Chapter One: Konoha High School

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Author's note: Entire thing (or at least most of this) will be written in Sasori's point of view. Will be Sasodei, just not yet, okay? Also a warning: crack/yaoi pairings.

I groaned. My alarm was being such a bitch for the past few days. I rolled out of bed onto the floor and half tripped standing up.

"God damn clock," I muttered used my bedside table as a support. Today was my first day at wonderful Konoha High school. I started out tenth grade at Sunagakure. Why my 'Oh so loving mother' decided to have me transfer me still pisses me off. She said I needed more 'friends' as if. I pushed my blood red hair out of my eyes and walked downstairs to the kitchen. My cat, Leo, rubbed against my leg and I almost kicked him. I've thought about just flat out shooting him more than once. Not like he wasn't asking for it on all those occasions, but if Leo died Gramma Chiyo might just kill me. I didn't really feel like cooking at the current time, and Grandma Chiyo already left for work. Like I cared though. Grandma basically is just a bitch to live with. I grabbed an apple and went back upstairs.

I left home about ten minutes later. My black backpack just held some notebooks, pencils, and other school junk like that. Konoha High School was just a little bit away. Though I never really liked school much I was pretty much a strait A student back in Suna.

"I just know I'm going to hate this place," I muttered looking at the school. It wasn't very large and there probably weren't that many students, but who really cares? I just have to get this over with so Mom doesn't go and transfer me somewhere else. A migraine inducing bus pulled up to the hell hole called Konoha High. People came out of the bus in groups of two to four students. None of them interested me so I walked on.

I unfolded the piece of paper that was my schedule. I found the locker that was mine and threw my stuff in. The girl with the locker next to mine was a very spacey blonde. She told me her name, Ino, but I didn't really talk to her.

Homeroom was almost as annoying as the front of the school. People were talking and rushing about. A few people tried to socialize with me but they soon figured out it wouldn't work. Once the bell rang I quickly left to find my next class. It was some kind of History class. I took a seat in the back by a window. The teacher took attendance shortly after the bell rang. At the end of calling attendance she looked at me.

"We have a new student today! Come up here and introduce yourself," she said motioning for me to walk up. I walked up slowly. "Well, tell us your name." What the hell? She knows my name. She better.

"My name is Sasori." I looked about the class. Nothing unusual. A few girls were staring or blushing and commenting to each other. And a few guys just smirking a 'He's not that great.' I took my seat in the back and shut up for the rest of class. School was even more boring here.

At lunch I sat at a table in the back. My lunch, or whatever the hell found its way to my plate didn't look very appetizing so I just stared out the window. I had a notebook full of drawings but I felt about as much eating shit as drawing.

"May we sit here?" A shy sounding girl asked. She was with two others. Some pink haired chick and that agitating Ino girl. I glared at Ino.

"Can we like sit here or not?" Pink hair said haughtily.


"So, what's your name? I'm Hinata Hyuuga by the way," the shy girl said quietly.

"I'm Sasori."

"Nice to meet you Sasori, I'm Sakura Haruno," pink hair said extending a hand.

While shaking her hand I said, "Yeah, yeah you're the girl that asked me for my phone number earlier." Her face turned as pink as her hair.

"Ohoh. SKANK! Kabuto's gonna kill you when he finds out!" She shot Ino a death glare and I almost laughed. Generally girl fights were hilarious and seeing these two fight would be even better.

When Sakura returned to her normal coloring she said, "So you're new here right?"


"That explains your lunch," Ino butted in. The three girls giggled.


"Well, what you bought was given a nickname back in grade eight by Yoake," Hinata said. "The nickname was:"

"SHIT ON A BUN!" Ino squealed. I laughed.

"This Yoake guy sounds pretty cool. I should meet him sometime." The girls giggled again. "What?" I asked.

"Yoake is a girl," Sakura said.

"Oh," I said blushing slightly.

"So where are you from, Sasori?" Ino asked curiously.

"I'm from Sunagakure. And I've got a question for you, why are you asking so many damn questions?" A boy laughed.

"Interrogating the new kid, eh girls?" A boy around our age with numerous facial piercings asked. He was orange haired, grey-blue eyed and a bit taller than me.

"H-hi Pein-sama," Hinata stammered.

'Pein? What the hell kind of name is that?' I thought. He put one hand on the table.

"Huh? What's this?" He said picking up my notebook.

"That's my notebook."

"Nice. You could be useful to the club. Come on by Room 101 after Homeroom."

"What if I don't want to?"

"You'll like it." I started to say something but he interrupted; "Besides you mustn't have too many friends if you're hanging out with these girls. That or your just a..." I cut him off with a hateful 'shut up.' "Seeya after school then," he said walking off.

I approached Room 101. I peeked in the room and heard Pein say 'Come in.' I stepped into

the room. I was almost shocked to see only three other people.

"So, I assume you're Sasori?" A blue-haired girl sitting on a desk asked. I nodded.

'How the hell did she know my name? I haven't even told that Pein kid my name.'

"Well, welcome. I'm Konan. You already know Pein, and that's Kisame," she said a smile appearing on her face. She could probably see my confusion and she frowned. "This isn't the whole club. No, there's nine of us total, including you."

"So, Sasori," Pein said handing me a file, "this is the project you'll be working on. There'll be two others helping out with it, Yoake and Deidara." I scanned the file. The project I was to do was an enormous banner for the school sports teams. "And," he continued, "it must be done in two weeks."

"Two weeks!" I asked shocked. "Have you seen this design? Impossible!"

"It was designed by Deidara and Yoake, and they don't find it to be 'impossible.' "

"That explains why they didn't show."

"They didn't 'show' because they're suspended," Pein said slightly irritated.

"Fine, but I'm not working on this until at least one of my 'partners' is here," I muttered through gritted teeth.