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"Sir, I really hate being here." Hilary sneered lightly, looking around one of the many deserts of Egypt. "I feel myself grow so tired and weak with the heat and hardly any water to play with."

The man next to her rest a hand on her shoulder, his voice husky, "I know, Hilary. You are just like your mother; always impatient. We'll go to a better place soon, just as soon as I'm finished here. Go play with the kids or something."

The short haired blond spun around, "But sir!"

"Hilary." He spoke in a stern tone. "Don't disobey me. I have been kind to you up to now because you're new and are learning. There comes a time when you need to bite your tongue and follow instructions."

"…Yes sir, I'm sorry." She bowed her head slightly before taking off. Immediately several little kids danced around her, shouting games they wanted to play. She smiled, making her boss think just how like her mother she is.

"Hilary, we're here." Charles spoke up, making her glance over. Smiling weakly, she nodded and placed her hood back on. Not only was her hair messy and horribly short, her face was smeared with the dust and dirt of the desert. Not even her new tan could cover that up or cover up the scar under her eye.

When they got out, she looked at him, "Charles, what do you think they will do once they see me?" She meant 'they' as in Logan.

"He will rejoice and question you till he's blue in the face." Xavier looked up at her, grinning warmly. She blushed and nodded, feeling a little bit better. Despite her being gone for months at a time, she looked around the mansion and felt like she never left. She could probably walk around this place blindfolded!

When they got into the basement area, they were stopped by a woman with white hair and dark skin. "Professor! I've been searching for you almost everywhere. Scott and…" She looked up, the worried tone in her voice fading into curiosity. "Who's that? A new mutant?"

Charles smiled, feeling Hilary's hand rest on his shoulder for comfort, "An old student. Now then, what happened with Scott?"

As she started to explain, Xavier said in Hilary's mind, "You may wonder around, I fear this will take a while and you seem exhausted. Go to my room and rest there, I'll settle you into a different one when I'm done."

"Thank you sir." Hilary spoke in his mind, slipping away as Storm went on about a fight.

When she got into the elevator, she felt a memory slip into her mind.

Her boss and her walked into one of the biggest most important buildings in Greece. Stepping into the elevator, Hilary stood next to him. She twitched in nervousness, "Sir, are we going to…are we going to kill anyone?"

The man looked at her with a glance, "Perhaps if we need to." He looked back in front of her. However, he felt her hand twitch again. He didn't need to look at her to see she gulped. "…But we will try not to."

"Thank you sir." Hilary whispered softly as the doors opened, allowing them into the main office. Ever since she joined him, he treated her like a flower, like stained glass. Beautiful but easily broken.

The familiar 'ding' made her realize she was on the top floor. As soon as she stepped out, craving sleep in Xavier's room, she was tackled down.

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