses paddled raw!"

"Yeah, I know. That's happened before, remember?"

"How could I forget? Hurt like a bitch. I--Hey, how can you tell he hasn't got any, anyway?"

"By . . . well, just look at the guy. Check out his crotch. You can see a cock outline."

"Huh? Eugh! No thanks!"

"Naruto," Kiba said. "Just look at his crotch. You can see his balls and everything!"

"That's exactly why I don't want to look!" Naruto said, making a show of clamping his eyes shut. "You've got the wrong guy for crotch-watching, dude. If you want I could grab Sai for you, he's right over there . . . "

Kiba rolled his eyes and gave Naruto a wedgie while the dumb-ass had his eyes closed. Naruto yowled, but Kiba ignored him. "Hey,Shino. C'mere for a sec."

Shino walked over. Even at practice where they were liable to get broken if he wasn't careful, Shino still made a point of wearing his dark glasses inside the gymnasium. "Kiba?"

"Hey. Look at Kankuro over there. He wearing any underwear?"

Looking across the gym, Shino minutely scanned Kankuro's body. "No. It would appear that beneath his singlet he is naked."

Kiba grinned. "Heh, thought so."

"Huh. Why'd you think he's not wearing any? Think he just forgot 'em?" Naruto asked, wincing as he tried to pick spandex out from his ass. The sheer material had gotten wedged up in-between his cheeks, making his round butt even more defined than it normally was. The lycra spandex clung to the bubbly cheeks from every angle as he vainfully dug his hands into his crack.

"Who cares?" Sasuke asked, coming in from the side. With a sigh he reached down to Naruto's butt and, with a hard yank, dislodged the seat of Naruto's singlet.

"Ah!" Naruto yelped, before muttering, "Ah, er, thanks, bastard."

"Well, whatever his reasons for hanging loose, it doesn't really matter," Kiba said, "I'm still gonna pin his ass to the mats."

"YOU are?" Naruto said, smoothing out his rumpled singlet seat with a grimace. "Who said you were wrestling him first?"

"Huh? Of course I am," Kiba said, "Who else would? What, you want a go at him?"

"As a matter of fact, yeah, I do!" Naruto said, sticking his chest out. "That asshole used to pick on my buddy Konohamaru. I've gotta get pay-back."

"Konohamaru? Who the hell is that?" Kiba asked.

"Our towel boy," said Shino.

"We have a towel boy?"

Shino nodded.

Kiba scratched his ear, "Who the hell is out towel boy?"

"The one who hands out towels," Shino replied. "In the shower room."

"Ohhhhh, you mean that short kid? With the missing tooth?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah! That's him."

"He's like a miniature Naruto," Sasuke put in, "He emulates the moron. Still can't figure out why. Tag-along runt."

"Hey, who you calling a moron?" Naruto said.

"You, moron."

"Why I oughta--"

Kiba caught Naruto before any punches were thrown, gripping the guy under his armpits. "Alright, alright. Anyway, what the hell did Kankuro do to the twerp?"

"Uhhh, I dunno. Regular ol' bully stuff I think," Naruto said, relaxing a little in Kiba's grip. "I think he locked him out of the locker-room naked once or something . . . ?"

Kiba frowned, "Naruto, you've locked that kid out of the locker-room naked. I've seen you. Hell, once you even did it to me!"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, hahah! That was really funny." Naruto sniggered, and shrugged Kiba off of him. "But anyway, I'm still gonna teach that Kankuro guy a lesson!"

"Not if I get to him before you," Kiba challenged.

"No chance of that!" Naruto responded.

Shino cleared his throat, but was ignored as the two continued arguing over who'd get to wrestle the new guy first.

"Guys," Sasuke said, trying to get their attention.

But Naruto and Kiba weren't listening. They were on the mats now, trying to pin each other down to settle their debate. Kiba was struggling to pin Naruto's arms against his side, while Naruto was busily trying to crush Kiba inbetween his legs.

"Kiba. Naruto," Shino said.

"Guys . . . Hey, GUYS," Sasuke said, finally raising his voice.

