Chapter 1

Disclamer - Don't own Ultimate Force wish i did i would never have Killed off Jamie,Pete and Ricky.

As Trooper James Dow stood in front of his BMW 530i with the hood up trying to find out why the car was not starting when he heard his mobile phone play "Ludacris 2fast 2furious."

Knowing instantly who it was.

"Hey Mark how's it going." He asked not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Yeah." Jamie replied into the phone and then waiting on the reply.

"WHAT!" Jamie yelled into the phone as he had done that Pete and Laura had just come round the corner with Henno.

"I will be right there I will need to bring the Subaru." He said shutting the hood of the BMW.

"No the BMW is no starting I was just trying to fix it." Jamie said turning round and coming face to face with Henno, Pete and Laura.

"I'll meet you at the usual place." With that Jamie hung up.

Jamie just looked at Henno knowing he is going to want to know where he is off to in such a hurry.

"Ah Henno I have to go my wee bother Pete has gone and nicked a car I need to find him before plod dose." Jamie said walking past him and locking the BMW with the remote attached to his keys. Henno just looked at Jamie's back as he made his way to the Subaru that was parked next to Alex's MG.

Pete, Henno and Laura were soon joined by Ricky, Alex, Jem, Caroline and Dotsy as they all watched Jamie wheel spin and leave the Hereford

Barracks his destination Manchester.

As Jamie got closer to his old home he had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach that something bad was going to happen. If anything bad happened to Pete he would never forgive himself because in a way he let him down.

When Jamie got to the Golden arms pub there stood his mate Mark with a couple of other guys who Jamie also knew.

As Jamie pulled the car to a stop Mark made his way to him and opened the drivers door. Jamie got out the car but didn't turn the engine off. As he stood by the car the other guys came over there was only four but back in the day they were the guys that nicked any car any where.

"Jamie mate you remember these idiots." Mark said trying to cheer Jamie somewhat up.

"Yeah. Hey John, Craig, Will and Steve." Jamie said shaking everyone's hand.

"Right then we have five cars yours makes six Jamie. Lets find Pete then." With Mark saying that they all got in to there respected cars Jamie knowing that his car belonged to him as for the other five he couldn't say they belonged to them but he couldn't say they didn't either.

As Jamie was driving around Manchester he kept his eyes open for any signs of his little brother.

"If only I knew what bloody car he was driving." Jamie said to himself.

Just as Jamie pulled his beloved Subaru Impreza on to the main street when his mobile rang again. He picked it up and looked at the caller ID all the time keeping the Car on the road the caller ID said "Caroline"

"Hey Caroline what's up."

"Jamie the Police have called in air support on a Stolen Mitsubishi Evo heading south down the main street." Caroline informed Jamie hoping that he got to Pete before Plod.

" I'm heading north he should be coming right at me. I see him I'll call you back." with that Jamie hung up the phone.

Jamie started to drive like he needed to out run the Police for his own sake. Just as Pete passed him in the Evo Jamie did a handbrake turn and was now in pursuit of Pete but from the news chopper that was broadcasting the high speed car chase live all across the UK. Hereford was watching the whole thing play out.

"Jamie's out running them as if there standing still." Jem said watching the telly with everyone else.

Just then The Boss came in and saw the telly.

"Is that Jamie." Boss asked.

Everyone turns and looks shocked that Boss is not flipping out at Jamie.

"Uh yes sir you see the car Jamie is chasing is his little brother. The car his little brother is driving is stolen." Pete said trying to help his mate out a little.

"Oh all right then as long as he is not hurt then." Boss said then left but before he got to the door he turned and said, "Jamie is good at high speed huh." with a smile he left.

Everyone looked at his retreating back with shock.

"Well we know who his favourite one of us." Ricky said laughing.

Meanwhile as Pete tried to take a sharp right turn he lost control of the car and went right through the a brick wall and hit a small ditched which flipped the car over a couple of times and came to rest on the roof.

Jamie stopped the car and made a run for the car shouting his name.

"JAMIE" could be herd from the Evo.

When Jamie got closer he saw Petrol leaking out the fuel tank and it could go up any second. Without a thought to his safety he got to the drivers door and managed to pull Pete from the vehicle just as the Ambulance turned up.

"Peter are you ok" Jamie asked frantic with worry as his little brother was lying in his arms covered in blood.

"I'm sorry I wanted to be like you with cars." Pete said staring up at his big brother.

"Pete I got into a lot of trouble doing what I did, But nice choice on the car." Jamie said with a smirk.

The paramedics came and took Pete from Jamie to give him the medical treatment he needed.

As Jamie stood up four Police officers grabbed him and pushed him to the ground to put handcuffs on his as they did this one said,

"James Dow you are under arrest for theft, Dangerous driving and Speeding. You have the right to remain silent if you do say anything it may be used as evidence in a court of law. Do you understand."

"What the Hell I never nicked anything. I own the Subaru." Jamie said as they led him away from Pete and to an awaiting Police car.

From the back seat of the Police car Jamie could see them loading his car onto the back of a truck to be taking to the impound yard.

"That's going to cost me." Jamie said to himself.

Jamie had been to busy watching the car and Pete that he didn't see Henno and the rest of red troop pull up.

"Get that car off there now." Henno yelled to the Officer that was tying it down.

"Who are you." Asked on Officer walking over to red troop.

"I am James Dow's Sergeant and I demand you release him now." Henno said getting in the Officer's face.

"Look he is under arrest for the theft of that Subaru." The officer replied not liking Henno at all.