Unknown Changes

What if Edward joined the Volturi? Would Bella still be changed?Would there love survive? Post Eclipse. I own nothing

Bella P.O.V

It was a typical day at the Cullen household. Edward and I were sitting in the living room watching television. Carlisle was at the hospital. Esme was in the kitchen with Emmett cleaning up the mess he made trying to make pancakes. Rose and Alice along with Jasper were out shopping. As we were sitting there I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on around me. I was to be changed in less then two weeks and leave my family in Forks behind. As we sat there, Edward with his arm around my shoulder, broke the uneasy silence.

"What are you thinking my love?"

I replied briefly "Nothing I am just enjoying our time left in Forks."

Edward still wasn't so keen on the idea of me becoming a vampire. He would try any excuse he could to talk me out of it, but I wasn't going to crack. If that was the only way to be with my Greek-god forever, then it must be done.

"You don't have to go through with this you know." He told me for the thousandth time that week.

I replied as always "Edward, You know I want this more then anything else. I am not going to change my mind."

He chuckled. "Bella, I want you to be happy. If this is what you want so be it."

We sat in silence for a while longer until Emmett burst through the kitchen door covered in pancake batter.

"Who knew cooking could be this tough. How do you do it Bella?"

Before I could answer, Esme came into the living room soaked from head to toe. Edward couldn't hold back his laughter any longer and started rolling on the floor, gasping for unnecessary air.

"Esme, What happened in there?" I asked

Esme looked at Emmett with a look that I have never seen her give anyone. Anger.

Esme replied to me in the sweetest tone she could muster at this point "Dear Emmett here thought it would be funny to clean up the pancake batter with the hose."

At this I was beside Edward on the floor gasping for the air that I actually needed. Esme looked at Edward and I and her glare softened. She then took Emmett by the ear back into the kitchen as Carlisle walked through the door. At this point Edward was already up and helping me up. Carlisle thought nothing of it and went into the kitchen and walked right back out.

"Do I want to know what happened in there?" He asked shocked

"Emmett and cooking don't mix" Edward exclaimed and Carlisle heard enough.

As Carlisle went into the kitchen to help Esme and Emmett. Rose,Alice and Jasper walked through the door.

"Hey guys" Alice said in her bell like voice and trying hard not to laugh.

"Whats so funny?" Jasper and Rose asked in unison

Jasper then followed my gaze to the kitchen door and opened it.

Rose,Jasper,Alice,Edward and I all broke into laughter at the sight within the kitchen.

Emmett was cover in pancake batter and on the floor trying to get up. Esme and Carlisle were trying to clean the counter and windows that were splattered with pancake batter, but every time Emmett tried to get up he'd flop back down cause more batter to spread out across the kitchen. As Emmett was about to ask for help the entire thing was cleared up in no time.

Alice, Rose, Jasper,and Edward had seen enough and thought the only way for me to get something to eat was for them to help clean up. After the kitchen was clean, Emmett mutter a thanks to everyone and went upstairs to clean up as did Esme and Carlisle. Edward,Alice,Rose,and Jasper were spotless as was the kitchen. Edward then scooped me up in his arms and ran me upstairs and dropped me upon the bed.

"So my darling wife, What would you like to do on this fine evening?"

"Well my darling husband, I would like to go make something to eat considering I haven't eaten dinner yet"

As this was said,Edward was out the bedroom door and downstairs in the kitchen.

I jumped out of bed only stumbling slightly and walked down the stairs with as much care as I could still managing to trip on the last stair. I was expecting to come in collision with the hardwood floor, but of course Edward caught me before that could happen.

"Maybe we should put in carpets" Edward exclaimed chuckling slightly.

"Ha ha Mr. Quick Vampire." I said still turning red with embarrassment.

Thats one of the things I was looking forward to when I was changed. Getting rid of this horrid blush. Edward loved it, how I do not know,but it will be gone soon.

Edward let me go still chuckling and returned to the kitchen which I could smell the odor of chicken wafting through the door. I went into the dining room and flopped down onto one of the chairs. Edward then walked through the door with a plate of chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes. How a vampire with no taste can make such exquisite food is beyond me, but I am not complaining. Edward sat there as I finished my meal. As we were going to return upstairs, there was a knock at the door...

I know this isn't the best chapter, but its my first fan fiction. Please bear with me. Just to clear things up. Edward and Bella are married. Bella is living with the Cullens. It is around 6 in the afternoon in this chapter and Emmett wanted to cook Bella dinner, but he knows nothing about human food. Review please.