Pirates of the Caribbean: Unexpected Visitors


"All right Jack. What do you want?"

"I have a proposal for ye."

"Which is?"

"Have ye ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?"


"How much?"

"Enough to know that it's dangerous and that all who venture there never return."

"Ah, that's where yer wrong mate. They don't disappear. They go somewhere."


"The future."

"Sure, right."

"Will, I'm serious! It's some type of a time warp! Gibbs told me so hisself!"

"Jack, you can't rely on him to tell you what's fact and what's not."

"Come on mate! I know for a fact you've seen some pretty odd things when you were captain of the 'Dutchman.'"

"Yes, but not time travel!"

"Come on lad. What say you to a little adventure with yer best mate eh?"

"I don't know Jack…"


"What about Elizabeth? And William? I can't leave those two! Not now! Not after I've just gotten them back…."

"Suit yerself mate. It was just a suggestion…"



"I'll…I'll come."

"Ah, I knew you'd warm up to me…."

Chapter 1

"Have we got everything?" 20-year old Regina asked her best friend Megan.

"I think so," Megan answered. "We better double check though."

18-year old Megan, or Meg as she was called, picked up the list of items off of her bed. She began reading off the items when she stopped suddenly and drew her gaze over to her Captain Jack Sparrow poster hanging on her sparkly pink wall above her bed. She sighed.

"Too bad I can't bring you with," she said.

"That?" Regina scoffed "I'd rather take him!" she jerked her thumb in the direction of the Will Turner poster hanging on the opposite side of the room.

Meg laughed. As long as either of them could remember, Meg and Regina had been fans of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films since they were in high school. The minute those two girls first met at summer camp, all they talked about was the movie. Regina, who was sixteen at the time, had fallen in love with the dashing William Turner. Megan, on the other hand, being two years younger, had gained a full-fled crush on the roughish pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. But each girl liked the other character just as much. That was nearly four years ago. Now, Regina was a junior in college and attending Steubenville University in Ohio. Meg had just graduated this past year and was going to go to Northwestern College in her hometown of Roseville, Minnesota next fall. This summer, the girls wanted to spend as much time as they could together before they had to part again. So, being the full-fledged pirate fans that they were, the decided to take a month-long vacation to the Caribbean in July. It probably never would have happened if it wasn't for Meg's rich second cousin Mark who owned a summer home in Jamaica. Meg had called him up and asked if it was okay to go. He had told her yes, and they booked their flight, and were now down in Meg's bedroom waiting for their drive to the airport.

Regina flopped down onto Meg's bed.

"I can't believe what happened to them in the third movie!" Regina exclaimed referring to Will and Jack.

Regina and Meg, along with Regina's sister, and a few of their other close friends had all gone to see the midnight showing of "At World's End" a few months before. Of course, being a die-heart Will fan, Regina was devastated about what happened to Will on board the 'Flying Dutchman' and sobbed her head off for the rest of the film. Luckily, they had stayed after the credits to watch the hidden scene, and she was all smiles once again. The girls were even happier when they found an article online explaining if after ten years the 'Dutchman's captain returns and finds his love waiting for him, he is free from is curse, his heart restored to him, and he can live on land again.

Meg nodded at Regina's comment.

"I know," she agreed "I mean, those two didn't even say good-bye to each other! They could've at least had some sort of conversation about it. But hey!" she shrugged "At least Will got to stay for good with Liz and their kid, right?"

"Yeah," Regina nodded "You're right."

Just then, a knock was heard on Meg's door.

"Come in!" both girls cried.

The door opened and in walked Mrs. Graham, Meg's mom.

"Hello girls," she said smiling "Ready to go?"

"Yup," Meg said getting off her bed.

"All set," Regina nodded also getting up.

"Okay," Mrs. Graham said. "Let's get your things upstairs.

"Now remember girls, if anything happens just call me."

"We know mom!" Meg groaned.

For the past twenty minutes her mother had been rambling on about what the girls can and can not do. She was a mother after all and it was her job to worry, but seeing as Mrs. Graham was also a nurse? Well, that made the worry attacks happen a bit more often.

Finally the reached the airport and the three of them jumped out of the car and pulled the luggage out of the trunk and onto the sidewalk.

"And most importantly," Mrs. Graham finished "No talking to any strange boys no matter how cute they are!"

"Yes mom! We get it!" Meg laughed and gave her mother a hug "We'll be fine. We promise."

"Be good," Mrs. Graham said placing a kiss on Meg's cheek.

"I will," Meg kissed her mom back.

"Bye Mrs. Graham," Regina said hugging Meg's mom.

"Good bye Regina," Mrs. Graham hugged her back.

"We'll be back before you know it!" Meg exclaimed giving her mom one last hug.

She ran over to Regina and turned back to wave at her mom as she drove away.

"Finally!" Meg sighed with relief as the van went out of sight. "If I had to hear one more of her 'don't do' rules I think I might have exploded!"

"She's just want you and I to be safe," Regina said "Besides," she added with a grin "The only guys we'd talk to would be Jack and Will."

"Yeah," Meg laughed as they walked inside the Lindbergh Terminal "But that would utterly impossible since they've lived 200 years ago!"

Both girls giggled as they passed through security and into the main lobby of the airport.

"It says that we're at gate number G20." Regina said looking at her ticket.

"So that mean we wanna go…" Meg looked around until she say a sign that read 'Gate G.' "...that way!" she pointed towards the gate and the rushed over to it. It took about 15 minutes to get there. Upon arriving they set their carry-on bags on the chair next to Meg and Regina went to check in. After about 20 minutes, the flight attendant's voice echoed through the crowd.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen," she said, "Flight 836 to Port Royale, Jamaica is now boarding rows 12-30."

"Oh that's us!" Regina said standing up from her chair.

"Caribbean here we come!" Meg squealed as she went into line.

This was going to be a vacation to remember…..

"Jack! Are you sure this is a good-SPLASH!"

"Trust me mate! What could possibly go-SPLASH!"

"Men overboard!"

"Jack! Will!"

"NO!" Meg yelled as she awoke from her dream.

"Meg?" Regina looked over at her friend "You okay?"

"Yeah," Meg answered sitting up in her seat "I just had a horrible dream that Jack and Will got tossed over board during a storm…"

Meg was going to go into further details when the captain's voice echoed overhead.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are arriving at our destination. The local time in Port Royale is 7:25 pm. On behalf of Northwestern Airlines, thank you for flying with us."

"I can't believe it!" Meg squealed as she walked into her cousin's house "A house right by the beach! This is so great!"

"No kidding!" Regina nodded just as excited "This house is gorgeous!"

Regina was right. The beach house was quite something. The front door opened up into a small hallway with a closet and coat rack on the left side. The hallway led to a living room with a huge picture window that had a view of the beach, on the far wall. A flat-screen TV hung on the right side of the wall along with a shelf filled with DVD's. An off-white sofa was opposite of the television complete with pillows and blankets. Behind the sofa was a small step that led to the dining room and little further aways was the kitchen, already stocked for the girls. If you turned right from the dining room you'd find a foyer that led into the parlor along with a flight of stairs the led up to the bedrooms. Meg picked the room on the far left; Regina picked the one on the other side of the hall. Both had magnificent views of the ocean. From the parlor, there was a glass sliding door that led out to the backyard. There was a small deck, a pool, and grassy area with flowers. It was the perfect house for the girls.

They unpacked, ate dinner, changed into their pajamas and fell asleep on the living room sofa watching 'Master and Commander.'