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Warnings: Some violence and moderate language in later chapters.

Continuity Information:

This story is set within the DS9 continuity of the Mirror universe. Based on characters created for a fan trek series, although canon characters do appear, remember this is within the context of the mirror universe. The story is set around the time of 2395.


Prologue: Awakening.

It was on the edge of the milky way, in a star system that had never been cataloged. Made up of barren rocks, the only company circling a dying star. These asteroids had once held life, were in abundance with minerals and riches, artisans and inventors. A civilization that had crossed the stars while most of the galaxy were still microbes, swimming in the murky pools forming on the faces of their worlds. This great race now long gone. The lush worlds they lived on and loved on only charred embers. All but one.

A planet on outer edge of the system was more than rock, more than cinders. It was black, crusted with lava and covered with pock marks from stray asteroids. The atmosphere, once thin and clear suddenly turned black, as age old mountains split open and poured thick dust and ash into the sky. The whole surface shivered as it's orbit decayed rapidly. Spiraling toward the dimming globe that had once burned as a beckon to the returning ships. As the planet fell toward the dirty red orb the ground heaved, mountains shook as torrents of Lava poured out from beneath the crust. Great shards of earth pierced through the ground, creating new spiked mountains with burning liquid foundations. Chunks of land cracked and twisting free as the upheaval continued with a renewed ferocity. Cliffs crumbled into boiling oceans of molten rock and metal, hissing as the freezing cold dirt met with the steaming mass of gelatinous heat.

The surface now boiling and torrid, liquid rock swirled across the surface as the planet continued it's course towards the center of the system and the minuscule life giver. The once great foundation of these worlds would yet again give life, it's last act would be a gift. Dust hurled off the surface and the atmosphere began to thin as the hulking, boiling mass spun towards the center of the system. It was a race, a race to the death. A tail streaked across the system, black and red particles shimmering in the dying light.

The last of the land gave way as molten rivers seared it away. The planet was now caught in the intense gravity field of the decaying star. The boiling surface of the writhing world now only miles from the cooling surface. Radiation pulsed over the molten surface like waves beating a shore. A great burst of lava spewed from the crust, it's fringes hissing among the gases of the star. The gravity pulling the planet round the sun, the orbit a small circle decreasing with the sun. The last of the black atmosphere burning away, being pulled into the sun as the spinning globe of lava made it's way round the back of the star.

Now the last of the hydrogen had burnt away gone and only a vacuum remained where molecules once blazed. The surface expanded, the gases pushed away like a cloud across the system. The boiling world thrown out with the gravitation shock wave. It's liquid mass swirling and crashing waves meeting at points. It was at the distance. The star began to fall, collapse in upon it's self. The boiling mass slowing as the pull increased. Slowing on it's axis. The liquid magma beginning to cool in the vast emptiness of space. The surface of the star was almost as small as a finger nail when it finally gave up to the inevitable. The blast wave shook the system, the remaining rocks flying out into space to crash into planets or become members in a belt. The cooling mass was ready. The skin hardened for the impact, the spires in place to ward off dust. Time seemed to stop, an eternity passed before it came. The shock wave cracked the lava, great plates of frozen black rock split, new molten rock poured from these gashes on the planet. The surface burned once more as it began it's journey. It had been so many eons since it had crossed the stars to it's home but now was time to find their new one, find those who had left it so many millennia ago.


Author's Notes:

I seem to be devolving a knack for confusing prologues with creatures floating through space causing destruction, don't worry, it will all become clear. Hope you enjoyed, please R&R.

Many thanks must go out to the wonderful OrbThesela for being my Beta and having the strength of a saint to put up with my grammatical errors. I owe you something big and shiny.