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"Oh Shit!"Draco Malfoy woke with a start, the white blonde hair plastered to his forehead bearing evidence of the sweat that now covered his body in a fine sheen. Quickly brushing his hair back, he rubbed desperately at his eyes as if to erase a vision from his sight. His lips all the while moving in their new mantra."Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!"

Pulling the covers of his slightly shaking body, he swung his legs round to the floor and made for his private bathroom. Barely had his feet touched the ground before he felt the sticky sensation in his pyjama pants that brought back the full horror of this situation.

Heading to the bathroom and quickly removing the offending clothing, he stepped into his shower and turned the water onto cold, very cold. Mentally berating himself for his weakness, leaning his head against the cool tiles of the bathroom wall. A wet dream for fucks sake! What was he – 12?

And not just your average wet dream, oh no. Draco's subconscious had betrayed him in the most unimaginably evil manner. Horrifically the star performer in tonight's entertainment had been none other than 'The Boy Who Lived' – Harry Potter himself!

Not that Draco was averse to dreaming about another man. He had known for years that pleasure for him lay within his own sex. But Potter, what the bloody fuck was that all about.

The coldness of the water did little to cool Draco's blushes as fragments of the dream came back to taunt his waking moments. Groaning into his hands he remembered with humiliation that his erotic dream had in fact involved very little 'erotic' behaviour. No sweaty bodies grinding against each other, only tender touches, gentle kisses and sweet words whispered.

Quite simply put, Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Ice Prince had come in his pants at the thought of being held and loved by the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

As he stepped out of the ice cold shower, Draco realised the it had not had the effect he had desired and that replaying flashes of the dream had in fact left him with another raging hard on.

As he wrapped his long fingers around the shaft of his now throbbing cock, only one thought passed through his head.

'I'm fucked'