Kind of a spur-of-the-moment type drabble. I think...yes, it can be considered Reno/Tifa. For some reason I'm starting to like this pairing.

As a random side note, I actually had a dream a few nights ago where Reno did something similiar to what he does in this. I thought 'That was so weird! I have to to turn it into a fanfic!' So here I am. Also, I always write something with 'Presently, (insert action her).'

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and all characters belong to their respective owners, which are most certainly not me.

"It's a piano."

Tifa glanced up at Reno from behind her newspaper. "Yes."

The red head dragged his finger through the dust covered top, bringing it up to his face. "Did you pay extra for the dust, or was it a freebie?"

"Ha ha. Very funny." Presently, she turned her attention back to the article--something about the sudden and disturbing lack of moogles in the city…

"I'm serious!" He walked around the instrument, lifting up the top, inspecting it. "This is freaking old. Did you even check to see if it works?"

Tifa sighed. "Yes, Reno, it works." She placed the newspaper down. At this rate, she'd be lucky if even finished reading a sentence. "What are you doing here, any way? I thought you came to be sociable, but it seems all you want to do is annoy me."

He smiled slightly. "I got a day off, and you let me in. Wasn't a matter of if I wanted to be 'sociable' or not." Reno pushed down on one of the keys, which let loose a less than melodic sound. "Damn, the thing's not even tuned."

"And just how do you know something like that?" Tifa asked, leaning forward from her seat on a bar stool.

Reno just smirked, sitting down in front of the piano. "So tell me, Tif, you know how to play this?" He asked after a moment, tilting his head back a bit.

Tifa frowned at the 'nick name' Reno had given her. "No. And don't call me that."

The man's smirk grew. "Plan on learning?"


Reno laughed. "If you don't know how to play and aren't going to take lessons then why'd you buy it?"

Tifa shrugged, sighing. "I don't know. Maybe I could resell it?"

"Well, I don't know about that…" Reno flashed her a quick grin, and before she could question him, he stretched out his arms and began actually playing the rather large instrument, fingers moving across the keys in such a practice and refined way that most certainly Tifa did not think he could.

Once he finished the song, he turned back to Tifa, grinning once again at her expression.

"La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin, by Claude Debussy," He supplied, his smile widening as she open and closed her mouth.

"Er-how'd you--"

"I could teach you, if you like." Reno stood, shrugging a hand into his pocket. "Well…I would for a few free drinks, any way."

Tifa only paused a second more, before a smile wormed its way onto her face as well.

"Why not?"