"WHAT?" Naruto yelled back, but then cursed as his chest was slammed to the mat and Kiba triumphantly planted his butt down on his back.

"Hah! I win," said Kiba. He grinned and thumped a fist on the back of Naruto's head.

". . . Mmrghlp," mumbled Naruto into the mat.

"Ahem," said Shino. "Kankuro is right behind you."

"Huh? Wha?" They both turned around and, yep, there was the Suna wrestler, leering down at them both.

Kankuro was built like a tank, muscled and stocky. Due to a childhood injury, his nose had been broken once and never healed right, making it a crooked square thing. With his dirty brown hair spiked out in a style similar to Naruto and Kiba's, the guy was a punk, pure and simple. He'd been held back a year, so his body had that much extra time to develop, making him a perfect candidate for Suna's wrestling team. His most obvious feature, though, were the heavy purple lines painted onto his face--his school colors.

His thick arms were crossed over his chest as he looked down at the two wrestlers. "Konoha must be more progressive than I thought," he said with a rude laugh, "They let ballerinas onto the wrestling team in this school?"

"EHH!?" Naruto said, squirming beneath Kiba, asscheeks flexing. "Hey, who you calling a ballerina!?"

"Isn't that what you two pansies are doing?" Kankuro laughed. "Either that or you guys were making out, but I'm trying to give you two fags the benefit of the doubt here."

"Whaaa!? Lemme at him!" Naruto screeched, wriggling his body and banging his fists on the mat. "I'll mess that guy up!"

"Hey, not now dude," Kiba said, settling his weight more forcefully on the guy. "Calm down. Besides--I won, remember?"

Naruto just grumbled, though his fists remained clenched.

"You want something from us?" said Kiba, mimicking Kankuro's stance by crossing his own muscled arms. But the effect was somewhat lost by the height difference between them. The way Kiba was sitting on Naruto's back, his face was about level with Kankuro's crotch.

"I should ask you the same question. I saw you guys eye-balling me," Kankuro replied. He scratched at his groin.

"Yeah," Kiba said with a grin, while noticing that Naruto was just staring dumbly at Kankuro's obvious package. He pointed up at Kankuro's face paint. "We were just admiring the results of your make-up kit there. And you call us fags?"

Kankuro's face darkened. "I've heard enough of that crap from you, Inuzuka. I've told you before that I wear the paint because it's my school colors, and it's tradition."

"Hah! Oh yeah? Is that why your brother wears eyeliner?" Kiba asked, nodding towards Gaara on the other side of the gym.

"Leave my brother outta this."

"Hey, yeah," said Naruto from below Kiba, "I think Gaara looks kinda good."

"Shut up, Naruto," said Kiba, and thumped him on the back of the head again.

". . . Ow."

"And you wear the same shit on your own face," Kankuro pointed out, gesturing at Kiba's red triangles.

"Hah! Yeah, but mine doesn't look gay!" Kiba laughed. "Anyway, I don't have a problem with your paint, man. You wear what you want." Kiba bared his teeth as he said it. "In fact, I like it. It looks pretty hot on you. But then, I've always kinda had a thing for queer clowns."

A flush of anger washed over Kankuro's face. But then, after a brief fight with his temper, Kankuro settled back and smirked. "Heh. Yeah yeah. You talk pretty big, when you're rubbing your ass and balls all over your buddy there."

"Rubbing his what-whats!?" Naruto said in outrage, "That's it, I'm gonna get that guy good!"

"Hey, man, I told you. I won the match, so I get to wrestle him fir--Wha-woah-oof!" Kiba as his back hit the mat. Naruto had taken that moment to surge upwards, leaving an off-balanced Kiba to tumble behind him, legs splayed out and arms akimbo.

"This is gonna be for my buddy, Konohamaru!" Naruto said, and ran full-steam at Kankuro.

"Who?" asked Kankuro.

"Damnit, Naruto!" Kiba roared at the guy's pumping backside.

But Naruto ignored them and kept charging forward, yelling out a battle cry.

