Okay...this is the ending. This is it until the sequel is posted! Thanks for reading everyone! Meg


'Ugh' Regina thought glumly rolling out of bed the next morning. 'This is gonna be a long day!' She dragged herself into her bathroom and took a quick shower. After doing this, she got dressed into her jean shorts and tie-dyed tee-shirt and placed Will's pendant around her neck. She sighed. 'Oh Will,' she thought sadly 'Why did you have to leave like that?'

Regina sighed again and slowly made her way downstairs. She found Meg, sitting on the couch, fiddling with something gold in her right hand, while in her left, she was holding what appeared to be a letter of some sort. Her jacket was draped on her shoulders.

"Hey," Regina said trying to sound cheerful. "What's that?"

"Jack," Meg replied.


"Jack stuck it in my jacket pocket. It's a coin," Meg held up the letter "this came with it."

Regina took the letter from her friend and began to read it out loud:

Dear Meg & Regina,

I'm sorry that Will & I had to run off like that. We wanted to let you know that we are going to miss you two like crazy! We'll never stop thinking about you, that's for sure! But just in case, I sent along this coin that Tia Dalma, or Calypso as we now call her, gave to me. She claims that it has the power to send who ever is holding the coin to whatever place (or person) of his (or her) choice…

Captain Jack Sparrow

Regina's hands trembled with excitement as she set down the letter.

"Meg," she whispered "Do you know what this means?"

Meg nodded.

"We can see them again…"