I'm baaaacckkk!! Lol, I was re-reading my first story "Claws & Water Don't Mix" and I thought about a sequel. Watching X-men 3 and having several friends upset with me fueled me to write something. I fear I must confess that my updates will take a few days at a time, perhaps a week or so because of school and such. I hope whoever likes this story will keep up with it and review, even it it's just 'good job'. Your name will be mentioned as a 'thanks' thingy in the next chapter.

Idea: Hilary Black comes back at the most ironic timing, the most horrible timing actually. She's changed not only physically but her beliefs have as well. Xavier and Logan wonder where she had been all this time. The answer? Well, let's just say she is starting to see what Magneto sees. This begs the question; can they trust her? While Magneto is starting the war, Logan starts to debate about his love; Jean or Hilary? Plus, lots of scenes and such from X3.
Btw, the title 'Aqua Comes Back' is from Hilary's middle name if you had read or remember the other story 'Claws & Water Don't Mix'. That's her code name; Aqua. I will try my best not to make her a Mary-Sue but if I do, I don't care; so any flames given will be used for my hot tub, thnx.

"Dear Charles,

I'm sorry I haven't written to you in weeks, I've been busy. Life in another country is…complicated to say the least. I love it because it's different, the culture, the language (which I'm struggling with) the rules…everything! Sadly…their views on mutants are as shallow and ignorant as Americans. I'm sorry I can't tell you which country I'm in but hopefully you've seen the clues and can figure it out.

I know, Charles, that you've been trying to search for me for weeks on Cerebro. I'm sorry again (I keep saying that, you notice?) but the group I'm with is dangerous. If your people were to show up, the people here would kill us all.

How is school? I heard you have a few more students working there. Is Scott doing alright? I mean, has he gotten over Jean? And what about Logan? Or did he leave again? Are Rogue and Bobby still together?

I miss you all…I've been thinking about my mother recently. When you get this, if the mail runs the way I hope it will, I'll try to sneak away and talk to you telepathically so search for me this once. Only once, don't send anyone…



There's the prologue thingy. Next chapter will have more; Xavier and Hilary talk once more. We see Logan's thoughts. Review please!