1. Death of the daemons.

I write to you today not to share inspiring words of fatherly love, but a warning. You have been born with a gift, and that gift can bring you great power. But remember, it is your choices that will shape that power. Your choices will either make you a daemon, a god, or a nothing, in the eyes of history.

Tatsu Oni, last letter giving to his son, book of the Oni.


On 2010, the Holy Britannia Empire declared war on Japan. Prime Minister Kururugi immediately countered with full force, but after 2 days has yet to declare any kind of victory. The prime minister himself asked the legendary Oni clan for help in this matter. The Tatsuma family, current head of the clan agree to call a meeting of the clan to discuss there possibilities in the war. The meeting was to take place just outside Hatsukaichi so they could help with the battle when a decision was reached. Akane Tatsuma, elder child of the Tatsuma family, was already helping with the war effort when the meeting was called. Force to leave her future husbands side in order to attend; she arrived at the site to find the building in shambles.

Akane ran towards the house at full speed. Hit the broken door so hard it flew off its hinges. All she could see was death, her friends and relatives covered the floor. She desperately searched through the bodies, her crimson eyes moving from one to the next, tears running down her face. Then she found him, her youngest brother, her pride and joy, the greatest pupil she ever had, lying face down in his own blood. 10 years... 10 years she watched him grow, trained him in the art of the "Oni", protected him from their brothers torments. She kneeled in front of him unable to touch the body but unable to leave his side as well. Then she screamed. A scream filled with such rage and sorrow. Her brows furred in rage, her teeth clenched in anger. She stood, and walked calmly toward the door, stopped at the body of her father, and took the family sword. She studied it a moment, the only heirloom of the Oni clan. "Berserker" it was called and it would serve her well. Then, sword in hand, she walked toward the city. The sounds of battle echoed in her head and heart. She spoke through clenched teeth,


Todou was at his wit's end, as ridiculous as it sounded he was fighting giant robots! His men were near exhaustion from the battle, and the civilians still needed to be evacuated! To add to the disaster he learned his only escape route has taken over by another robot and 2 whole battalions of men. His commanders were waiting for his orders and his personal unit was all that was left to spare.

"We have to go; the civilians are the top priority. You men have you orders. I will take my unit and escort them to safely myself."

With that he left his command in his second's hands and prepare for a mission he did not expect to live through.

Todou's unit shuffled the civilians ahead until they got to the area, the least guarded exit from the city, and there only hope. They went over the plan with the civilian leaders and prepared for the worst. Upon entering the area, everyone stopped and stared, dumb struck. What Todou saw wasn't the enemy swarming around them, or giant robots prepared to fire, but a massacre of enemy troops. Everywhere he looked there were Britannia solders dead. Missing limbs, heads, or completely cut in two. He could see the burning remains of one robot and some vehicles. He wordlessly took in the scene, moving forward to make sure there were no enemies left. Just then a lone civilian rushed out of a collapsed building, Todou almost shot him. The raged man appeared insane as he yelled about a daemon cutting through the Britannia soldiers and laying waste to even there robot. Todou called one of his men to take him away. Then he spotted someone kneeling in the distance. He walked towards the person, careful not to give away his position. Then recognizing her, he called,

"Akane! Akane!"

He yelled as he ran forward prepare to her the true story from his wife to be.


He stopped dead. Todou stared horrified at what he saw. There was his beloved, soaked from head to foot in blood; eyes contorted in rage, mouth open in an eternal scream, with a sword plunged into the soldier lying just in front of her. Unmoving, she looked like a gruesome statue.

"Todou the civilian's ar..."

Some of his men were running towards him but stopped short when they saw Akane's body. Few knew about Todou's engagement and these four where them. Todou moved forward to examine her body. Full of bullet holes, blood pooled over the ground, he nearly puked. Then the man from before ran toward them again shouting,

"Their! Their, that's the daemon that massacred the Britanians, the crimson Oni!"

He shouted as the four men drag him away from Todou and his grief. He new that was impossible, no one woman could do all this. Hiding the sorrow in his heart, he took the sword from her grasp. He knew she would have wanted him to have it. Then using timber from a nearby house, he arranged her funeral pyre as was custom of her clan. Walking back towards his command, he took one more glance at his former lover and friend. Just as the fire reached her face, he noticed something odd. Her eyes were no longer the crimson red they had been ever since he knew her, but blue, as blue as those of her youngest brothers. Todou returned to battle, fully prepared to create a miracle in her name.

Isamu watched Todou walk away. Just as the flames danced around his vision, He opened his eyes.

"He's awake! Quick called Katsuma."

There we several blurred bodies talked over him, he recognised the name of the family servant.

"He's awake? Let me through!"

Suddenly the old man was beside him tears in his eyes.

"Young master, thank god, thank god you're alright."

Isamu managed to sit up with great difficulty and look at the bandages around his body.

"What happened? Katsuma, where's my father."

Katsuma filled Isamu in on the death of his clan.

"Everyone? But how's that possible?" Isamu cried tears in his eyes.

"Akane! Akane wasn't at the meeting," Isamu looked at Katsuma hopefully.

"I'm afraid no one has seen or heard from her for over a month, not since before the meeting."


"Yes a month, you were in a coma, I'm afraid we lost the war. The only victory we had was at Hatsukaichi and there calling it "the miracle of Itsukushima". It happened the day of the attack. Since then Japan surrendered."

It was then Isamu remembered the dream, his sister slashing through soldier after soldier, and Todou's last goodbye. He new it was no dream. His sister died a warrior's death, and left him alone, on the run, from Britannia.


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