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With the death of the Pirate King, Gold Roger, the world had entered the great Age of Piracy. Bands of devious bandits and ambitious adventurers set out into the horizon, speeding ever closer to the greatest ocean in the world, the Grand Line! This is the story of a young man with infinite ambition, and indomitable spirit and strength to change the world and find the ultimate treasure, One Piece. Rather, that is a story. This story begins shortly after the death of The Pirate King, and almost immediately after the Buster Call at Ohara.

"Dreadful news," the village mayor said with a somber tone, "simply dreadful."

"What is it sir?" inquired a young woman with a child in her arms.

"Our good friend, Balon, has died in the West Blue on the island of Ohara."

There was a sudden silence that fell over the crown at the village, followed quickly by fear, and then a part of sickness. Several men and women began to cry, while some fainted altogether. Balon was the village's hero of epic stature. They even had a statue in front of the mayor's house. Balon was rumored to have defeated a Sea King unhanded and ate the whole thing himself. He left for Ohara after hearing the rumors of the research being done there, and was unfortunately caught up in the terrible Buster Call.

After a while, the sorrow had marginally subsided and people were starting to speak among each other about him and his accomplishments. 'How great he was' and 'How daring he was'. Then all eyes turned towards the young woman and her child, who had slept through the screams and sobs of the villagers.

"Why are we all crying so much? Is this the way Sir Balon would want us to remember him, choking on our tears? He was always happy, even when there was no reason to smile. He brought us so much joy, shouldn't we remember him as he was, and not as he is?"

"She's right," they began saying.

The mayor decided to chime back in on the meeting.

"I propose that we hold a party in his honor, to thank him for what he did for this village. After which, a customary funeral service shall be held and precided by his only family here."

The young woman from before looked at the child in her arms and remarked, "I don't think he can speak quite yet."

"Here comes another wave! Bust it to pieces!" A young man's voice shouted. In the shallows of an island not far from the Red Line stood a man, nearly seven feet tall with short golden hair, arms crossed and glaring at the oncoming wave.

"Here I go! BARD…"

This part of the West Blue lies dangerously close to the Reverse Mountain, famed entrance of the Grand Line, and is infamous for the massive waves it gets around the winter seasons. The young man in the water revved his arms as if to punch the wave. Then he did.


The tidal wave exploded and dissolved around him into a salty mist around him. Bard D. Samekawa was his name, son of the legendary Balon D. Samekawa.


"Well, he's excited," said the man from the shore. Donalcii had been a friend of Bard's since they were children, and always loved watching Bard act ridiculous and increadible at once. Both young men were nearly 18, Bard being closest.

A young woman, sewing some fabric a bit further from the shore, inquired "Are we done yet, Don? I'm getting bored of watching Bard punch water." This is Don's sister of 17, but younger than Don by almost a year, Araly.

"How can you be bored, Ara!? This is the ultimate display of manly power!!" Bard yelled as he posed in the shallows. "Surly you're impressed by this!" He hadn't noticed, in his manly dancing, that another monstrous wave had culminated behind him. Before he could turn around or even utter his surprise, the wave came crashing down on top of him.

Don winced at the sight, while Araly just laughed and laughed. The rushing water came in and planted Bard legs-up in the sand.

"You alright, buddy?" Don yelled into the sand.

Bard pushed himself up with his arms, into the air, and safely back onto the ground before spitting out a chunk of sand and uttered "Stupid Ocean"

"Bard!" called a woman in the distance, "It's time to come in!"

"Well, I guess that's that. I'll see you two tomorrow. G'night!" Bard ran off in the direction of his house and waved to the two as he left.

Don waved back and headed of in his own direction home, with Araly behind him.

Tomorrow's a big day Bard thought to himself, tomorrow I'm gonna finally set out for the ultimate training journey, on the Grand Line! Bard increased his speed to a sprint and arrived home in no time at all.