With a shrug, Kankuro side-stepped the hurtling Naruto, tripping him up in the process. Then he grabbed hold of the back of Naruto's singlet and, with a harsh pull, gave Naruto his second wedgie of the day.

"Aooww! Shit!" Naruto cried as the tight spandex was forced up his ass crack. "Oooh, not again!"

Naruto spun around and tried to clock Kankuro, but Kankuro caught his fist with a smirk. Then he bodily lifted Naruto off the ground by his own singlet.

"Man, leafies are pussies," Kankuro said. Smirking, Kankuro walked towards the bleachers, carrying Naruto along like a suitcase, driving the spandex further up Naruto's butt with every step.

"Ow, ooh! H-hey . . . Let me go, asshole!" Naruto said, struggling and thrashing in Kankuro's grip.

"Pff, fuck that," Kankuro chuckled, "I'm gonna teach you a lesson not to start shit with me."

"Ooh, you . . . ahhr, crap. What're you gonna . . . ?" Naruto said, wincing at every additional inch of wedgie pulled up his butt. His ass bounced with each pull and yank Kankuro gave him, and the friction in his crack was fucking burning! Like rope burn, except on his asshole.

"You're about to find out," Kankuro said. He went around to the side of the bleachers. Most of the other guys followed them, not wanting to miss the show. It wouldn't be the first time Naruto had gotten a public beatdown, and they were usually pretty entertaining. The onlookers were fine with Kankuro, because he just loved to perform in front of an audience. He'd show these dumbass Konoha guys how things were going to be from now on.

Reaching the desired location, Kankuro lifted Naruto up with a heave, and hung the guy on one of the bleacher's rungs by his two shoulder straps. They stretched out a little at first, and then snapped back like a bungie cord, leaving Naruto to hang helplessly like a human puppet. Gravity would insure that his wedgie would remain painfully in place.

"This is what we do to freshmen up in Suna," Kankuro remarked. Then, just to add further to the humiliation, he gave Naruto two sharp spanks, one on each round bun, making his buttocks bounce painfully and for Naruto to swing back and forth like a human pinata.

"O-ow!" Naruto yelped. He kicked his legs out, which caused his butt to flex out again. "Hey, I'm not a freshman! I'm a junior, damnit!"

"Pff. Whatever," said Kankuro, and gave him another spank.

"Ah!" Naruto said, "Lemme down already, asshole!"

"What do you guys think?" Kankuro asked the other wrestlers, "Should I let him down?"

The various Konoha wrestlers exchanged glances with each other.

"If you leave him there we might at least get some peace and quiet . . . " yawned Shikamaru.

"Leave the idiot there, it serves him right," said Sasuke.

"Yeah! Trying to steal my damn glory!" Kiba agreed.

Chouji munched on a chip (he always kept a few hidden away in his jockstrap for emergencies). "Eh. He's had worse before, anyway."

Sai smiled happily. "I like seeing him up there."

Shino just shrugged.

Up in the bleachers, Hinata might have mumbled a protest in Naruto's defense, but, unfortunately for the hanging jock, nobody heard her.

"Heh. You heard 'em, kid," said Kankuro, "You're there to stay." He gave Naruto's ass one last slap, making Naruto groan and spin around by his rear.

"D-damnit . . ." Naruto said, and reached around to rub his abused rump.

Then Kankuro crossed his arms, set his feet in a wide stance, and faced the others. "Alright, leafies. Let's get this over with. Who else wants a piece of me?"

Kiba immediately swaggered forward, grinning. "Yeah, that'd be me."

Kankuro raised an eyebrow, "You? Don't make me laugh, Inuzuka."

Kiba kept his eyes locked on Kankuro's, his teeth bared wildly. "I'll chew you up and spit you out, Sabakuno."

"Are you forgetting what happened last time we met?" Kankuro said, "Somebody with a big mouth had his ass kicked, if I recall . . ."

"That was a long time ago," Kiba growled. Then he squared his shoulders. "Hope you're ready to get owned, bitch."