Pairings: NaruHina and SasuHina

Summary: Hyuuga Hinata always believed in second chances. So when her first happily ever after falls to pieces its only fair that she gets one herself- she just doesn't know it yet.

Disclaimer: I do not, and most likely never will own Naruto and all the creative and loveable characters that come with it.


Sasuke's POV

Once upon a time… that's how you start a fairy tale right? "Once upon a time there was a girl named Hyuuga Hinata. Her story is pretty much like Cinderella's- just replace the evil stepmother with a cold father, and the evil stepsisters with a sister that's pretty distant and a cousin who hated her until her prince charming kicked his sorry ass."

Ah, yes. Isn't he the ideal prince charming? But I digress. On with the story…

"Her prince charming wasn't actually a prince. He didn't actually live in a castle, he wasn't well loved," (and from my point of view) he was just a ramen eating, annoying, dobe! "But (from her point of view) he was kind and nice to her and, to her, that was all she needed." Which I suppose would actually be a big deal all things considered. Tch. Women. Always with the touchy-feely need for a display of emotions. "His name was Uzumaki Naruto and his dream was to become the next Hokage of the village of Konaha."

Ok, so Cinderella's story didn't actually have ninja's or hidden villages or anything cool like that but I was never big on fairy tales anyway. (But I know it had fairy Godmothers. Pfft. As if that would ever happen.) My childhood didn't really last long, so I don't actually remember much of the stories my mother would read to me. But I remember Cinderella and the principle's the same. Poor girl meets prince. They fall in love. They get married.

And where, you ask, is the dobe's best friend in this? I'll tell you; he's on the sidelines (actually he's playing the role of best man) enduring the worst day of his entire fucking life. Or second worst day. Third? Whatever, my life's pretty fucked up but I can tell you that the moment definitely was up there among the top five worst moments of my life. And when you're me, that's saying something.

So there I am, watching as she's getting married to my best friend. Ouch. And because of my role, I get to be right up there watching as she walks towards us. For a moment, I can pretend that she's walking toward me, but really, how long can a guy ignore that her eyes are watching the person beside him and that he himself is basically the equivalent of a wallflower in her world. Double ouch. Especially when said wallflower has a fan club and rabid fangirls that chase him all over the damn village- that is just how wanted he is. Seriously, I have the fangirls, the fan club, the looks, enough money to actually afford living in a castle, and the one girl that I would actually want runs off with my best friend. Kami must hate me or something.

We all know what happens now. "And they all lived happily ever after." Except for the best friend.

So who knew that it wouldn't work out after all?


Lil-anonymous-girl: Gomen, it was short, ne? Since this is only the prologue, hopefully the next chapter will be longer.

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