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It started to rain.

'I should get up' I thought blankly, 'I'll get wet…oh well'





"Where is she?"


"I don't know"



'So far away" she thought vaguely.


"I found her!" A deep voice boomed.

'Much closer' she thought.

"Have you been hurt?" the voice was over her now.

'Have I?'

"Come on—we need to get to back to Charlie and into warm clothes"

He held out a hand and she stared at wondering what exactly she was supposed to do with it. The man shrugged. He bent down and picked her up.

She should have been scared. She should have demanded he put her down and walk on her own. As she thought this the strength seemed to leave her body leaving her no choice but to let him carry her through the woods.


I was cold. He was warm, much warmer then her should have been. I snuggled into his chest. He looked down at me but I didn't care.

"Why are you so warm?" I mumbled.

"What?" he asked quietly.

"Warm, you're burning up, you feel like you have a fever"

I looked up just in time to see a panicked look flit across his face. But it was quickly replaced by a calm mask.

"You're just cold" he laughed "everything seems abnormally warm to you!"

"humph-maybe" I wasn't convinced.

"And delirious" he muttered.

I glared.


Uh-oh, now he's going to want to know what happened to me.

"-you know Jacob"

hmm, that was a surprise. Not what I was expecting.


"How well do you know him?"

"Not very"

He grinned.

"Well-" I said defensively "it's not like I see him every day—but I knew him when I was younger—" A lot younger "and I've seen him a couple times in the last month"

He snorted–still looking amused.

"How well do you know him?" I shot back.

Panic again—what was he hiding?

"Better the you think" he muttered—and then—


I groaned quietly –the man who was holding me felt it and chuckled.

I growled.

His chuckle turned into a full blown barking laugh that carried on for miles around.

"Bella!" it was the relived cry of my father that made me realize just how stupid of me it was to have followed Ed—Him into the woods.

I felt the weight shift slightly under me and I realized I was being transferred from the man's arms to Charlie's.

I latched myself onto the man and shook my head.

"I wanna stay here!" I mumbled quietly—too quietly for any human to hear.

The man heard me. He relayed my message to my dad and—since I was still halfway into his arms—I felt him shrug.

"Whatever floats your boat" I could hear the smile in Charlie's voice.

"He's warm" I muttered defensively. I seamed to be very defensive lately.

"You keep saying that" I looked at him in alarm.

I didn't know I said that out loud, maybe he's a Vamp—Blood—one of them…but then he'd be cold—not warm.

He looked at me oddly "You keep saying I'm warm"

"Well you are!" I tried to keep the relief out of my voice.

The man sighed.

"I keep thinking of you as 'The Man' what's your real name?"

The Man laughed.

"Not funny" I muttered.

He sobered up quickly.

"My name is Sam, Sam Uley"


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