Disclaimer: I only play in the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland. My only payment is the comfort I find in the stories. Enjoy!

Hatter sat on the front porch of his house, gazing along the road. He was having one of his few lucid moments. Every new one was a reminder of why he preferred insanity. This one was the worst. It had lasted several weeks and he hadn't been blessed by his insanity yet. Instead of thinking about tea parties with the March Hare and making his next hat, he was stuck thinking on her. The her who would never come back to brighten his dreary days. She had only come once and it was so long ago. Hatter wished that he hadn't driven her away with his quick remarks. It was one of the few times that he cursed the insanity that kept him going. Since then, he had thought of the young girl who had come so long ago. She must be an adult by now, courting men. She probably still thought him rude and insufferable, which he guessed he was. Wonderland had lost its wonder to him long ago and now life itself had lost its meaning as he awoke to what joys he would never have, could never have.