A/N: I really have no clue as to where this came from. A short little SasuNaru drabble. I could possibly do more of this little drabbles, in fact . . . expect more, though not the same pairings.

The Last Goodbye

By: Fighting Away our Indecision

He hated him. Really, he did; he just didn't know why.

It could have been the fact that he was always so damn happy, or that he was too damn loud. Or his cerulean blue eyes were just too damn beautiful. Or it could have been that his soft blond locks were too damn soft. Or the beautiful sun-kissed skin he was blessed with. There was so many possibilities, so many reasons why he hated-

Oh, who was he kidding?

He was in love with the idiot. His little idiot. His little Kitsune.

'Naruto . . . I hate you so much, I love you. I just hope you can understand that this is what I have to do. There is no turning back for me. I must walk this path alone, no matter how much I don't want to.

Please try to understand.'

Sasuke sighed and placed the note on the pillow beside his blonde's head. His rival, his best friend . . .

His lover.

He placed a soft, ghost of a kiss on the sun-kissed forehead, and for a second he lingered; breathing in the blonde's scent. Ramen and apple; a combination that was uniquely Naruto, and sent Sasuke's senses haywire.

And then, he left through the open window.

And he never looked back.

The End

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