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Summary: Adam feels guilty for doubting his friend and decides to talk to Watch about it

Timeline: Set right after the evens of book 23, Phone Fear

Warning(s): Spanking; spoilers up to and including book 23

Author's Note: Since, in the later books, the author makes a point of mentioning two years as having passed, the characters are fourteen instead of the never-ending twelve years old.

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Summary of book: (Skip this if you know the fandom already). Spooksville isn't the real name of the town, of course. That's what the kids call it, because spooky things happen there; and not all monsters wait until the sun goes down... There are five kids - Adam, Sally, Watch, Cindy, and Bryce - who have been fighting to save their home and the world while being prepared for a 'great destiny.'

In Phone Fear, an entity which was created online starts phoning people and threatening them to get what it wants. Watch - the genius of the group - works out that the entity wants a body; and offers to build it one, using the body of a robot friend who sacrificed herself to save their lives. Since he gets really into it and only cares about finishing the body, the others - except Bryce - all think that he's turned against them. Adam even says that he's not sure they're still friends.

As it turns out, Watch was concerned with getting the entity - called Neernitt - into a body where it could be destroyed and not hurt anyone else. He also worked out who was really controlling the entity.

Adam was reluctant to leave his friend's house, even after everyone else had gone. He felt terrible about how he had treated Watch. Even though everything had turned out all right, he couldn't let go of what he had said to his friend. He should have known the truth; he should have known that Watch would never have betrayed them.

"Aren't your mom and dad expecting you back?" Watch asked from behind him.

Adam turned round to look at his friend. "I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Watch," he said. "I should have known you wouldn't turn against us." It w0as easier than he'd thought to admit his mistake - but it still didn't lighten the guilt he felt.

"There was no way to tell you without making Neernitt suspicious," Watch replied. "I'm sorry I had to deceive you, but it was the only way to make sure no one else would get hurt."

"I know." Adam nodded slightly. He remembered the secret meeting he, Sally, and Cindy had had in the bathroom. Sally had commented on how obvious it had been that they were having a secret meeting.

If Watch had tried to let them know what was really going, Neernitt - and Savannah - would probably have got suspicious.

"You should probably go home and let your parents know you're still alive."

"Always an important thing to do in this town." Adam had learned that lesson some time ago - though his parents still didn't know the truth about what really went on in the town. If they ever found out, they'd leave without even taking the time to pack.

Of course, adults usually only saw what they wanted to see...

"Adam? I think something else is bothering you."

Adam looked up, meeting his friend's eyes. Though Watch very rarely showed emotion, Adam knew him well enough to know that he was concerned. "It's the same thing," he said. "I should have trusted you. You're my friend, Watch; and you saved my life. What I said to you was wrong."

"It's fine, Adam."

Adam peered closely at Watch. Was that a hint of hurt in his eyes? He couldn't tell for sure; Watch was always so guarded. "I'd feel better if I could make it up to you somehow." A part of him felt like he should be punished for how he'd betrayed his friend.

"What did you have in mind?" Watch asked.

"Well... I've been thinking about it." Adam took a deep breath, feeling a little unsure - but he felt like he should take responsibility for his mistakes. "I made a really bad decision. I don't think I can handle this guilt. So you should punish me." Adam didn't hesitate - he didn't want to lose his nerve.


Adam blinked, taken aback by Watch's immediate agreement. It was something of a relief, though. He didn't have to talk his friend into doing it. But it made him concerned about how much he had hurt Watch. "Good. That's... good." He took another breath. "So... my parents used to spank me. I though..." He shrugged slightly, fidgeting a bit. This was awkward...

Watch nodded and glanced briefly at the sofa, before looking again at Adam. "Do you want to do this now?" When Adam nodded, Watch walked over and sat down in the middle of the sofa.

Adam hesitated briefly. He remembered how humiliating and painful being spanked was, but Watch's reaction to his suggestion told him that he was doing the right thing. At least Watch's family wasn't around, as tragic as that was. He wasn't about to back out now.

Adam walked over to Watch's side. He started to lean over his knees, but paused when Watch laid a hand on his arm. "You know how this goes."

"You're right. Sorry." Adam undid his jeans and pushed them down. After another momentary hesitation, he pushed his pants down as well. Then, he leaned across Watch's lap, aware of how exposed his bare bottom was.

"Adam, I really don't blame you for being suspicious," Watch said. "I probably would have thought the same in your place."

Adam shook his head. "You're a genius, Watch. You would have worked it out. We've been friends for nearly two years. I know you'd give your life for mine in a moment." He should never have doubted it.

"Yes," Watch agreed. He didn't say anything else, just started spanking Adam hard and fast.

Adam's breath caught in his throat at the sharp smacks. Had Watch done this before? It sure felt like it. And while he should feel humiliated to be over his best friend's knee, being spanked, he felt guilty more than anything else.

But with each hard smack, it felt like the guilt was lessening; like he was paying for having hurt his friend.

It didn't take long for Adam to start crying. He felt like he deserved the spanking, which made the pain a little easier to bear.

At first, Adam didn't realise that the spanking had stopped. Eventually, he became aware that there was just a throbbing in his bottom. Slowly, he pushed himself up, rubbing at his sore cheeks. Then, he raised his head to meet Watch's eyes. "Are we still friends?"

Watch showed a rare smile. "Of course."

The End