Reflection:Second Cycle

Here is the sequel for those of you who wanted a sequel.


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Chapter 1: Epilogue

Youichi's POV

Hey, my name is Youichi Sakura. I'm a special star, but I don't take missions cause Mikan nee-chan is stronger than that damn Persona. Mikan nee-chan also ordered Persona to not give me missions, and now I'm really glad. I really like my brother-in-law, the famous Natsume Hyuuga.

"Youichi-sama! Where are you?!"

Crap! I guess my fan girls found me. I better run. Oh, yea, back to what I was saying. Mikan nee-chan and Natsume nii-chan have children named Keiko Hyuuga, who is 12 years, and Shiro Hyuuga, who is 7 years. And I really love them. Mikan nee-chan said that Auntie Hotaru and Uncle Ruka also have children, Riku and Rika Nogi, who are 8 years, a year older than Shiro, and they are also my nieces because Natsume nii-chan and Uncle Ruka are best friends and so are Auntie Hotaru and Mikan nee-chan.

End of POV

Normal POV

While Youichi was running away from his fan girls, he found a room and opened the door. He entered the room and closed the door because he doesn't want his fan girls to know that he was there. The room was really dark with red curtains, that were so red it was like blood red. There was a single desk in the middle of the room. "This must have been an old classroom" thought Youichi. Youichi scanned the room for a while, after his eyes were adjusted to the dark, until he found a mirror that was about his height.

He walked to the mirror and blew the dust off the mirror. He found some kind of writing and started reading it.

"You, whom have read this,

Will receive a reflection from this mirror,

One that is your opposite, a sibling of one of your sibling's reflection.

You, who have fallen in love with your own reflection,

Will become a reflection, to live happily with your reflection."

"What a weird riddle?" said Youichi walking towards the door until he saw a flash of light. Youichi turned around only to find a girl around his age, with raven hair down to her waist and red crimson eyes. "Why does she look so much like Natsume nii-chan?" thought Youichi. The girl smiled and said "Hello, I'm Aoi Hyuuga, your reflection. You?" "Youichi Sakura. Wait Hyuuga?" said Youichi. "Sakura? Where did I hear that surname from? Oh are you related to Mikan Sakura?" said Aoi. "Yea. Are you related to Natsume Hyuuga? I'm Mikan nee-chan's little brother." said Youichi. "Oh I'm Natsume nii's half little sister." said Aoi. "Half little sister?" asked Youichi. "Oh sorry, Natsume nii was a human, but his destiny led him to become a reflection when he was 5 and now he is a human again, thanks to Mikan nee. So therefore, I am his half sister because I'm a reflection." said Aoi. "Oh." said Youichi.

"Should we go tell the teacher that I am a transfer student and that you found me at the Sakura tree, lost?" said Aoi before walking to the door. "Whatever." said Youichi, regaining his composure, and walked to the door. Youichi walked Aoi to the teacher's lounge. Youichi opened the door and said "Naru, where are you? I need you now." Narumi popped out of nowhere and scared Aoi, which made her run behind Youichi, but didn't scare Youichi.

"What do you want from me?" asked Narumi. "It seems that we have a transfer student and she got lost." said Youichi. "Okay, I need to talk with the headmaster about his first. So will you come with me, I think the headmaster would like to meet you." said Narumi referring to Aoi.

And blah blah...-if you wanted to know what is happening it is the same thing as when Natsume and Ruka did-

At The Classroom...

"Okay I'll give you the signal on when to go in." said Narumi before walking to the classroom.

"Class. We have a new student, please welcome her." said Narumi and with that said Aoi walked into the classroom. The guys all have hearts in their eyes except for Youichi. The girls were jealous because it was either that their boyfriends like someone else or it was because Aoi was prettier than them. "Please introduce yourself." said Narumi. Aoi nodded her head and looked towards the class. "Hello, my name is Aoi Hyuuga! My alice is the Alice of Fire. In case you're wondering, yes, me and Natsume Hyuuga are related, he's my half big brother. I'm special star and in the dangerous ability class." said Aoi with a smile that even caught Youichi's attention.

Youichi's face was red, but he was covering it with his bangs because he didn't want anyone to see him like that. "Now who would like to be Aoi's partner?" asked Narumi. All the hands of the guys shot up, except for Youichi. Aoi tugged on Narumi's sleeve and said "Can I pick my own partner?" Narumi nodded his head in reply. Aoi was searching around the room and her eyes laid upon Youichi who was sitting at the back table.

Aoi lifted up her hand and pointed her finger at Youichi. Narumi nodded and said "Would Youichi Sakura be Aoi's partner?" asked Narumi. "Fine." said Youichi and raised his hand so that Aoi could find him. "Aoi, you are to sit next to Youichi as he is now your partner." said Narumi before waltzing out of the room.

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